7 Best Free VIN Decoder for Any Car


Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a distinct code that consisting of an alphanumeric serial number, which is used by the automotive industry for identification purposes, assigned at the time when your vehicle is manufactured. It is distinct in such a way that no two cars or vehicles have the same serial number.

It is used to identify any individual vehicle like cars, trucks, SUV, RV, van, scooters, motorbikes, etc. VIN is critical as it is used to determine the vehicle history containing vital information including, the recalls, warranty period, registrations, insurance, and thefts.

It is located on the driver’s side inner dashboard window. It is like the vehicle fingerprint, displaying cars manufacturer details, model number, it’s unique features and specifications. So, in case one wants to buy a car you can check beforehand the car’s specs, unique features, and history or timeline, through the unique VIN.

Anatomy of VIN Number

A correct VIN is 17 characters long alphanumeric ID. The seventeen characters came into being after 1981, before that it used to be 11 to 17 characters long when it got started in 1954. That seventeen-character numbers can be decoded for the information related to the vehicle. This format is recognized globally.

Shown above is the anatomy of a VIN, that explains the VIN code. The first character is when the vehicle was built. Second and third character describe the manufacturer.

Fourth and eighth character define the brand, engine size, and type. Ninth character describes the security code that identifies VIN being authorized by the manufacturer.

The tenth character represents the model of the vehicle. The eleventh character indicates the location of the plant that manufactured the car. The last six characters are the serial number of the vehicle.

Now you can find the details related to a vehicle through various online options which give you full information based on your Vehicle Identification Number. It is mandatory that you have the VIN with you before you seek the details.

Here are some resources online that offer VIN decoder service free of charge.

Best VIN Decoder Tools


This website has a search option where you can type your Vehicle Identification Number and on a click of a finger get the details you are searching for.

It will give you information on the making of the car, manufacturer, year, model, plant location, mileage, vehicle records, and its market value. If you are buying a car, it will be beneficial in your decision making.


Another great place is autocheck which offers a comprehensive detail of the vehicles that you are searching. Just type the VIN in the search bar, and you will get all details about the car or the vehicle. It will save you a lot of time and money and deal with the dealers when buying a used car.


It is yet another place where you can get the details about your vehicle, by typing the VIN in the search bar. This site also gives you VIN clone alerts.


At vehiclehistory also you can get the history and details of a car. Here you can even compare automotive information, using the model no. And year, with VIN look up.


It is a US-based free VIN decoder service, where you can check out the vehicle details through the VIN code. Just type your VIN into the search bar, and it will show you information on the make of the vehicle to, the owner information, safety information and other details about that car.


It is another free search resource on VIN decoder. From the previous usage of the car to, its insurance details, damage, to manufacturing faults, mileage, to whether it is mentioned in the database of stolen vehicles, and other car features and technical data.


CarProof is also a place where you can search the details of a vehicle through its VIN. Just locate the VIN, type the number in the search bar, get all the details of the car or vehicle, and make an informed decision, on whether to buy the car.

All these websites mentioned above have an easy interface, which simplifies the process of digging through the details of your vehicle.

There also can be found additional information on VIN decoder and extract a comprehensive report on the vehicle you are planning to buy.

These sites also offer a chart that explains how to read the alphanumeric combination of a Vehicle Identification number, about what the order of the character means and what each character represents.

There are also some android applications Find Year and Month of Vehicle by VIN Year Decoder and many other where you can get the details of a vehicle through its VIN.

This site has a very insightful information about the VIN decoder and other news and reviews. Identifying the validity of a car, whether it has a salvaged or a branded title. It can save you a lot of headaches to know before buying if there are some ongoing insurance issues where it has been declared beyond repair.

We hope these resources listed here will help you in the decision making if you are planning to buy a used car if you want to find the market value of your vehicle, or just check the vehicle history.



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