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Are you a video editor looking for the top video editing equipment for beginners? If yes, then you are at the right place. Videos are now one of the content categories frequently used across various platforms and purposes. However, simply pressing the record button on your camera is insufficient if you want to remain competitive in this field. High-quality video production calls for the best editing equipment and specialized production, filming, and editing abilities.

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The best video wins in today’s fiercely competitive, video-focused world! Additionally, purchasing high-quality video editing tools is a surefire approach to enhance your films.

In addition to the obvious computer and editing tools, we have put together a few essential extras along the way. Mentioned below is a detailed list of the best video editing equipment to make your editing easier. Click here to know Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off? – Solved

Best Video Editing Equipment For Beginners

Naturally, you’ll need to start out with a dependable and quick computer, as well as editing software. But that is not enough if you want to become the best at your game, right? Read further to know some of the top video editing equipment for beginners.

A Reliable Set Of Headphones

  • A good pair of headphones is possibly the most important item on this list. If you operate in a shared space with others, you’ll need high-quality headphones even more.

headphones for video editing

  • Confused and tired in your search for ideal headphones? A few things to consider while buying headphones are comfort, sound quality, noise-canceling prowess, and cost. Click here to learn how to fix YouTube videos loading but not playing Errors.

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Studio Surround Speakers

Next on our list of the top video editing equipment for beginners is the studio surround speaker. A good surround system is your go-to tool if you operate in a private setting. 


  • This is a personal choice based on what makes the most sense for your editing environment. If you intend to let your clients assess your work in your studio, then a surround system is your pick. Want to learn how to Extract Audio from Video? Read This.

Widescreen Video Monitor

  • You’ll eventually want to spend money on a high-quality external display for various reasons. This brings us to our next item on the list: a widescreen video monitor.
  • First and foremost, a bigger, broader screen will give you an accurate and precise look at your modifications.
  • Next is comfort. As editors, we spend a lot of time slouching over screens. A widescreen monitor will be easier on your eyes, neck, and back.
  • Lastly, usability. You can work on two screens with a second monitor (your main computer plus your monitor). 


  • If you frequently multitask during the day and want to set aside one computer for email, Photoshop, After Effects, or anything else. You can use an additional screen to prevent any interference with your video editing. You can also convert your laptop to a desktop instead of buying a new monitor. This is extremely useful if you require peer or customer evaluation while working in your studio.

Studio Lighting Accessories

  • While editing, one of the most crucial elements you often have control over is the lighting. 
  • You must get rid of all glare from your editing screens. However, you don’t want the room to be completely dark because staring at a bright computer screen in an environment with no ambient light might tire your eyes.


  • Studio lighting is a brilliant accessory to the top video editing equipment for beginners. It fastens to your monitor’s top and is adjustable. In addition to adjusting the light’s angle, you can also change the brightness and color of the light. Read this article to learn how to Crop a video.

An External Hard Drive That Is Quick And Reliable

  • Next on our list of video editing tools for beginners is an external hard drive. We all understand how crucial it is to access external hard drives. Whether it is to back up the data or to make it convenient to carry, an external hard drive is your savior.
  • However, not every external hard drive is made equal. Nowhere near.
  • You need more than any external hard disk if you’re a video editor. A FAST external hard drive will significantly benefit you and your workflow. Not just quick but also incredibly durable, especially if you use it while traveling.
  • The short answer is that they are highly quick and enduring despite being slightly more expensive because they aren’t made with a ton of tiny moving components.


  • You can edit instantly from the drive if you have a quick external hard drive. Additionally, an SSD disk allows for MUCH faster import and export.

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A Keyboard For Editing

  • Keyboards are not only a good asset for playing video games but are convenient for editing videos. Also, you can choose a keyboard that is as complex or as basic as you like regarding video editors. You can try the Filmora video editor on it and edit your videos with an extremely user-friendly interface!


  • You can be creative with your keyboard and upgrade it to make it a Top Video editing equipment for beginners.

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Desk With A Practical Workspace

  • While this desk is a “gaming” desk, it is the ideal editing desk for video editors as well.
  • The L-shape offers additional room for switching between projects while editing. Your keyboard and monitor can be on one side, and you can keep crucial project scripts and notes on the other.

desk with a practical workspace

  • Monitor Stand: This elevated shelf on which to place your monitor offers additional room (you can keep your keyboard underneath it) and greater comfort since you won’t have to stoop over to view it.
  • LED light strip included: A minor feature, yet one that is nonetheless noticeable. This additional light source has seven distinct color and mode settings, adding a little more ambiance to your workspace.


What tools do videographers employ when editing videos?

Although many renowned filmmakers edit their videos using Apple gear, Windows PCs have also caught up in terms of visual processing capability. The important thing to consider is if your computer has the graphic processing capability to enable full-speed editing. Making changes to very large files may be challenging for laptops and graphics cards with lower performance levels.

How do I pick the best PC for editing videos?

Editing videos for a professional purpose is better accomplished with software. However, if you opt to use Top Video editing equipment for beginners, be careful to obtain the video card and processor that the program recommends. For quick rendering, your computer's RAM should be at least 8GB.

What characteristics does an online video editor have?

A user-friendly interface, audio-sound effects, file import choices, and animation transitions are a few must-haves for an online video editor. Apart from these, video trimmers, video preview, and export are a few other essential features and tools that will up your video editing game. Online video editors include offline options for those with basic or expert technical knowledge.


Now that you know the top video editing equipment for beginners, it is time to produce quality videos. You can also have a look at the Top 10 Best Video Capture Software to ace the video content.

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