Every year, millions of students complete their education and start a new phase in their life. Moreover, passing with good grades helps you gain a better job or position in your respective field. Therefore, you need assistance in completing your projects and homework effectively for which people resort to websites like Textsheet.

TextSheet is one of the leading platforms that help students discuss answers to various questions for their studies. It provides accurate solutions to complete your assignments on time and get good marks.

educational websites like textsheetHowever, the website is no longer functioning, and it shut down due to several reasons. Due to the shutdown, students are pretty worried as they are highly dependent on it for doing homework. We bring you the Top 10 Best Websites-like Textsheet that you can use in 2023. Make sure to check each platform and go for the most effective website according to your needs.

What is Textsheet?

Textsheet served as an online learning resource. Here college students could get free answers to their assignments and tests.


The platform was easy for students to get their answers. Textsheet did not own the content. It was scraping from several websites, like Chegg. That’s why it is currently unavailable.

The online practice test answers from Chegg are also found in textbooks. They’re using Chegg API to scrape the question. They use it from the user-provided link before presenting the answers.

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Failure of the Litanswers

Litanswers was a suitable replacement for Textsheet. It was very useful to the students. Yet, the same copyright issues Chegg alleged to that website. That’s why Litanswers is not available now. All the alternative websites for Litanswers.org still need to discuss are very good.

lita answers

Users can access resources for exams. They quizzes, and other assessments through the products in the Study Tools category. You can practice vocabulary, math problems, or other subject-specific content. You can many resources here. The whole course also helps with standard tests. Preparation and digital flashcards are also there.

The Best Textsheet Alternatives

You learned about Textsheet and Litanswers. They both are academic resources for students. But both sites are not available now! Do you want to know why Textsheet.com is unavailable?

Why is the Textsheet not working?

One of the best online study resources was Textsheet. Most of the kids’ questions were about their homework issues. The practical online answer papers of the Chegg textbook were given. The Textsheets used the Chegg API and give the solution.

textsheet closed

The Chegg copyright violations come into the limelight. That’s why, Textsheet.com is blocked from the internet. The Textsheet’s website is unavailable due to the DMCA copyright violation.

To get the OLD Resources, visit the Textsheet website’s archived version.

Textsheet.com website is not available now. This is bad news for the students.

Free homework help websites

The Top Websites for Help with Homework

  • Best Website for Free Homework Help: is Khan Academy.
  • Chegg is the best website for paid homework help.
  • The best website for math homework help is Photomath.
  • The Princeton Review Academic Tutoring website is the best resource. It can help with English homework.

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Top 10 Textsheet.com Alternatives

Let us begin our journey to explore various alternatives to Textsheet with a similar user interface,


The first Textsheet alternative on our list is Studylib (Study Library). Users can get a wide range of solved questions and assignments for their school or college projects. Moreover, it contains subjects like Science, Mathematics, Arts, Business, Engineering, History, and others.


The home page is engaging; you can reach out to various sections with a single click.

Visit: StudyLib


As the name suggests, refer to the PaperHelp platform to prepare for your upcoming exams and assignments. It provides a perfect stage to get research papers accordingly. paperhelp websiteYou can save some crucial time writing down projects just before the deadline. However, it’s paid. The cost is between $10-$24 per page, with multiple discount options for higher orders.

Visit: PaperHelp

School Solver

Next, the School Solver website provides easy-to-understand answers to various questions or courses. There are thousands of qualified teachers waiting to help you with multiple assignments.

school solver

The AI interface also suggests previous discussions for similar questions and problems. Besides students, tutors could also sign up and earn money by submitting solutions.

Visit: School Solver


Quizlet is an excellent education platform more than 50 million active students use. You get different practice and study material for every subject in your course. Further, you can download it as a mobile application for Android and iOS users.


Additional flashcards are available that will enhance your learning. To unlock the website’s true potential, you can get a 1-year subscription for $11.99 (Quizlet Go).

Visit: Quizlet


SparkNotes is used for learning and provides a platform to buy and sell books. It is among the best website like Textsheet, where you get enough reading material to prepare for exams like SAT.


On the other hand, it provides adequate knowledge of Maths, Physics, Social Science, Economics, Sociology, etc.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a famous American online learning website with short videos and lessons. The complete dashboard is personalized according to the needs of each student. khan academy websiteYou also get supplementary practice papers that will test your knowledge and help you get good grades. Thus, you can easily crack LSAT, SAT, or MCAT exams in the maiden attempt.

Visit: Khan Academy


You must have heard about Coursera as a perfect tool with a range of learning opportunities for college students. It even has a tie-up with more than 200 leading universities across the globe. coursera websiteTherefore, you will get quality content on different topics through 4,000 courses. Students can also enroll in various free certified courses on the platform. Coursera also has job-relevant material to provide adequate skills accordingly.

Visit: Coursera


Chegg is the primary reason behind the shutting down of TextSheet and thus comes up as a websites like Textsheet. The team has experience of more than 20 years and delivers courses for 80 subjects.

chegg website

Moreover, you can get desirable solutions to your homework at a minimal service price. You can get membership credentials for a monthly cost of $14.95 after you exhaust the trial version of 30 minutes.

Visit: Chegg

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Last but not least, we have Exams4Sure that is another websites like Textsheet with unique features. You can access PDF documents by using the search engine available on the platform.

exams four sure

Hence, students can pass their exams with flying exams even in the final days of the schedule. Further, the live chat option is quite useful when you require an explanation of various topics.

Visit: Exams4Sure


CK-12 is an innovative educational platform that seeks to enhance the learning experience of K-12 students worldwide. As a non-profit organization, it is driven by its mission to increase access to high-quality educational materials. CK-12 offers an integrated set of learning tools that can be tailored to the unique needs of each student, educator, or school.

ck twelve website

The platform also offers a range of interactive learning objects, including videos and multimedia simulations, to bring learning to life. Furthermore, CK-12 provides exercises for tracking progress with instant feedback and teaching materials like assessments, answer keys, and ideas for differentiated instruction.

Visit: CK-12

Final Thoughts

That summarizes the top 10 best websites like Textsheet, with unique learning content and helping tools. We hope you have a good read learning and practicing different subjects of your curriculum.

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