VMware Certification: 6 Things You Need To Know

Virtualization is becoming an increasingly common trend in the contemporary world. IT professionals planning to work on back-end infrastructure and tech stacks would find the VMware certification quite helpful. VMware is one of the largest providers of virtualization and cloud computing products. Companies of different scales are on a constant lookout for professionals skilled in VMware. Technologists with varying levels of expertise can find suitable VMware certifications to pursue. 

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Why Is Virtualization So Popular? 

With the constant digitalization of various processes, enterprises need a large number of machines to keep up. A cost-effective and convenient solution to this is to use software alternatives for physical pieces of hardware. When an IT company dedicates a physical server to only one application, it fails to utilize the server’s full potential. Virtualization enables running multiple operating systems and virtual computers on a single server. 

vmware certification
VMware Certification

Thus, several virtual machines run on a single physical server. It is essentially a cost-efficient option that allows full utilization of the servers. Forward-thinking IT companies are quickly adopting virtualization as a means to curtail their expenses and maximize profits. As a result, a VMware-certified associate would likely find job offers at various reputed organizations. 

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Do You Need To Get Yourself Recertified?

Many of the significant certifications in IT require professionals to get themselves recertified at regular intervals. It is to ensure that their knowledge of the relevant products and technologies remains up to date. VMware certifications worked similarly, too, until they recently made a change. These certifications are now valid forever and do not require recertification. 

VMware Certification
VMware Certification

However, VMware does recommend keeping the certifications up to date. Doing so regularly would ensure that you do not have too much to catch up with. For instance, if you obtain a VMware VCP certification and do not get yourself recertified for a very long time, there would be a significant knowledge delta to catch up. 

Why Should You Consider Pursuing a VMware Certification?

The VMware certifications come with plenty of perks, especially for career enhancement. For example, professionals who possess these certifications can enjoy the following benefits:

Various Career Opportunities

You would not have to remain stuck with a specific career path as a VMware professional.

various career opportunities
Various Career Opportunities

VMware offers a wide range of certifications, which you may choose based on your interests and field of expertise. You may even switch your career path entirely in the future. 

Better Salary

Once you become a VMware certified professional, you can negotiate with your employer for a better salary.

better salary
Better Salary

This can be especially helpful if you are a recent graduate or do not have much experience. Professionals at these levels typically find it hard to ask for salary increments without a valuable certification to validate their skills. 


The VMware certifications are also beneficial from an academic point of view. While preparing for the certification exams, you would learn a lot.


You would get first-hand experiences and knowledge of the latest virtualization tools and technologies. In addition, it would enable you to perform various tasks efficiently and take care of your job responsibilities. 


In a competitive field such as the IT industry, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. A VMware NSX certification can help you achieve this. In addition, it would keep you distinguished from professionals who do not possess one of these certifications. It results in higher respect and makes you a preferred candidate while applying for a job. 

Career Advancement

The certification would be acting as a validation of your skills. Essentially, it would show that you are ready for relatively more advanced job roles. This facilitates career advancement by allowing professionals to secure promotions more easily. Thus, obtaining a VMware course is a logical choice for professionals willing to grow. 

career advancement
Career Advancement

Essentially, VMware certifications carry great value and can boost your career. Therefore, it would be an excellent decision to get yourself enrolled in one of the leading IT institutions that offer VMware courses. 

How Hard Is It To Obtain A VMware Certification?

Not every IT certification holds equal value, as not all of them prove that a professional who possesses it is skilled enough. One of the reasons why the VMware certifications find such widespread acceptance is its difficulty level. Without adequate VMware training, it could be quite impossible to pass the exams. This guarantees that the professionals carrying these certifications are skilled enough for the relevant job roles. The difficulty is essentially a good thing as it allows employers to hire with greater confidence and adds value to a professional’s portfolio.

vmware certification
VMware Certification

To do well in the VMware foundation exam or any other certification exams that follow, you need to develop your skills. It is achievable through professional training and learning from quality materials. Koenig is one of the IT institutions that offers VMware training for professionals. As long as you receive quality training, pursuing the certification is worth it. You may explore the various certification paths and choose the one that suits you the best.

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