Are you one who is seeking an Online video downloader to download various online videos from several sites? So, in this blog we will specify the perfect tools to download into your system for extraordinary use. Downloading your favourite videos will be an exciting task for every internet user. You may explore the best tools to be used for getting streaming videos. Here, I have given some of the best video grabber tools to download your favourite videos online. Pick the best from the following list and use it for your convenience.

Some of the best video grabber tools are 4KDownload, Freemake video downloader, Snaptube, ClipGrab, aTube Catcher, Any Video Converter, TubeMote, Instube, Videoder – Video Downloader, etc.

Are you also a creative person driven by a passion for video editing and creation? In that case, utility tools like live video downloaders, video enhancement tools, private video downloaders, etc., and this article can be convenient for you. Also, you should know how to download embedded videos to insert any video from others into your content. Furthermore, the Dailymotion app can benefit you if you want to know what your fellow creators are doing. But before that, you should know whether “Is Dailymotion safe’?” to use or not.

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Top 23 Video Grabber Tools

Here is the list of the twelve fantastic video grabber tools. Please go through it & let us know your favourite device.

4k Video Downloader

It is one of the video grabber tools offering multi-lingual benefits. If said in simple terms, the tool provides a simple user interface. It is effortless to use.

  • Copy the video URL. Paste it in the dialogue box.
  • Select the format of download, that is, audio or video.

4k video downloader

While you may download the playlist of the video and concerning things, the premium version offers the video channel’s subscription. The most advanced features of the tool are frequent updates, clear download links, advanced subtitles, videos in 3D format, and much more.

Visit : 4k Video Downloader 


One of the most convenient apps that allows you to download videos directly from almost 900 platforms in bulk easily is SnapDownloader. Moreover, it supports resolutions as high as 8k, 4k, 1080p,720p HD and even VR!

snapdownloader site

You can enjoy your favourite videos in Virtual Reality. Its one-day free trial will convince you to purchase it for its variety and free conversions. You can now compile your video library with both ease and speed. Very highly recommended!

Visit: Download SnapDownloader

ByClick Downloader

The ByClick Downloader makes it to the list of the best video grabbers, as it supports the mainstream websites as well as numerous others – from Youtube to Instagram, Vimeo to your favorite shows on Dailymotion, Twitter, or be it Reddit, you name it! It can download a whole YouTube playlist and even whole Instagram clips in simply one click.

byclick downloader

It is one of the most accessible formats to use, and one can also enjoy 4K, 8K, and HD playback. Moreover, it releases updates and versions nearly weekly to ensure efficiency. All conversions of any format, MP3, 3GP, FLV, AVI, MP4, etc. are done within minutes.

Visit: ByClick Downloader 

A Tube catcher

It is one of the free video grabber tools that is readily available. Like the above tool, you may use it by copying the URL and pasting it. Further, click on the download option. It supports several video-sharing websites.

atube catcher

Besides, it offers a clipboard monitoring function, i.e., downloading multiple videos simultaneously. Lastly, various formats and multi-language options are available too.

Visit: ATube Catcher 

Airy YouTube downloader for Mac

How often does it happen we want to watch a video offline from YouTube, but the internet connection is absent? Well, not anymore. Airy has got you covered. It is a fantastic video downloader tool designed solely for Mac.


Some praiseworthy features include:

  • Options to choose the downloading resolution of videos.
  • A separate option for extracting MP3 from video content.
  • Download an entire playlist at once and save time.

You can check Airy’s details and outstanding features by clicking the link below.

Visit: Airy YouTube downloader

J Downloader

It is one of the fantastic video grabber tools as it offers a clean interface.

  • Search for the video you wish to download.
  • Copy the URL and paste it into the app.


It supports popular streaming sites along with faster video downloads. Also, you may download multiple videos at a time. Besides, it detects the files and sets the bandwidth limit and more.

Visit: JDownloader

Catch. Tube

Apps sure take up storage space. If you want a quick and efficient video-grabbing tool, it can be an online service – Catch. Tube here is a free platform that requires you to paste the URL of your favourite video from major websites like YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Twitter, Vimeo, Tumblr, etc. And it will get the video for you in any format you want.

catchtube downloader

It offers you more than what one can expect from an online site. However, it’s not error-free at times. Users must be careful when installing the software as there are 3-4 bundled software to avoid strongly.


WinX YouTube Downloader

It is one of the best video grabber tools, which supports the download of various movies, videos, music, sports, etc., from nearly 300+ online sites. It was initially a tool which is specifically designed to download YouTube videos.

winx youtube downloader

Now, its handling has been extended to download videos from various video-sharing sites. It works as an all-rounder video downloader among all the Windows systems. The areas that can be accessed through this software other than YouTube are MTV, ESPN, Nice Video, FC2 video, Billboard, Dailymotion, etc.

The tool’s incredible speed provides us with a very high-quality video. So, we consider it one of the most excellent tools to download videos in 2023.

Visit: WinX YouTube Downloader 

iTube Go

Do you want to get your favourite videos and audio from YouTube? iTube Go is your best friend. The powerful batch download function is a plus point over other downloaders when downloading multiple videos and music. It is a free video/audio downloader app for Android 7 and above that allows mp3, HD/4K mp4, m4a, and aac from 1000+ websites in minutes.

itube go

Owing to its high-quality 320kbps for MP3, you can always have your favourite playlist! Unlike other software, this is verified and secure.

Visit: iTube Go Downloader. 


Use this straightforward one of the best Video Grabber Tools to download your favourite videos without effort. The tool supports sites like YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Vimeo.


In this tool, you have to copy the URL from the site and paste it into the search box of VidoeGrabby.

You will be provided with the option to Record Audio and Video. Just select the video option to download the MP4 and HQ video. Ultimately, VideoGrabby can be considered one of the most efficient online video grabber tools.

Visit: VideoGrabby


It is one of the best, most accessible, and multi-platform video grabber tools for downloading any most wanted video and converting any videos.


It works with several OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using this tool, you can reach a few sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Visit: ClipGrab

Freemake Video Downloader

Windows users can prefer this best and free one of the Video Grabber Tools.

It works with dozens of sites like Facebook and YouTube. Liveleak, Vimeo, and the list goes on.

freemake video downloader

The tool is more bendable if you wish to download quality videos. One can download videos in numerous formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, and WMV.

Visit: Freemake Video Downloader

KeepVid Pro

It is an excellent video downloader and converter for any PC and Mac. Get videos from nearly 10,000+ sites using KeepVid Pro.

keepvid pro

It allows the user to record high-quality, original videos. One can convert their desired videos into any format among 150 formats. This tool is 3X faster than others as it uses multi-threading technology.

Visit: KeepVid Pro

5K Player

It is one of the video downloader cum video player tools. 5K has found a better place in the online market in 2023 & can be rewarded as one of the free video grabber tools.

5k player

One can download SD/4K/HD/8K videos in MP4, FLV, WebM, and 3GP from any video-sharing site. The features and performance of 5K players have won the hearts of numerous internet users. The speed will be comparably good in this tool.

Visit: 5K Player

Video Downloader Plus

Many of us have started using mobile for every purpose. In that case, you may think of downloading videos on mobile using some catchy tools. The Video Downloader Plus will capture the first place in this list. iOS users may search for the devices as they are slightly restricted.

Such iOS users can download this tool without any hesitation. This tool supports the users to access some sites like YouTube, VEVO, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

video downloader plus

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You can download unlimited videos from this site for free. The one disadvantage of this tool is it does not become available in all countries. Just check out and get the device to download your most wanted videos.


This tool is available for all platforms, i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux. Get lovely videos from the most popular sites like HBO, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, and thousands of locations.


It is highly recommended to advanced users who are more comfortable using the command line. Users who know how to use the command line interface will be more flexible.

Several additional features of this site are playlist processing, download rate limit, some video selection, batch video downloading, including ads, naming of files getting subtitles, etc.

Visit: Youtube-dl

KastorSoft’s All Video Downloader

Download the most wanted videos from websites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, Tubewatcher, Vimeo, Google Video, Myspace, and much more using Video Grabber Tools.

kastorsoft all video downloader

It is the built-in accelerator to extract videos in the format of your choice. Get this software on your Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.

Visit: KastorSoft’s All Video Downloader

It is a tiny application that allows you to screen capture and record, then convert them into any format you want, including the forgotten 3gp. The application also supports many websites you can directly convert and download from. Any video you choose on the internet, and you have a link to it, you can get it on your computer.

It’s as easy as copying, pasting, and then hitting download. You can even download the video at the top level of quality, that is, 4k if the source video has the native resolution. This user-friendly and intuitive application is available for free. The application also provides a browser extension if that is more your style.



It is a fundamental interface that isn’t eye-catching per se and may be somewhat disappointing for someone with an eye for aesthetics, but it does what it needs to do very efficiently. The application lets you get videos and audio from most online media-sharing platforms, including SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. For downloading YouTube videos, on the other, you will need to download an extension to make the grabbing easier.

The tool allows you to download videos at 4k and 1080p among all the different quality levels with the most popular formats we see today. The program is entirely free, but it comes with many ads to compensate for being free.

Visit: CatchVideo

Movavi Screen Recorder

The company that makes Movavi assures you that this converter and video grabber tool will do any task it requires without hiccups. Modifying, converting, saving, and everything you need to do media files can be done using this software. It can directly record what is currently streaming on your PC or desktop.


You can choose your resolution using the crop box, move the box around until you get your shot, and keep recording until you’re satisfied. Another plus this software has is scheduling when you want to record the streams and videos. It allows you to choose the exact date and time when you want to do it too.

Visit: Movavi Screen Recorder


A converter and video grabber that mainly works online and is pretty easy to use. The software also provides access to an extension and a mobile app to go with the online platform to make things accessible. All these platforms let you grab media from websites and instantly convert them into formats of your choice.


The platform is free, but most importantly, it is also ad-free. A very nice feature is the ability to generate links for the videos you want so you can share them with friends and family for direct download.


This software boasts that it can download media from over 1000 websites at the highest quality the media natively provides. It even has a built-in audio trimmer, allowing users to cut the press wherever and download only particular parts needed.


The software even allows for 8k video conversion and grabbing subtitles directly from YouTube, which is rarely seen among converters.

Visit: VidJuice


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Yeah, the best list has ended, but the selection of the Video Grabber Tools for your system depends on the type of system you are using. You may also want to know what criteria are essential for video players.

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The tools above are more user-friendly, with many options to get whatever type of video you seek. Several agencies in this not only download the most wanted video for you but also support the conversion of videos in any of the formats you wish.

So this was our well-compiled guide to the best Video Grabber Tools. We hope you like it. Choose the one that looks best, and get your favourite videos for free online.

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