What Is A Website Audit And How To Audit Websites?

A technically sound website is essential for your success, whether you are a rising entrepreneur or a part-time freelancer. However, over 90% of the users don’t go beyond the first page of Google search results. Therefore, a good website has to check multiple boxes to stand out and be among the top results in Google searches. However, no matter how involved you are in the website design and development process, keeping track of the technicalities is always hard. This is where a professional website audit can help. Don’t know what a website audit is? Don’t worry; this article will explain everything about what is a website audit and how to audit websites.website audit

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What Is A Website Audit?

A website audit puts the whole website through rigorous testing and picks up any weaknesses and errors that keep your website from being the first link on Google and other search engines. what is a website auditThe process involves multiple steps and aspects such as design audit, SEO scores, content readability, usability, and monitor backlinks checker.

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What To Look For In A Website Audit?

The audit should give you a precise idea of whether your website is optimized according to modern SEO practices or is good enough to achieve your traffic goals. Besides, it should also give you a clear path to betterment. But, at the end of the audit, you should know how to improve your website or what changes are there to get the go traffic.

How To Audit A Website?

Website audits involve multiple steps, starting with getting a basic idea of your website health through Google Analytics or any other website analyzer service. Once you have a baseline, you can then focus on the following aspects to audit your website in its entirety.

Accessing The Design

Make sure that the design suits Google recommendations. It should not contain confidential information or tabs.

accessing the design

There should be a clear and easy-to-read layout for the information. The color combinations should match the company profile or the idea that the website represents. This is very important, especially for modular pages. Here you often choose a design that is not only beautiful but also keeps the website lightweight to enhance the loading speed.

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Website Structure

Ensure the website is nicely structured and easy for users and search engines to navigate. Ideally, the home page should be connected to all the website pages through links or menus. website structureThe pages should be structured with headings and subheadings, making it easier for the users and search engines to find the results. A search bar can also make a difference in a website’s standings in the search result.

Loading Time

Website loading time matters greatly for users and search engine rankings. Ideally, your website should have a loading time of 2 seconds. loading timeAnything above 2 seconds will increase the bounce rates as, according to a poll, 45% of users close a website if its loading time exceeds 3 seconds. Therefore, it is essential to audit the loading time of your website and keep it under the recommendations.

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SEO Audit

Ensure the site is designed according to recommended SEO guidelines. To ensure that your website has all the right keywords use keyword research software. seo auditBesides, audit if the content is clear, attractive, and pleasantly designed.


Keywords alone are no longer enough today, as search engines and users expect helpful, informative content. contentTherefore, it is crucial to check if your website has quality content or if it is just filled with junk with keywords and no valuable information.


Backlinks are inbound links to your website from other websites. They help you promote your website. The idea here is that if a search crawler looks through a website and finds a keyword linked to your website, it will crawl to your website as well. backlinkSo, the chances of got detect increase. Therefore, a thorough backlink audit website is of utmost importance for your website’s health. The good thing is you can use the automated backlink checker to stay on top of the traffic and crawls you are getting from different websites.

How To Get Quality Backlinks?

Backlinks are essential for good SEO, and many sites implement a referral link acquisition strategy. To acquire relevant backlinks, different solutions are possible, with the details being the following:

Affiliate Partners

Starting an affiliate program is a good strategy for operating a well-established business.affiliate You will get traffic and quality backlinks from hundreds of affiliate websites and blogs. It’s a highly effective way to start getting quality backlinks.

Specialized Directories

General directories such as Wikipedia and Quora can be a good place to start placing your backlinks. directoryThey might not be as effective as dedicated links from external websites, but they are a good way to start.

Use Guest Posts

The technique of guest blogging sites of direct submitting articles to authoritative sites in your field. You get a publication mentioning your name and linking to your site by submitting an article written with your expertise.guest post However, finding quality websites that allow you to post for free isn’t easy. Besides, your content has to be of the utmost quality and published on a high authority guest posting site. 

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Service Providers

To obtain relevant and quality backlinks, hundreds of companies, offer their services and expertise. They offer you a coherent and effective net linking strategy. servicesHowever, you will have to spend a lot using this strategy to get your backlinks. The best way to deal with the backlink audit website strategy is to outsource all the work.

Quality Content

The easiest and the hardest way to get a backlink. Easiest because you don’t have to do anything. Post quality content on your website and other sites will refer to your site to obtain authority. quality contentIt is hard because it is time-consuming and requires expertise to write content that matters. You can’t just use a writing bot and expect you will rank on the first page of Google and get notices.

Ending Thoughts

It always makes sense to put it through an audit when launching a new website. It will help you catch and correct any errors or glitches at an earlier stage. Remember, once a site gets a bad index, it must fight back to the top.

Therefore, it is necessary to audit your website before the launch date. However, website audits will undoubtedly help you improve the health of your existing website to get the desired traffic routed to your blog or site in the future, even though you might have to wait for a little for changes to make any difference.

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