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Computers are one of the most complicated digital equipment with a large number of tiny modules powering them. You might find different files in the hard drive with complex names and extensions. Some of them might be malware, while others may be important folders necessary for the smooth functioning of your PC. Mostly, these files are stored in the ‘C drive’ as all applications are installed there. If you have seen the dasHost.exe file somewhere and don’t know about it, you are at the right place. So, what is dashost.exe?

This guide will give you an overview, even if you belong to a non-technical background. Hence, make sure to read the whole blog before doing anything to the dasHost.exe file on your computer.

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What Is dasHost.exe?

dasHost.exe or Device Association Framework Provider Host file is majorly seen in Windows operating systems. Microsoft developed this configuration to connect wireless devices such as keyboards and mouses. It is an essential component of the OS which performs specific steps while establishing the connection. Do not to delete the dasHost.exe file to avoid nuisance in the system. Moreover, changing the name or any other details will also create an issue.

what is dashost.exe
What is dashost.exe

This file is not commonly available in the folders of your computer. It is usually placed among other system files and folders somewhere in the ‘C drive’ with other system-related documents. If you want to view the file, you can find it while accessing the Task Manager. Users can also locate the dasHost.exe file in the folder named ‘System 32’ in most Windows computers. So the answer to the question, what is dashost.exe is that it is a running service as you might need to connect a wireless device anytime with your PC. Therefore, you should not stop or delete the file under ordinary circumstances. Even if you change the location, there may be some consequences in the entire operating system.

There is no doubt that several computer geeks believe it to be safe for your laptop or computer. Well, we will not disagree with the same fact until everything is running fine. The docHost.exe file is completely safe and harmless for the critical data stored on your PC. However, it is possible to turn into a virus and destroy other files in the entire system. Some common symptoms include having multiple docHost.exe files running simultaneously in the Task Manager. Also, it is dangerous when the docHost.exe file consumes more space in the CPU.

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Does The dasHost.exe File Contain Any Malware?

After what is dashost.exe? It is the most common query that requires some investigation before deleting it from the hard drive. As mentioned earlier, the docHost.exe file is needed to establish a connection with wireless devices. Also, you don’t want to delete it and get errors unnecessarily regarding the same. Therefore, it is important to find out the legitimate docHost.exe file on the PC.

The best way is to check the exact location of the file! According to standard protocols, this file is present in the ‘System 32’ folder. To be more precise, go to C:\Windows\System 32 and look for it.

check the exact location of the dashost.exe
check the exact location of the dashost.exe

If you find it there, the security of the PC is not compromised. According to experts, Windows 7 OS and below don’t require the docHost.exe file to run the system. Hence, you may directly remove it even if it is present in the designated folder. Although, any folder or location other than this could be a potential virus instance. Some common locations are the Downloads folder, Program Files folder, etc. You should consider deleting it if the antivirus software detects it as malware.

Further, some viruses may have a similar name to trick you so it is important to know what is dashost.exe. Ensure to read the title carefully and look for any spelling errors. You could find files like

  • dsHost.exe
  • dsh0st.exe
  • dassHst.exe
  • dashoSt.exe

that shouldn’t be present in the storage. If you are not clear on how to remove the docHost.exe malware file, read the following section.

How To Delete a dasHost.exe Virus File?

We assume that you have successfully differentiated between a virus and what is dasHost.exe file. It is now time to delete it from the system and have a secure computing environment. The following methods are effective to do the corresponding job,

  • Manual Deletion- It is the most common method to delete malware files present on the PC. You go to the location of the file or folder and right-click on the icon. Select the Delete option and confirm to shift the file to Recycle Bin folder. If you cannot delete it, you can permanently delete it by pressing the Shift+Del shortcut keys.
    delete dashost.exe
    Delete dashost.exe
  • Antivirus- You must be having antivirus software on your computer for extra protection. These will help you understand what is dashost.exe. These tools are also efficient in locating malware and files that threaten the credibility of your data. It is advised to run a full system antivirus scan to detect any virus similar to the corrupted docHost.exe file. Eventually, you will get rid of it at the end of the scan.

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In the end, we conclude our discussion on what is dasHost.exe file is. Also, now you know other suspicious locations of it. It is recommended to delete the corrupted files as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might end up losing important data and applications installed on your computer. Don’t forget to reboot the system after a successful antivirus scan to cross-check the removal process. If you have other queries related to your Windows device, you can contact the support service accordingly.

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