Korean movies and shows have a huge fan following, especially among youngsters. People from other countries are showing interest in the genre and have loved the story plot recently. No doubt, having subtitles will increase the engagement of non-native speakers. This is why the demand for stable Kdrama platforms is rising within the community. Free ultimately good KDrama Websites for watching Korean drama online. Not only this, but you can also watch many other free movies online. 

We have compiled some of the best free Korean drama websites:

  • Rakuten Viki
  • Netflix
  • Kocowa
  • Asian Crush
  • IFlix
  • OnDemandKorea
  • Hulu

Korean online websites are an effective method to access your favorite show. Therefore, we will share some popular websites for watching Korean dramas online for free. It will help overseas users monitor online Kdrama rather than depending on traditional television channels. Make sure to follow the user guidelines before proceeding with a particular platform.

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7 Ways for Watching Korean Drama Online

Let’s dive into the best free KDrama Websites where watching Korean drama online is free.

1. Rakuten Viki

The first Korean drama website you must visit is Rakuten Viki which has thousands of TV shows. Search for the drama, and you will get recommendations according to the choice. It also features various premium shows that are a significant part of the sub-culture. Moreover, you can add English subtitles to each movie for a better experience.

rakuten viki

Not only this, users can enjoy their favorite Korean channel in more than 200 global languages.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming platforms available on multiple devices. However, only a handful of people know you can watch Kdrama shows and movies on Netflix. Users only need to purchase the subscription plan in their country and start binging online content.


Further, Netflix allows its viewers to change the audio and subtitles language accordingly. Thus, you will have no problem understanding Kdrama, even being a non-Korean.

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3. Kocowa

Moving ahead on free KDrama Websites, we have Kocowa. It is a legal platform that serves you with the latest Kdrama shows. Moreover, you can watch every high-resolution video, along with subtitles.


The best part is that you can access popular Korean movies within 24 hours of their launch. Hence, users don’t need to wait before watching the show. The only downside of Kocowa is that currently, it is only operating for the American audience.

4. Asian Crush

Asian Crush has a vast user base within the community of Kdrama lovers across the globe. It features unlimited hours of Korean drama resources without any additional cost. You can regularly watch movies on your TV or laptop. The user interface is simple and allows you to enable subtitles at your convenience.

asian crush

Apart from Korea, Asian Crush is also a viable platform for watching content from the Asian region.

5. iFlix

If you want a new free KDrama Website, iFlix could be optimal. The website already has an extensive library to search for shows depending on your preferences. Being a new entry, it may not have every show from the early period. However, it features the choicest playlists of Korean content for you.


Users can also purchase the premium plan to unlock the website’s full potential in video and sound quality.

6. OnDemandKorea

As the name suggests, OnDemandKorea is a reliable platform with almost every Kdrama show telecast. It is an experienced player on our list with more than ten years of service in the community. Moreover, the performances are available with English and Korean subtitles for better understanding.


You can also watch various religious and political shows directly from the website. The home page of OnDemadKorea features hot-streaming genres with famous actors.

7. Hulu

Lastly, Hulu is another platform for Watching Korean Drama online. The website has a rich collection of classic Kdrama content you should not miss. Users can adjust the video quality and enable subtitles while watching the show. Hulu is also accessible from multiple devices like TV, mobile, laptop, etc. You can get this app on any smart TV, including Samsung.


The users get the initial month for free to understand the interface. After the trial version expires, it costs you only $6.99 monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Watch Korean Dramas for Free?

YouTube is the most straightforward platform to watch Korean dramas for free. However, you may not find every episode or season due to copyright issues.

Where to Watch Kdramas for Free?

Kdramas are available on multiple online platforms are websites on the internet. You can visit websites like Kocowa, Asian Crush, Hulu, etc.

Can I Watch Kdrama on My TV?

Screencasting lets you stream Kdrama shows and movies directly to your TV set. Also, connect it with an HDMI cable and enjoy the film on the big screen.


Ultimately, you now have various options for watching Korean drama online with friends. These websites are safe to use and don’t pose any credible threat. However, we still recommend using an appropriate VPN app for the best output. Also, it will remove any content restrictions in your country. If you have issues watching online content, kindly contact the website’s Support Service. 

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