The Easter egg is a hidden function in the Android device, which we may access by doing a few unique steps within the settings menu. Every Android device comes with this remote function. The technique of unlocking this selection is much like the current model of Android. There are Easter Eggs in every Android model since Android model 8.0 (Oreo), and this article tells you what is an android easter egg.

What is the android q easter egg? Android 10 Easter egg (officially known as Android Q)
Click on the Android version to enter another screen; keep tapping on the Android Build Number until the Android 10 logo page appears. When you tap the logo, it rotates, presses and holds, and starts spinning.

You can activate the Easter Eggs beneath the Android version wide variety of your tool settings (may additionally range from device to device). However, it’s frequently discovered under Settings > System > About Cellphone. You also can search “Android Version” within the Settings display screen. Once you find the Android model number, tap it continuously, and the Easter egg function might be invoked.

In this text, you’ll see what an Android easter egg is after Android 8 Oreo and how to activate every one of them.

All Easter Eggs From Android 8 and How To Activate Them

Now let’s understand what an android easter egg is. Before we begin the list, you can truly revel in all the Easter eggs yourself with this Android Easter egg app on the Google Play Store. It has near-perfect recreations from Android 2.3 Gingerbread up through Android 10.

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Android 8.0 Oreo

The brand became an Oreo cookie because Oreo and Google partnered for the Android name for 12 months. This turned into Google’s ultimate version call that covered product placement, but it went out in fashion with the titular Oreo biscuit as the first part of the Easter egg.oreo

The 2nd component turned a bit bizarre and instantly. It’s just an octopus that chills at the display screen. You can drag it around the screen via its head and cause it to stretch out in goofy ways. You can also change the dimensions by flipping the telephone to panorama mode. We haven’t any idea what became of Oreoctopus.

How to get entry to the Android 8.0 Easter eggs

Navigate to Settings > About Phone, then tap a couple of times on the Android Version box until the Oreo logo seems to appear. octopusYou can get a click and lengthy-press the Oreo emblem to liberate the second Easter egg, an octopus. Check out how to download ported games on Android here.

Android 9.0 Pie

This one was a slight departure from the standard strategies. Android Nine Pie added the 2nd container with an Android Version Number container. It didn’t ride up long-term Easter egg enthusiasts, though. In any case, the P logo is surrounded by a colorful heritage. You can alternate the colors with a single tap and circulate the earrings through tapping and swiping.

Long pressing the logo (this could take more than one attempt) takes you to the second tier of the Easter egg, a simple drawing app. You can trade the comb length and shade plus a dropper device. You can draw a few stuff and feature a chunk of a laugh. There honestly isn’t tons 9 pie

A neat little trick from Google! Interestingly, the app fakes pressure sensitivity primarily based on how many floor locations you cover, considering that most smartphones don’t have stress-sensitive presentations. The fun reality was that the drawing part of the Easter egg was no longer available on all devices.

How to get entry to the Android 9.0 Pie Easter egg

Navigate to Settings > About Phone and click more than once on the Android Version field. Starting in Android Pie, a box pops up, and you have to click at the Android Version box many times to peer at the Easter egg. From there, click and long-press the P emblem a couple of instances till the drawing app appears.drawing app 9 pie

The android easter eggs start to get exciting and involve games in them. Thus, changing our answer for what is an android easter egg.

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Android 10

Android 10 changed into a massive departure from preceding Android versions. There turned into no dessert call, even though Queens Cake would’ve been the name in step with David Burke on an episode of All About Android. The Easter egg additionally modifies the darkish mode and the system-extensive darkish 10

Controlling the emblem is alternatively clean. You double-click, then hold to rotate the “1” part of the logo. It then collectively suits the “0,” a part of the emblem, to form a Q, a play on Android 10 being Android Q in phrases of letter designations. You recognize you did it successfully while the gray and white stripes begin transferring.

Android 10 Easter Egg nonogram

We needed the Picross (Nonogram) puzzle recreation to Google Search when we first found it. You essentially fill inside the packing containers (by tapping on them) in keeping with the commands at the borders. The completed product ought to be a picture.

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How to access the Android 10 Easter egg

Navigate to Settings > About Phone, click the Android Version, and hit Android Build Number multiple times. The Android Ten logo seems. Arrange the ten right into a Q and click around many times until the nonogram mini-sport element pops 10 game

Moving further to understand the meaning of the android easter egg meaning, we have the latest Android versions: Android 11 and 12.

Android 11

It took longer than expected. However, the Android 11 Easter egg dropped with the Android 11 beta in mid-2020. The Easter egg is a little dial that you switch for your personal. If you move a long way enough, you can flip it as much as eleven, an ode to Android 11. Also, a cat emoji appears as a toast message at the lowest of the display while you do.

The cat emoji toast message also means you unlocked Android 11’s mini-game. It’s a bit complicated to get to paintings—lengthy-press the power button to look at the brand new strength menu. There must be a segment titled Cat 11 The controls will let you feed your cat by filling the empty food bowl, watering it with a water bubbler, and using a toy to draw the cat. Each manager is a mini-tutorial on controlling first-rate domestic stuff from the brand-new power menu.

Fun notice, if you fill the bowl full of meals, you may attract new cats, just like the Neko Atsume recreation from Android 7.0 Nougat, with notifications and everything.

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How to activate the Android 11 Easter Egg

Navigate to Settings > About Cellphone. From there, tap where it says Android Eleven and then, again and again, click wherein it repeats Android 11 until the dial seems. Move the dial from off to “eleven” till the 11 appears, and the cat emoji the cat emoji

To spark off the Cat Controls, do the following. Press the strength button to get the right of entry to the new energy menu. If the controls don’t already appear, click the 3-dot menu button on the proper aspect of the display screen near the middle of the telephone and click the Add controls alternative.

Tap the See different apps choice in the backside left corner and click the Cat Controls choice to upload the cat mini-recreation on your electricity menu. You can also check out some good personal Assistants for Android here.

Android 12

The Android 12 Easter egg dropped approximately halfway through 2021 through one Android 12 beta. This one is demonstrably easy as it’s more remarkable about how it looks than how it acts. After gaining access to the Easter egg, you’re met with a clock widget with your wallpaper in the back.

You can spin the clock hand around, and the widget pulses when you reach the noon point if you do it at the correct velocity. When each finger hits noon, there may be a transition to an ornamental 12

The Easter egg is supposed to show off Google’s Material You revamp from Android 12. If you convert your tool topic (thru Material You), the clock widget inside the Easter egg modifications colorations to healthy your theme. As of this writing, that and the noon thing is all it does. However, given how massive of an update Android 12 has become, it’s ok to preserve this one easily.

How to activate the Android 12 Easter Egg

Enter the Settings, then head to About cell phone. Please scroll down to the Android version and click on it. Finally, tap the Android model again multiple times till you enter the Easter egg. clock android 12From there, you may flow the clock hands to noon, and there may be a pretty little photo.

This concludes the answer to what is an android easter egg.

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Is Easter Egg Android a virus?

No. Android easter eggs are entirely made for fun and are not viruses. There isn't a single case where an easter egg is found to be malware.

How many cats does the Android Q Easter egg contain?

You can get away with 128 or even 256 if you're lucky, but you'll suffer through wait messages and poor scrolling.

What is the purpose of Android Easter Eggs?

There is no specific reason for having easter eggs except for fun. The devices and their usage would be unaffected even if the easter eggs were removed entirely one day.


Android Easter Eggs are hidden Android features/games that have no effect on the regular use of the device and are there only for entertainment. 

Generally, we can find these easter eggs in the About Phone/ About Device option in the setting. You have to click on the Android version several times to access these easter eggs and play games (only for selected Android versions)

We hope you now have an idea of an android easter egg and how to activate them.


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