Living alone has become a luxury, with the rising cost of living and inflation at a record high. People are compelled to Vet a new roommate to share expenses, including rent and bills.

Depending on their situation, some people have deal-breakers or considerations they can’t compromise on. The wrong person moving into your home is a risk you can’t afford to take. To Properly Vet A New Roommate, Make A List Of Deal-Breakers, Get More Information About A Potential Roommate, The Interview, Give What You Get, etc.

If you’re looking to vet a new roommate, you want their habits and cohabitation values to align with yours. You can establish if this is true for a candidate roommate by asking the right questions and vetting them properly. Here’s how to properly vet a new roommate. 

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8 Ways To Vet A New Roommate

Below are the points that can help you while you look to vet a new roommate:

Make A List Of Deal-Breakers

Everyone has elements they can’t compromise on, such as financial responsibility, cleanliness, eating habits, etc. If someone burned you in the past, the financial commitment would be non-negotiable. Maybe you want to live with someone who can clean and cook. You might be allergic to dogs, cats, or other pets. You might be a vegetarian and can’t stand the smell of cooking meat.  list of deal breakers

If you think you’ve found the right person, you can use a people search site to get more information about them. These sites typically find people online but can help you get additional information. They are also used to carry out impromptu background checks on people. 

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Get More Information About A Potential Roommate

A basic search will require their full name and current address. Make sure you ask them what they do. They must have a job, at the very least. You might sense a red flag when you ask, like avoiding the question or complaining that employers ‘don’t understand your potential to vet a new roommate. This reaction might mean they are unemployed or can’t keep a job. get more information about a potential roommate

First impressions can be misleading. Don’t base your judgment on your first impression of the person. Even the sweetest-looking person might have a criminal record. The local courthouse would have this information if involved in a crime or civil suit. 

You can contact the relevant justice system department through the National Center for State Courts. To check for a record, you only need their full name.

Another option is to scope them out on social networks. People’s posts can tell their habits, interests, and identity. LinkedIn is a rich source of information about people’s job experience and education.  

Visit: National Center for State Courts (NCSC)

The Interview 

It’s a good idea to hold a quick interview with your candidates. Ask them why they’re looking for a place to live. You might hear they like the area, or their lease has expired. However, you might find out about a falling out with a former roommate or landlord. They might even have gotten evicted for not paying bills or rent. interview

The following questions will reveal helpful information: 

  • How long will you live here?
  • Have you ever had roommates before? 
  • What’s your daily schedule like?
  • Do you cook? How often?
  • How do you spend your weekends?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • Do you have pets or pet allergies?
  • Do they smoke? 
  • How often will you have visitors over? 

You Are Entitled To Ask For References

Inquire whether it’ll be convenient to contact their previous roommate or landlord. You can ask candidate roommates for references just like you would if you were a landlord.reference

They will provide you with their contact information if they have nothing to hide.

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Give What You Get 

Be honest if you’re expecting honesty. If the potential to vet a new roommate asks how much the bills are, try to provide a reasonable estimate.give what you get

These costs fluctuate from season to season but give them a realistic amount. If you’ll be splitting food expenses, set the right expectations for those.  

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Consider Your Preferences To Vet A New Roommate

Many individuals are seeking housemates.

According to Pew Research, twenty percent of families in 2019 are “doubled up” or share living quarters. According to a Zillow poll, one in three Americans aged 23 to 65 vet a new roommate.preferences

Roommate relationships may vary from amicable to downright nasty. The key to finding a suitable roommate is understanding what you want and adequately screening potential candidates.

A good beginning point is to examine oneself closely. What are your expectations for the new roommate, and are you ready to compromise their preferences?

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Overnight guest frequency
  3. Party practices
  4. Schedule
  5. Dietary preference
  6. Shared ideals, including religion, sexual orientation, politics, and so forth.
  7. Introverted versus outgoing
  8. Style of communication and conflict management
  9. Occupation
  10. Smoker
  11. Pets
  12. Credit and rental history

The more you can disclose your preferences and the more straightforward you can be when asking a possible roommate about theirs, the higher the likelihood of finding a suitable roommate.


Most individuals would assert that they are ‘clean,’ although their definitions of cleanliness vary greatly. Some individuals believe that daily sweeping is normal. Others are fine with occasional vacuuming.cleanliness

Some individuals accept mounds of dirty dishes in the kitchen while keeping the bathroom pristine. Before agreeing to anything, confirm that you have the same definition of “clean.”

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Asking a possible roommate complex but sensitive questions about money can help you avoid unpleasant shocks. You must ensure they can fulfill the financial obligations of living in a shared residence.responsibility

Body language should be observed to determine if they are uncomfortable discussing money or uncertain about their financial future.

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How can I check a potential roommate's references?

Contact the references provided by the potential roommate, such as previous landlords or roommates, and ask about their experience living with the person, their reliability, and any concerns or recommendations.

Is it necessary to discuss expectations and rules upfront?

Yes, it's crucial to have open and honest conversations about expectations regarding rent, utilities, chores, noise levels, guests, and any other rules or preferences to ensure a harmonious living situation.

Should I run a background check on a potential roommate?

A background check can provide valuable information about a person's criminal history or past behaviors that may impact your decision. Ensure you comply with relevant laws and obtain the person's consent before running a background check.

How can I verify a potential roommate's employment and income?

Request proof of employment, such as pay stubs or an employment letter, to verify a potential roommate's income and stability. This helps ensure they can contribute their share of rent and expenses.

What questions should I ask during the roommate interview?

Ask questions about their lifestyle, schedule, hobbies, cleanliness habits, financial stability, and other factors important to your living situation. This can help gauge compatibility and identify any potential concerns.

Is it necessary to have a written agreement with a roommate?

A written agreement, such as a roommate agreement or lease, is highly recommended as it outlines all parties' rights, responsibilities, and expectations. It helps prevent misunderstandings and provides legal protection if any issues arise.


Ask good friends and coworkers if they know someone looking for a place. You can rely on their recommendations. Check apartment search or roommate groups on Facebook. Even if you’re looking urgently, setting sufficient time aside will allow you to ask around, hold a few interviews, and make the best decision.

When settling on someone, put their name on the rent contract even if they seem trustworthy. 

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