VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review – Simplify Recording Work

It seems like most of the people need to use a screen recording software in daily life. For example, you may need to create a tutorial video for sharing online, record an important meeting, or record the gameplay you’re playing. An all-in-one recording tool enables you to improve working efficiency that you can go without launching two or three programs simultaneously and occupying a computer cache. In this article, we will discuss about the VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review to enrich your working experience on your PC.

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VideoSolo Screen Recorder is qualified for enhancing your screen recording experience on your computer. It was designed for ease of use and took all recording tools in one program. This program can almost be said to suitable for pro users and regular users.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review
VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review

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Apart from the above little whereabouts of the tool, the VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review has more to offer.

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Features of the VideoSolo Screen Recorder 

With the small size, downloading and installing the program is fast, and it just needs a little storage space of the hard drive. It all recording features including video recorder, best interface for audio recorder, and screen capture. Not only that, but every element also has more editing tools for perfecting the recording

As it is important to know everything for the VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review, below are the detailed information of every feature.

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Audio Recorder

Let’s start with the Audio Recorder for the detailed VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review. It supports record system sound and microphone sound. You can choose to do both or just the one. In this case, recording any audios on the computer is easy to get, and be free to record your sound whatever you are singing, explaining, reading, etc. Dragging the volume track to make an excellent recording. Then do not forget to click the “REC” button. Otherwise, you cannot record the sound. In the same way, after recording, the interface will turn to the editing.

Video Recorder

Coming in another key feature which is the Video Recorder. One crucial point to understand the review of the VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review is that you can record the video with system sound, microphone sound, or webcam. You can turn on or off the music at will. Video Recorder allows you to record any videos on YouTube or other video sites as well as offline videos, such as video players, the application windows. You can record the full screen or custom the part of the screen you want by dragging the recording frame. When you are recording, you can also add annotations to the video. There is no doubt that it will give a mighty hand if you want to make the tutorial video. But now Mac users have not this function.

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Also, when you finish recording, the interface will enter the editing stage. In this stage, you can preview the recording video and get a video clip through simple editing to delete the unwanted part. 

Screen Capture

As a screen recorder, except for recording dynamic video, it also supports to record the static image. The screen capture tool is supportive of using in many cases. When you need to capture the pages, pictures, texts, during browsing the websites or doing some works on the computer, using the screen capture tool will improve lots of energy and time. 

If you choose this recorder based on this VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review, you may find it more convenient than using other screen capture tools. Click the “Screen Capture” button and then moving your mouse to select the part of the screen to capture. After stopping capture, the editing frame will pop up, and you can edit easily on the recording image.

Additional Features

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As always, if a program has a humanized design, it would be more popular than others.If you read the VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review carefully, you would know that it offers personalized settings for operation and the recording files. Listing some individual points here:

  • You can set some operation settings according to your operating habits. For example, hide the main interface when you take a screenshot, beep on start recording, allow moving the recording region when recording, auto-hide the system taskbar when recording.
  • You can select hotkeys, then enter the cases you want by clicking keyboard, or also change the hotkeys you prefer. Using hotkeys to operate the recording is more convenient for some people.
  • Setting the output format and quality of the recording video, screenshot, audio. And you can set the location of the recording files to find it quickly.
  • Enable hardware acceleration to improve recording efficiency. The original quality of the recording wouldn’t be lost.

Anyway, all recording features kept in the tool makes it worthy to read the VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review. You need to install one program to do the recording work. Many other recorder tools have not such consummate features, even would run into confusion. Recording the computer screen with audio, and taking the screenshot should be a simple work. Precisely, VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review outshines the tool as one of the best video software

Final Words for VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review 

Thus, VideoSolo Screen Recorder review simplified the recording work makes most people that whoever new visitors or pro users can easy to use without any trouble during recording.

More fantastic features are waiting for you to experience. VideoSolo Screen Recorder provides the trial version for new users to try all the base features. You can start with the trial version and then decide whether to buy the license version. Fortunately, it supports Windows and Mac systems and released three paid versions for different requirements.

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