Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a distinct code that consists of an alphanumeric serial number used by the automotive industry for identification purposes, assigned when your vehicle is manufactured. It is distinct because no two cars or vehicles have the same serial number. Thus, you must know about the finest VIN Decoder tools out there.

Just check out the list that we’ve created of the Best Free VIN Decoder Tools:

  • CarVertical
  • VinDecoderz
  • AutoCheck
  • CarFax
  • VehicleHistory
  • SearchQuarry
  • autoDNA

It is located on the driver’s side inner dashboard window. It is like the vehicle fingerprint, displaying the car’s manufacturer details, model number, unique features, and specifications. So, if one wants to buy a car or a jeep, you can check the car’s specs, unique features, and history or timeline beforehand through the unique VIN.

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Anatomy of VIN Number

A correct VIN is 17 characters long alphanumeric ID. Before that, it was 11 to 17 characters long when it started in 1954. The seventeen characters came into being after 1981. That seventeen-character number can decode the information related to the vehicle. This format is recognized globally.

The anatomy of a VIN is shown above, which explains the VIN code. The first character is during the making of the vehicle. The second and third characters describe the manufacturer.

vin number on car

The fourth and eighth characters define the brand, engine size, and type. The ninth character describes the security code that identifies VIN authorized by the manufacturer.

The tenth character after the VIN Decoder represents the model of the vehicle. The eleventh character indicates the location of the plant that manufactured the car. The last six characters are the serial number of the vehicle.

Now you can find the details of a vehicle through various online options, which give you full information based on your Vehicle Identification Number. You must have the VIN with you before you seek the details.

Here are some resources online that offer VIN decoder service free of charge. Also, check out these digital compasses made for cars to ensure safer navigation!

Best VIN Decoder Tools to Use Now

Here are some of the finest ones that we have collected for you. Do try all of them.


CarVertical provides the world’s first blockchain-based car reports. With carVertical, you can find out if the car has been damaged or stolen and its mileage is genuine. In other words, the information you get is tamper-proof, so it hasn’t been faked or manipulated.

carverticle site

The reports will tell you much more, including NMVTIS data, common model faults, details of upcoming maintenance, and archive photos.

Visit: CarVertical


This website has a search option where you can type your Vehicle Identification Number and get the details you are searching for with a finger.

vindecoderz site


This VIN Decoder will give you information on the making of the car, manufacturer, year, model, plant location, mileage, vehicle records, and market value. If you are buying a car, it will be beneficial in your decision-making.

Visit: VIN Decoderz


Another great place is auto check which offers a comprehensive detail of the vehicles you are searching for.


Just type the VIN in the search bar, and you will get all details about the car or the vehicle. It will save you time and money and deal with the dealers when buying a used car.

Visit: AutoCheck


It is yet another place to get the details about your vehicle by typing the VIN in the search bar.

carfax site

This site also gives you VIN clone alerts.

Visit: Carfax


At vehicle history also, you can get the history and details of a car. Here you can even compare automotive information using model no.

vechile history site

And year, with VIN lookup.

Visit: Vehiclehistory


It is a US-based free VIN decoder service where you can check vehicle details through the VIN code.

searchquary site

Just type your VIN into the search bar of SearchQuarry, which will show you information on the vehicle’s make, the owner’s information, safety information, and other details about that car.

Visit: SearchQuarry


It is another free search resource on the VIN decoder.


From the previous usage of the car to its insurance details, damage, manufacturing faults, and mileage. To whether it is in the database of stolen vehicles and other car features and technical data.

Visit: autoDNA


CarProof is also a place where you can search for the details of a vehicle through its VIN. Just locate the VIN, type the number in the search bar, get all the car or vehicle details, and decide whether to buy the car.

All these websites mentioned above have an easy interface, which simplifies the process of digging through the details of your vehicle.

carproof site

Lastly, there also can be additional information on the VIN decoder. And extract a comprehensive report on the vehicle you are planning to buy.

Visit: CarProof


FaxVIN is an online VIN Decoder tool that can extensively find information about a vehicle. You need to enter the VIN, and you will get many details regarding the vehicle in question.

faxvin site

Furthermore, you can find information like Basic, Drivetrain, Dimensions, Fuel, Braking, Suspension, Weight, Wheels and Tires, Safety, Comfort, Features, etc., with just the number. 

Visit: FaxVIN


One of the online VIN decoders is VIN which gives you the complete vehicle history just by the VIN you entered.

vindecoder site

It’s a reliable VIN decoder tool. It provides data on Accident History, Title Information, 60+ Vehicle Problems, Mileage Rollback, Taxi, Lease, Police Use, Hidden Damage, Junk & Salvage, Recalls & Defects, etc. In addition, it also lets you print out or save your results.

Visit: VIN


What is VIN's complete form?

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), short for Vehicle Identification Number, uniquely assigns a distinct set of 17 characters, consisting of numbers and letters, to every car. This alphanumeric sequence does not include spaces and omits characters that could be mistaken for numbers.

What is VIN's complete form?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which stands for Vehicle Identification Number, actively assigns a unique set of 17 characters, encompassing both numbers and symbols, to each vehicle during production.

Who uses VIN?

Both insurance companies and mechanics utilize the VIN for similar purposes. When generating insurance quotes, insurers use the VIN to access pertinent information about the vehicle they are considering for coverage. Similarly, manufacturers employ the VIN as a means to track their vehicles.

What can follow in case my car doesn't have a VIN?

If you are confident that your vehicle never possessed a VIN or if it has somehow become compromised, it is essential to initiate contact with your local DMV office. In several cases, certain states may require an inspection by a DMV official or a police officer to confirm the absence of a VIN.

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These sites also offer a chart that explains how to read the alphanumeric combination of a Vehicle Identification Number, about what the order of the character means, and what each character represents.

Some Android applications Find the Year and Month of Vehicle by VIN Year Decoder, and many others where you can get the details of a vehicle through its VIN.

We hope these VIN Decoder tools listed here will help you decide if you are planning to buy a used car if you want to find the market value of your vehicle or check the vehicle history. Also, everybody dreams of going on a vacation with their family. For that, you should also check your car’s towing capacity, beside the VIN decoder.

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