Videoduke Review | One-Stop Video Downloader App for Mac

With yet another amazing product in their bags, Eltima Software is very pleased to finally announce the release of their new video downloader application for Macbooks, Videoduke review 1.0. This is yet another addition to the range of several of the user-friendly applications for the Mac Operating System.

If you have been tired of viewing a video and not being able to download it, Videoduke helps sort that problem out for you easily. It is aligned to work seamlessly with a multitude of websites on the internet whose video files can easily be downloaded via this new application.

Videoduke Review

Not just that, this application also has the feature “Support for Streaming Video” which means that one can easily save live streams of various sports events, video games or even other entertainment or educational videos off of the internet.

Features and specifications

Videoduke has been developed to aid the download process of embedded videos via the HTML5, and the ones streamed over the RTMP. This Videoduke review also supports one of the most popular videos streaming platform – YouTube. You can just save the videos in the desired quality, but even save just the audio if that’s what you want.

here are two modes of operation: Simple and Advanced.

  • The Simple Mode has a few controls that promote easy and quick downloading with the least amount of clicks involved in the process.
  • The Advanced Mode, on the other hand, helps the user download the video with several other accessory options to try out from. It aids in not just helping download the videos but even promotes the easy download of any form of resources found on the webpage.

This Videoduke review even allows easy saving of the subtitles and the closed captions that come along with the video directly to your computer. The subtitles, like standard, are downloaded in an SRT file which can be embedded in the majority of the video players.

Not just that, this application also allows the easy bookmarking of your favorite content and resources for easier access at any time.

Final Words

It is always advised to integrate Videoduke review with your web browser itself to promote easier downloading of the videos and other files off of the webpage. It is a very easy and intuitive application that actually helps download a large variety of file types off of various web resources on the internet. The users also will be guided and helped through the process with a helpful tech support team as a part of the package itself.


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