How to View Private Instagram Profiles? {2023 Updated}

This guide is all about proven methods to view private Instagram profiles if the user makes them private. If you’re looking for the same, then go ahead & give it a read.

In these days of technological advancement, where things are getting just a few clicks away, social media has a huge impact on our daily lives.

With India having the world’s largest youth population, young sprouts are busy showing off their greenery, majorly on the social media platform.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Retrica, Snapchat, or Instagram, and young ones are the most affected. Earlier, there was an alcohol addiction, but nowadays, social media is taking that place.

And with that is decreasing confidence, which is exactly why they want to view private Instagram profiles.

With an attitude of ‘Bring It On, they will fire selfies, post them on social media, and the sequence of likes, comments, sharing, and reacting starts soon.

Instagram stands as a family of more than six hundred million users, the third-highest after Facebook (with 2 billion users) and YouTube (thousand million users).


According to a report of Royal Society for Public Health in May 2017, featuring 1,479 people aged 14-24, asking them to give a rating to various social media platforms depending on anxiety, depression, loneliness, bullying, and body image, concluded that Instagram was “worst for young mental health.”

Instagram is a web-based application with a working domain of and an operating system platform-driven application. It has working stubs on iOS, Android, Windows 10 mobile, and Windows 10 platforms, all free to use.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles
View Private Instagram Profiles

It was created by Kevin Systrom in association with Mike Krieger in 2010 to enable users to register and upload photos or videos after getting ratified and corroborated on a public platform.

It encompasses many contrasting features with it like image filter, adding locations using geotags.

Features of Instagram

The sequence of hashtags itself started from Instagram. The difference from other social media platforms is the curious question of how many followers one has. Who does not want to get famous?

And Instagram provides a unique opportunity for talented and wants to show the world their real shade. They could get a lot of followers and could stand out against odds.

Earlier, people were in a race of who would have more likes on photos on Facebook, but now they stand out and are chasing for the highest number of Instagram followers.

With every good step, there come exploiters too. Personal Information Security is always an issue for the users on every social media platform. Does Facebook provide security measures that one can take to prevent security breaches, like Who can send me a friend request? , Who can like my photos? Etc.

Subsequently, Instagram also provides features of making a profile private, which means that no one will have full access to your profile without your permission. In this way, an anonymous person can never view private Instagram profiles, including photos, videos, or personal information, for download.

But what if a person is interested in someone but lacks the guts to send a follower request. This could be a case with love on the first side and some form of infatuation. There are some ways out of chaos, but not ratified, that can assist you and could take you to that point where you want to be.

Working Private Instagram Viewer Methods

The primary steps, highly suggested, include being genuine, i.e., ask for it directly. It’s always best to send the request directly to the person and wait for a call.

Stay patient and only make a timely request, and if the other person has no issue, they will go for it.

But luck cannot be in your marquee every time. Though not suggested, that secondary step comes to play, i.e., using tools to view private Instagram profiles.

These tools are not platform-driven and come purely as web applications. So you can easily use them online to view private Instagram profiles. Every time you need help, you got to go to websites and do the necessary.

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Top Websites to View Private Instagram Profiles


All you have to do is log into any one of the above websites. Usually, it will ask you the Instagram profile username of that person of whom you want to view private Instagram profiles, enter it & you can view private photos of that particular person. Here’s a video overview on how to use these websites to view private Instagram profiles:

But these are not ratified and could lead to you some serious trouble. Like it could ask you to do some set of tasks before releasing the private photos to you. Sometimes these sites can also ask for some personal information of yours etc.

Putting every information online is not secure as exploiters are always sitting to grab someone’s info in their nets and make illegal use of that. So you need to be aware of what information you can post online and what you should not.

Last but not least, again not suggested, make out your approach to some hacker. But this activity can directly land you in jail because it is highly illegal to breach someone’s private social media account and comes in a category of cybercrime.

Among all the methods discussed above, the primary one is the most suggested method. If the other person responds,s then it’s good,d and if not, then it is just a matter of fact that you can’t get everything you desire.


Just accept it and let it go. No doubt that social media platforms are there to extend the social circle, but we should respect the privacy of others.

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