Top 6 Best Vine Editing Apps for iOS in 2018


Social media is a very fun place. You post pictures, videos, Go live, Do crazy status updates and a lot of other stuff. And everyday social media is getting more and more innovative with new ideas and creative trends buzzing the social media. One of these amazing trends that were all over the social media about a year ago was Vine, A 6-second long creative video that too social media by surprise. Thus, you must know about the best Vine Editing apps available out there for iOS.

More and more people were joining the vine network and sharing their creative videos and posting them on Instagram and Facebook. However, Vine is still a lot of trending on social media and getting more and more creative every day.

So, As the vines were trending all over the globe, People started developing apps to make their vines more attractive and amazing by editing them.

There are many vine Editing apps available in the market for both Android and Apple smart phones. But in this article, we will be discussing some amazing vine editing apps available on your app store to edit your vines and make them more creative and appealing.

Finest Vine Editing Apps for iOS

Soundboard for Vine

Vines are just 6-second videos so to make them creative and memorable, and more attractive the users add creative sounds to them. One of the most useful apps while editing your vines, Soundboard is an app provided by Vine creators themselves.

With the sound board, you can add some creative sounds to your vines such as ‘OMG!’ and squeaky sounds. Soundboard has 90+ sounds that can help you make your vine amazing.

Video Music Editor

Music makes your vines more amazing and unforgettable. You can make your vines dramatic and crazy by just adding a proper soundtrack. With video music editor you can add a soundtrack to your vine from iTunes and trim the soundtrack to customize the beginning and end of the soundtrack.

Video Music Editor
Video Music Editor

Also with Video Music Editor, you can make your Vine go Slo-Mo or faster. You can also add filters to your vine with this amazing app.


AVCreator is  of the best vine editing apps with a really simple and user-friendly interface. Just like other vine editing apps, AVCreator can help in adding music to your vines from your music library on iTunes. But with this app, you can delete the unwanted parts from your vines and customize it.

You can also adjust Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Highlights, Saturation, Shadows, Sharpening, Temperature of your video with this amazing. This app will assist you to make your vine more colorful and beautiful.


Funimate is an amazing app to create amazing vines and post them on vine network or Instagram. It allows its user to make lip sync videos.


Where the user can just move their lips and pretend like you are singing a song or a dub. Funimate has a great library with some amazing tracks and features like Dubsmash and Hyperlapse. It has 20 advanced video effects and is one of the best apps to create amazing and vines and share them on your social media page.


It is an amazing app by GoPro. If you don’t know GoPro, It is famous for its action cameras and amazing apps. With Quik video editing app you can not just edit your videos, but with it’s 28 amazing video editing modes you can do more. You can create slideshow from the images in your gallery by adding amazing traditions to them.


You can edit your slideshows and images by adding creative music and texts to them. With your creativity and the amazing features provided by this app, You can always make amazing Vines and share them on your social media account.


Splice is also one of the most amazing video editing apps by GoPro technologies, But this is the thing, It is not like other apps. It has its unique interface and some amazing features.

Splice allows the users to record their sound and add them to their vines. Also, It still has access to your iTunes store, so there are unlimited possibilities of music.

You can add text to your video and edit the text by customizing it’s size and font style. Splice also allows its user to balance to video quality and make high definition videos up to 1080p.


With these amazing apps on your smartphone, you can create some really beautiful and amazing vines. And combined with your amazing creativity and all these brilliant features provided by these app.

You can take over the internet with your amazing vines and can be a social media sensation and a super star.

You can download other apps for Vine editing apps too but why compromise with your experience when you can just open your app store and download these amazing apps and start recording some amazing vines. Go on, Start Downloading!


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