Yosemite, also known as OS X Yosemite, is the eleventh Mac Operating System (OS) released by Apple Inc. for its computers. Yosemite followed a strict renovation of OS X, especially regarding the user interface. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how you can download iPhoto in Yosemite OS, how to update iPhoto in general, and a brief guide to Photos.


To update iPhoto on your Apple device, follow the instructions. To access the Apple App Store, click the “Apple” symbol in the menu bar. Find iPhoto by scrolling down to the list of bought applications. Click “Update” after signing in to your user account using your Apple ID. Although this procedure is simple, there is a chance that the app will no longer be able to be updated. 

Apple has discontinued iPhoto and Aperture, but you can use a few tricks if you still want to update iPhoto for Yosemite. If you are curious about the beloved iPhoto and want to get it back, continue reading below.

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Update iPhoto For Yosemite From App Store

Follow the steps given below to update your iPhoto for your Apple device:

  1. Click on the ‘Apple’ icon on your Menu Bar to open the Apple App Store.apple app store
  2. On the top, find ‘Purchases’ and click on it.
  3. Scroll down to the list of purchased apps and find iPhoto. Log in to your user account with your Apple ID if you already have not.
  4. Click on ‘Update’ and install the latest upgrades for iPhoto on your device.app update

This process was easy. However, the trouble arises here for iPhoto as there is a huge possibility you will not be able to update the app anymore. You might be updating the other apps in the same way.

The new Yesomite update might have no iPhoto option at all and will be displaying an error message when you try to open it. This error is because Apple officially discontinues the app.

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Install iPhoto In Yosemite

With the OS X Yosemite, the Photos app comes by default, and iPhoto is unavailable. But, the Photos app has its fair share of criticism, so we understand why you are looking for a way to re-install iPhoto. Here is the guide you can follow for downloading iPhoto for Mac Yosemite and update iPhotos:

  1. Close all open app windows on the device.apple app store
  2. Click on the ‘Apple’ icon there on the Menu Bar.
  3. From the list, choose ‘System Preferences.’
  4. Now, from the options that open, click on ‘Users & Groups.’ You have to create a new account to install iPhoto. The app will be there for your original account even after the download.
  5. The ‘Users & Group’ option will guide you to click on the lock icon to be able to make any modifications. Do as such.
  6. You now need to enter your original account credentials to unlock the feature to make changes.
  7. After logging in, click on the plus-sign just below the ‘Login option in the corner down left to create a new account.
  8. In the ‘New User’ dialog box:
  9. Set the New Account as Administrator from the drop-down.administrator
  10. Enter the Full Name and Account Name as per your choice.
  11. For Password, select and check the bubble for ‘Use Separate Password.’
  12. Fill in other details as per your choice.
  13. Click on ‘Create User.’
  14. Go back to the Apple icon in the Menu Bar and log out of your existing or original account.log out
  15. Now, log in using the new account you have just created.
  16. Go to the Apple App Store through the Apple icon and open the ‘Purchases’ tab.install
  17. Scroll about to search for iPhoto and click on ‘Install’ to download iPhoto for Yosemite.
  18. Once the installation completes, log out of the new account and sign in with your original account.

Now, when you open the iPhoto, you will no longer see any error message or reminder to update iPhoto for Yosemite, and you can use the app freely.

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The Apple Photos App

This fact needs to be reiterated that Apple has discontinued iPhoto, and the new Apple or OS X Yosemite photo app is called Photos. With its complex user interface and confusing features, Photos has faced criticism.

apple photos app

It is similar to the same-named app on iOS. Photos have customized security, stability, and compatibility; however, it lacks features, and the process of connecting them to iCloud is very unclear.

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Migrating iPhoto Files To Photos

If you can neither install nor update iPhoto for Yosemite, you may decide to switch to Photos permanently. Below mentioned are the steps that explain how you can migrate files from iPhoto to Photos:

Method I

  1. Close both the Photos and iPhoto apps.
  2. Re-open the Photos app and immediately press and hold the ‘Options’ key.
  3. Keep pressing until you see the ‘Choose Library’ section.iphoto library
  4. You will see two options: iPhoto Library and Photos Library. Select the iPhoto Library option.
  5. Now, click on ‘Choose Library’ from downright.
  6. Select the Photos app to open iPhoto there.choose library
  7. Alternatively, choose ‘Other Libraries.’
  8. Please search for the iPhoto folder you want to migrate to Photos and select open it.
  9. The Photos app will transfer the iPhoto libraries and migrate them to itself.

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Method II

  1. Drag the files to the Photos app icon and drop them there. 
  2. Minimize the window of the folder containing your iPhoto files.
  3. Keep the homepage or page with the Photos app open in the background. 
  4. Find the folder that you want to migrate to the Photos app.darg
  5. Press hold and drag the file to the background screen.
  6. Drop the file upon the icon of the Photos app.
  7. Your file will now migrate to the Photos app.

You can choose the option to create folders and then sort the migrated files accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I update iPhoto for Yosemite OS for Mac?

There are two situations for the update in Yosemite OS. You can either go to the Apple App store and update the iPhoto from the Purchase section. However, you will most probably not be able to do so. If the iPhoto app shows an error message on opening, you can uninstall and re-install it using a new account. In this case, you can continue using the already installed version of the app.

Where is iPhoto on Yosemite?

With the eleventh Mac OS Yosemite, Apple has removed the iPhoto and Aperture apps and replaced them with a new 'Photos' app. So, iPhoto is no longer a default. However, you can install it on your device using a new user account for Apple. Still, you will not be able to update it anymore.

Can I re-install iPhoto on Yosemite?

Yes, you can re-install iPhoto on Yosemite. For this, you have to uninstall any previous iPhoto app on your device. Now, you need to log out of your Apple account, then create a new account. Using this account, you can re-install the iPhoto from the App Store. Finally, you can log out and sign in to your original account. The app will be there and functioning.

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In this article, you saw a detailed guide on the process of how to update iPhoto for Yosemite in general. However, since Apple has done away with iPhoto, several errors in updates and functioning have happened with iPhoto after installing the OS X Yosemite version for their Mac computers.

You are, for sure, lucky if you can update iPhoto. The long-term solution to this problem is switching to the Photos app that has replaced iPhoto, as it is Apple’s new photo spot. Therefore, you can either re-install the iPhoto app or try to update it. I hope this article has answered your queries.

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