What is a Good Internet Speed? What’s Fast, Slow and Best for You?

In today’s world, when the internet is as important for survival as food or clothing, it does leave you thinking about how much speed you need for seamless online. And above all, you are very serious about the required internet speeds to carry out your professional and business activities over the internet profoundly. Taking the subject forward, in this article, we will discuss about what is a good internet speed. Also, opt for these apps for smooth Wi-Fi tethering.

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Why Internet Speed is Important?

As we will be further talking about what is a good internet speed, it is essential to understand why it is important. Speed is one of the most highlighted aspects that is advertised by internet service providers because they know that it is the high-speed label that can get the maximum user attention.

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We find users mostly inclined towards high-quality DSL internet providers like Windstream internet, cable internet providers like Spectrum internet, or fiber-optic internet providers like Frontier internet for acquiring a faster and more reliable internet connection. Satellite internet might not be a very preferable option when it comes to blazing speeds.

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Internet Types and Expected Speeds

The type of internet connection you choose also dictates your internet speed. Before you jump to any conclusion, you must know what is a good internet speed. The four basic types of internet connection technologies include satellite, DSL, cable, and fiber-optic. If your online activities require faster speeds and you have more number of users at home, you should consider cable or fiber internet providers. Generally, fiber internet offers the fastest speeds followed by cable internet.

internet speed
internet speed

DSL internet ranks next to the cable internet in terms of speed. Satellite internet is slowest of all since a satellite in space transmits the signals to your home, and this type of transmission might take longer than the other internet types available. However, it has the widest coverage and is usually the only internet option available in rural areas.

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However, your internet speed requirement is determined largely based on your online habits and number of users. To ensure availing the right internet plan for yourself and not to pay more for speeds that you do not need, it is important to find out what is a good internet speed along with the benefits it provides.

Internet Speed You Need

Answering our main question, what is a good internet speed, internet speeds requirements mainly depend on your internet usage. Generally, speeds up to 25 Mbps are needed by a house with an average number of users. However, families that have more heavy users, might need greater speeds up to 100 Mbps, The fastest internet speed that some ISPs offer is around 2 Gbps but it is available in limited areas.

Internet Speed You Need
Internet Speed You Need

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Ways to Find out your Current Internet Speed

You can always run an online speed test on your laptop that is using your home Wi-Fi. Most of the time, these speed tests also notify you about the ping time of your connection.

How to Know What is a Good Internet Speed

After looking upon the section of what is a good internet speed, here is a detailed look at the internet speeds that are commonly required for various online activities:

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Video Streaming

You usually require internet speeds as low as 3-5 Mbps for streaming videos in standard quality. However, you might need speeds up to 25 Mbps for 4K streaming or an ultra HD mode. Certain streaming services might require faster speeds up to 40-50 Mbps. So it also depends on the streaming service that you are using. For Netflix, you require internet speeds ranging from 3 to 5 Mbps .

Video Streaming
Video Streaming


Generally, you might need internet speeds up to 8 or 10 Mbps for a lag-free gaming experience. Speeds up to 25 or 30 Mbps can provide you a seamless online gaming adventure.


However, an important piece of advice while learning about what is a good internet speed is looking for a suitable internet connection for fulfilling your gaming needs. Do not just rely on the speed rather it is also the ping and latency of a connection that matters a lot.
Satellite internet for online gaming is not useful because it have a higher latency rate that can spoil your gaming sessions.

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Professional/Work Requirements 

If you work from home, the ideal internet speed you require depends primarily on the type of work you perform. If your work involves downloading larger files, then you can get a 40-50 Mbps internet plan.

However, if your work mainly revolves around emailing and basic computer-based activities then even a 5 -8 Mbps internet speed would be more than enough.

Music Streaming

If you want to stream music online, you do not need higher bandwidth. Almost all internet types and speeds are adequate for you to enjoy your favorite tracks. So even 1 Mbps internet speed is enough for a good music streaming experience.

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It is important to know what is a good internet speed along with how to get a fast, reliable, and secure internet connection. So that you know your speed requirements during peak internet usage. Once you have analyzed your internet speed requirements, you can check out for internet providers that offer good coverage. Next pick out suitable plans offered by the high-quality providers, compare their features and avail the best plan.

We hope you have learned all about what is a good internet speed. We hope this article was useful to you. Keep visiting us for more articles!

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