What is External Linking & How it Improves Your SEO

In this article, learn about What is External Linking & How it Improves Your SEO. The internet we use in our day-to-day life is a combination of links.external linkingLinks help us to divide and arrange data in a sequential form to avoid any mess. Any website or software has numerous links, and we click on these links to go to a different page or domain.

What is External Linking

When we search for anything on the browser, we see various links on the screen. And we open one of them where we usually find more attached links for some other domain. This is known as External Linking, and the website that links to your domain is known as back linking.

The first search engine that used the idea of external linking was Alta Vista. Later Google also used and improved it. Now it is used to rank websites on Google, and Search Engine Optimization helps google rank websites using a complex algorithm.external linking 1

It may sound strange that you rank your website; you can or should add links to different domains. However, this technique helps SEO match your content with search results, so it is essential to know what external linking is.

This practice helps SEO to know if your content is relevant to what people are searching for and build trust. This is the reason it is essential to understand what external linking is.

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How does it Improve your SEO

External linking helps to improve SEO depending on various factors. Linkflow is a link-building agency that can help. Below are the benefits of using external linking.

  1. Relevancy
  2. User experience
  3. Backlinking opportunities
  4. Credibility
  5. Connections

Stay tuned to learn more about boosting your SEO with external linking.

Advantages of Using External links

We have discussed what external linking is, and now let us talk about its advantages. Search Engine Optimization is a technique to analyze and rank websites, and SEO tools are used to analyze what people search online. Click here to know Top 20 Business Tools To Use in 2022 advantages of linking

It is vital for you to outstand from the crowd and reach the top 10 list in the google rankings. That is the goal, right. Let us understand what to do to enhance your SEO with external linking in detail. 


When you add external links to the content, remember that they should be relevant. SEO matches both contents to understand the relation between them. It compares so that it can figure out the relevancy of the query searched by the user with the content on the website. relevancy

User Experience

When you add links to other websites, the user gets more information on the query they were looking for.UX They begin to trust you as it provides more relatable content for other websites. This way, their experience is improved.

Backlinking Opportunities

Other websites will know that you have used their domain links on your website when you use the external linking. They will also search for your site and the information you have.Backlinking And based on that (if they find everything good), they will most probably start your website links as backlinking. Also, you can get access to the best blogs that accept guest posts to boost your content.


Adding relevant information with relevant links makes your website trustable. It increases the credibility as SEO will know that you have information about the query and external links.cedibility


You can grow relationships using External linking. This process increases your audience and the junction with similar websites. This way, you know what’s trending in the market. And you can keep up with that pace.

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6 Ways to Use External Linking

Just understanding what external linking is is not enough. Adding the external links randomly may not be the correct method to use this process. Only adding an external link won’t convince the reader to click on and read it. You must show your readers the need, and they should visit that link.

Link creditable sources only

Linking any website to improve your SEO is not a good practice. Always connect reputable sources; these sources should have relatable, relevant, and trustworthy information. link credibe sources

When you link a website promoting click baits, it will badly affect your ranking. Such websites aren’t professional, and connecting them will lower your chances of gaining the reader’s trust. Therefore, always choose trustworthy links that add value to your content.

Anchor tag

The anchor tag contains information about the other content. An anchor tag is used to create links in between the content. This is the correct method to redirect the reader to the external content.anchor tag

However, using an anchor tag correctly is very important. The choice of words says a lot about how the reader and SEO would take it. Phrases like “here,” “click,” “this,” etc., are used, and they will still be relevant. However, SEO will find it difficult to understand what the link is suggesting.

If you add the link in a meaningful sentence, the reader and SEO will understand it better and increase the readability.

Using helpful links

Always use relatable text for the link. Suppose your content is about the where to buy refurbished phones. The link redirects you to a completely different website about buying laptops. 

It will be irrelevant and also will rank you low. The readers will get confused and might not like to visit your website. Always try to add a link that is entirely relevant to the sentence. Or write the punishment related to the external link.useful links

This step is essential and sensitive because you always want to provide information about the article. Also, avoid using the unrelated external links in between a paragraph. If you are writing about phones, then try to add links related to phones only.

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Open in New Tab

You have read this a lot while browsing. We all like to open any link to a new tab and don’t want to lose the current tab link, and this is why you should add the open in new tab option as default. open new tab

This way, readers will stay connected to your website and be redirected to the external link quickly. This makes it easier for the reader to open the external link in a different tab. Also, click here to know 10 Best Software Testing Tools To Use In 2022

Don’t link to your competitors

SEO is about the keyword that readers searches. When searching for a topic, SEO helps readers show the best relevant information associated with that keyword. Now, if you add an external link to a website leading in SEO ranking, it is not a good practice.Don't link to your competitors Always use the best article writing software to boost your content. You should add a link that’s not in direct competition with you, and don’t add links with your content keywords. Instead, go for the links that provide general information and do not directly compete with your content.

Update the external links

This step is as vital as adding external links. When you add a link to your content, it may not contain the updated information after a while, which will be considered outdated content. update links

This will only affect the reader’s experience, and you might start losing your audience. Try to update the external links with the updated content to correct this. This way, you are providing up-to-date information not only from your website but also from external sources.

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Now you know all the critical aspects of what is external linking. It would help if you used all this information to improve your SEO through external linking. It’s vital to bestow not only relevant information but also well-examined content.

Research not only external linking but also the content; readers will come across it first. Readers will trust you with the external linking when your content holds some value with knowledge.

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