The internet is a massive place, and it is estimated that over 1.7 billion websites exist. It is essential to log out of these websites. In this issue, we will teach you everything required for web logout.

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Most websites make it simple to log out; look for the “Sign Out” button, and you can easily log out. But few websites don’t provide these buttons. So, following a few steps can help you log out of these websites.

There are many tips and tricks to follow if you want to log out of websites that do not make it easy for you to do so, and we will cover all of them in this article and more relevant information.

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How To Sign Out Of Websites 

Many online websites offer a similar method for securely logging out of their websites through the sign-out page, which has options like “Sign Out,” “Log Out,” “Log Off,” “Please Sign Out,” etc.

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Some options may require you to click your profile picture or username and then provide you with these options. Find one of these options near the top-left or top-right corner of the browser window or drop-down menu. You will be logged out of your online account by selecting that option.

Websites That Do Not Provide The Logout Option 

Some websites have a user login function, but the logout button is missing or difficult to find. It’s too dangerous to stay logged in, especially on a public computer, so you should try some workarounds to log out.

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However, keep in mind that these methods may not work. It’s usually not your fault that you can’t log out due to a site bug or a usability blunder. It doesn’t help that it’s not your fault that your account is in danger.

If your account is active on a computer that no one else uses, the risks aren’t as significant. But you should log out immediately if this is a public computer. So, if you are sticking with this type of “Webs Logout,” here are a few tips and tricks that can assist you in performing a chrome log out for them. 

Restart the Browser

Generally, simply closing the browser does not log you out, so don’t rely too heavily on this option. It depends on the site whether or not this will work.

close browser

Most sites save logins for days, weeks, or months, but some areas require a login every time a user opens the browser. If you are in a similar condition, consider yourself lucky. When you close the browser, reopen it to see if you are still out.

Find the Logout Button 

The logout function is frequently present but not immediately visible. Many sites place their logout button/link in an inconvenient location for one reason or another.logout of a website

Most websites place login/logout buttons/links in the top right corner, either alone or as part of a menu, such as an account, settings, profile, or something similar. If you don’t see it right away, try browsing the menus.

Delete the Cookie(s) 

To log out of a website, try deleting the session and browser cookie(s). Most websites save login information in a cookie, and when that cookie expires, then you are logged out.

clear cookies

If you’re concerned that clearing the browser’s cache will result in losing all your cookies, don’t be; most browsers allow you to delete cookies only for a specific site. The exact steps for deleting cookies differ between browsers, so check what applies to yours.

Use Different Devices to Logout

It is indeed possible that the issue is with the browser or device you’re using. For example, if your browser is old, you may be able to click the logout button/link, and nothing will happen. Log in from a different browser/device and log out from there in this case.

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The new login will overwrite the old if the site does not permit multiple concurrent logins to the same account. However, even if you log in and out of a different browser/device, you may still be active on the original browser/device, so make sure to log out. 

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Logout with SSO

If you used Single Sign On (SSO) to log in, you could also use it to log out. For example, if you logged in to a site using your Facebook or Google+ account, go to Facebook or Google+ and log out there.

google+ logout

Then, return to the site where you were attempting to log out, refresh the page, and check if you are still logged in.

Look for the Forum

If it’s a popular site, you might not be the only one having trouble with a particular “webs logout.” Though it is more common for something to break after a redesign of the interface or a software update.

web developer Forum

It is not unheard of for a site that has been functioning for many years to lose its logout functionality suddenly. In this case, check the site’s forum to see what other users are experiencing and if a solution is available.

These are some suggested methods to follow if you want to perform a web logout but cannot find the Log out button. Although, there is no guarantee that these tricks will help. You have to wait for your logout session to expire if none of these tricks work. 


What is the Google Logout URL?

You have a few options if you're looking for the Google Logout URL to sign out of Google's Services. If you want to log out, the URL is

How to force the users to log out?

You can use an option known as 'Force Logout' if you initiate an app update and want all the users to log out and log in again. You can find it under the App Manager settings in User Management.

Is it vital to log out of a website?

Logging out of a website is critical because there are risks if you don't log out. One of the factors is using a public computer; anyone can use a shared computer while someone is still logged in to an account and interfere with that person's work.

Is closing the app and logging out the same thing?

Most of the time, yes. Tapping on a 'logout' link and closing the browser accomplishes the same. However, your login may be associated with a persistent cookie, your IP address, or something else on some web apps, and simply closing the browser will not log you out.


Performing a web log out after using it is a great habit to stick to, especially when using public computers. Although not every website will make logging out easy for you, in those cases, you can always try the steps we have mentioned in today’s article. 

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