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Tinder is the most popular dating app these days. Through this app, anyone can match to a person from their opposite gender just by right swiping the photo. It lets you come across new people those who are looking for a partner to date. The best thing about this app is, it uses your real-time location to find any interested person within that area circle. Thus, you must know about Use Tinder Without Facebook.

Signing up with Tinder offers you two-way sign-up process, one is signing through your Facebook account and the other through your Google account. You can choose either way. Tinder does not allow you to directly sign-up into Tinder. This is to reduce your time and effort in filling up the sign-up form where you have to fill up the entries providing all your details and also to prevent abuse. You even don’t need to upload any new photo on Tinder; the app will itself fetch all your info from Facebook, including your pictures.

Use Tinder Without Facebook
Use Tinder Without Facebook

Now, there comes many users those who want to use Tinder but without letting anyone know about this on their linked Facebook account. Often, many users are very conscious about their privacy regarding all these things, so for them are ways where they can use their Tinder without actually getting caught by their friends on Facebook.

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There are 3 different ways by which you can use Tinder without using Facebook because linking your Tinder with your Facebook account can create some extra problem or increase your headache. They are:

  • If you by mistake permit to view your contacts, it will go through your contact list without your knowledge, sometimes.
  • Your public photos on Facebook will automatically get synced to your Tinder.
  • If someday, your Tinder account gets hacked then all your actions will be made public.

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3 Ways to Use Tinder Without Facebook

1. Restrict Your Privacy on Facebook

  • In this process, you need to first log in to your registered Facebook account. After that, tap or click on the “lock icon” saying “Privacy Checkup”.
Facebook Privacy
Facebook Privacy
  • Scroll down through the Apps to find Tinder.
  • Click on Tinder and change visibility to “only me”. Hence, you are done.

 Create a New Fake Facebook Account

Sign Up on Facebook
Sign Up on Facebook
  • Create a new email id on Gmail, or anywhere you find suitable.
  • Go to Facebook’s website and create a fake email id without providing your original personal details. This will help you to hide from your known ones.
  • Now go to your Tinder account and click on the settings.
  • Navigate through the app settings and log out.
  • Now you can log-in to Tinder again but this time with your new fake Facebook account.

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Change your Tinder App Settings

So far we have restricted the interference of Facebook by changing some settings on Facebook. But in this process, we will make some small changes on Tinder.

Tinder Settings
Tinder Settings
  • Open Tinder from your phone.
  • Go to the App settings.
  • Tap on ”Show Me on Tinder Social” to deselect the option and hence, your action on Tinder will no more be notified to your Facebook timeline.


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