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Websites are the most wonderful medium for promoting and marketing. Whether it is a website for your clothing business, or a hardware shop, or a website design for real estate agents, a website will work for all of these and more. But some elements go behind creating these websites. People with different sorts of skill sets work to make these websites they are. That is what we’re going to discuss. Today, we’re taking a slightly different path. We’ll try to draw a structure with Web Design vs Web Development. 

These are the two terms that you’d have heard pretty often if you work anywhere near websites. Or even if you’re a part of the IT scenario. Many of us think and do use web design vs web development in place of one another. But that isn’t correct. You need to know how they’re different. That’s how you’ll know where to use which.

In the Web design vs web development scenario, there isn’t a question of who is better. Let me stress the fact that none can be enough without the other.

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Overview: Web Design vs Web Development 

We’re having the Web Design vs Web Development discussion is, because these are related but DIFFERENT terms. Let’s see some facts distinguishing them.

So web design is where the designers make the look of the website, everything from the color scheme and background and so on. That is the part where you finalize all of that.

The other side of the web design vs web development coin is web development. In that particular field, the developers use tools and languages to code that website. The coding helps to give a real feel and soul to the website, which is just a skeleton without it.

Ok, now, in the upcoming section, we’re going to talk about both of these in detail. That will help in concluding how the terms are different.

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What Do You Mean by Web Design?

Web Design
Web Design

So, in the next step in Web design vs web development, we’ll start by discussing the first term. What can you deduce by the term “web design”? That it is designing something over the web? Yes. Well, in our case, its a website.

It includes what will be the foreground colors, which image/color will go best with the color. Apart from that, they should know what will look good and where. That is the ability that forms a foundation of the aesthetic portion of the website. A good designer must know precisely what his employers expect of him. He should take care of both the interactive part and of the fact that the user experience should be good.

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We all know how important looks can be. Looks are what catches our attention when we first land on a website, right?

What more can we talk about web design, in Web design vs Web development chit chat?

Well, the Web designers, along with all the designing part, also have to perform some additional jobs. That may include prototyping i.e., prepping a blueprint of the website that’ll help the developers. Also, they have to assist with advertising and stuff.

They should know how to work with editing tools like DreamWeaver, Adobe’s Photoshop and CorelDRAW, etc. These can have a significant impact on the visual quotient of the entire website.

Also, it’d be misleading if I say they don’t have to understand any code or work with it. That is because both designers and developers work hand-in-hand. So the designers ought to know how the HTML/CSS or JS or whatever language developers use works.

That was just half of the Web design vs web development story; let’s get to the other half.

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What is Web Development?

Web Development
Web Development

And now, in our Web Design vs Web Developers topic, we’ll be chit-chatting about developers.

Talking about web developers, they are the ones who do the heavy-weight coding to make everything function. They have to figure out what are all the elements that will be starring on the webpages, which form will go where, what buttons it will have, where the data goes when you click the button.

The other thing I’d like you to know in this Web design vs web development article is another name. Programmers formally know them as Front-end developers, which is apt, as they code the elements that the visitors will see on the website. He has to decide whether he can code the blueprints in the language in which he intends to code them. Apart from that, he coordinates with the people working at the back-end.

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As a developer brings the designing and coding together, so he should be able to work and team-up with everyone.

The industry pays web developers high. It’s a no brainer that they’d have a pretty diverse skill set. They need to know scripting languages like HTML/CSS, JS, to name a few. Along with frameworks like React, jQuery, and bootstrap for making the website device-friendly.

Also, it is of considerable significance to know how to use Git. Because when you sit in a hiring process, they’d want to see your work on git.


So that was about the Web Design vs Web Developer discussion. Since forever, people have been fussing about which is more important. Well, none is. They’re equally important. One cannot do much without incorporating other. They both have a massive part in the making of a professional website.

Whether you’re just a curious mind, who likes to keep track of things, or, you want to pursue a career in one of these, I hope all is clear to you.

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