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While the number of COVID-19 cases, it has become very challenging for people to step out of their house. We have sorted four video calling app for pc so that you can call your family every day. People cannot meet one another because of the imposition of lockdown. The only way for people to stay in touch is through video calls. To know about the best linux options for your old laptop or PCs, click here!

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Apart from that, even schools and colleges have switched to an online mode. Believe it or not, even that is an ongoing video call (one that not most of us love to attend).

video calling
Video Calling

People use smartphones to attend video calls. However, it may become tiring at times to keep on holding the phone for hours. In some instances, you might require more than one application. Your classes may be held on another platform, the course you are undertaking on the other, and your family members may be comfortable using some other application altogether. Sometimes, there might be a thought where you can use an alternative to the mobile phone.

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Perhaps, you might want to use a laptop or a PC to attend the video call?

If you are hunting for options for video callings app for PC, consider yourself at the right place.

This article will put forward the various video callings app for PC that rock the market. Read on to find out the best one for yourself.

Top 4 Video Calling App For PC

Presented are a variety of video calling app for PC. They are in no specific order of preference. After you read and understand the features, you might want to select the best option for yourself.

#1. Skype

Skype is one of the oldest softwares that provide online video calling for PC and mobile phones. The best part is that this software is completely free of cost. Many people find this application extremely user-friendly, and gradually, they have developed themselves to the latest updates to cater to the needs of people. If a person has a Skype account, you can call them at no charge. Creating an account is free, so there is no money to be paid at all! The video and sound quality by Skype is something that we should appreciate. There is also an option for you to set outcall forwarding and voicemails. 

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It is compatible with all of the operating softwares out there, including iOS. Fifty people can join the Skype call with their accounts at no cost. You might want to note that if you wish to call any mobile number, it will charges you for that.

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#2. FaceTime

All of us know that FaceTime is an Apple software. If you own any Apple product, this will certainly be pre-installed on your device. This application imposes no time limit. This video calling app for PC and mobile is one of the highly secured ones. You will only find Apple users with your ID to join you in the call. The maximum number of people that can join your group call is 32. 


The main drawback is that only if you own an Apple device can you make use of this application. It is next to impossible to get this on any other operating software that exists.

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#3. Google Duo

Just like Apple, Android users have what is called Google Duo. It is one of the best video calling software for PC. Apple services are not always compatible with Android, but Android services are certainly compatible with Apple. You can even use this on your tablet and smartphone. All Google products have Google Duo – so you can know why it has high reviews. 

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You can see who is calling you before you respond to that call. The caller ID will be displayed. 

#4. WhatsApp 

Yes, WhatsApp also allows you to attend a video call on your PC. It is one of the video chat apps for PC that you need to download before accessing the video calling feature. Fifty people can join in at once if they want to be part of your WhatsApp call.

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More than just call, you can even chat on this application and send across images. It keeps all the communication encrypted. It adds to the security of the data.#

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You finally have the list of video calling apps for PC that you can take advantage of. The advantage of using a desktop or a laptop would be that you would not have to strain your hand to hold the mobile phone anymore! Additionally, you can also experience a better network connection. 

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When you use a laptop or a PC, you are not always needed to download the application. There is an option for you to access the video calling service via the web too. So, if there are more than two or three video calling apps that you wish to use, do not fear running out of storage space. 

You may want to download at least one of the apps. Choose the one that you use the most. It is so that you do not waste time when you want to join the video call instantly. 

If you want to know which one is the perfect video calling app for PC, you might want to research the most compatible with your PC. only if the software works on your PC is it worth downloading. 

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