What is Remote Proctoring? How Does It Work

With COVID-19 forcing us to stay indoors, in-person meetings have become non-existent in almost all sectors. Schools worldwide are turning to online classes and examinations, made easier by softwares like Google Meet and Zoom. However, conducting exams on these platforms cannot guarantee students’ honesty and the exam’s fairness. The solution to this problem is remote proctoring. This article will help you answer the question, ”what is remote proctoring?”, as well as how it works, its advantages, and the best remote proctor you can use. 

online proctoring
Online Proctoring

What Is Remote Proctoring?

Remote proctoring is an online service that takes up the role of an in-person proctor. In this way, a student can write the exam while sitting inside the four walls of their home.  Before learning what is remote proctoring, let’s see what a proctor does.

 A proctor is another word used for an invigilator supervising a class writing an exam. Remote proctoring uses the webcam connected to the system to monitor the student while they write the exam. The recorded video helps signal any suspicious behavior on the student writing the exam. 

remote proctoring
Remote Proctoring

With the advent of COVID-19, the requirement of online classes and remote proctoring is on a high. However, this service is being effectively used by many universities and institutes worldwide for several years now. According to research, there was no difference between online and offline proctoring. In one study, students rated their experiences for both online and offline proctoring, and no difference was recorded. Another study confirmed that students taking an exam through remote proctoring are less like to cheat when compared with students taking the exams at a physical center.  

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The Need For Remote Proctoring

Now that we can answer what is remote proctoring, let us see why we need it. The most obvious need for remote proctoring is to prevent students from cheating in exams. Cheating is an unfair act and is not beneficial to a student.

Students have found new ways to cheat, with exams now being taken online. The absence of an on-site invigilator and staying at home have added advantages for students to open their books during the exam or surf the internet and look for answers. 

cheating in an online exam
Cheating in an online exam

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How Remote Proctoring Works

For writing an exam with remote proctoring, the test taker required a computer connected with a webcam, a headset, and a microphone. 

Just like an invigilator confirms the student’s identity by comparing the face with the student’s ID card, these proctoring softwares contrasts the student’s face through the webcam of the student’s computer with a valid photo ID. Few proctoring software scans the room as well. The student will also be asked to answer a set of questions. These questions are generally about the student’s contact numbers, family or roommates, etc. Answering such questions adds further security in confirming the identity. 

A remote procotor using face ID
A remote procotor using face ID

Before the examination commences, the student should download an app briefly. The app allows the remote proctoring software to look at the system settings on the student’s  computer. It will enable the proctor to look for any other activity.

As such, the proctoring software can verify if it notices any unauthorized programs. It also catches hold of any additional devices connected to the main computer. 

The proctoring software stays continuously while the student writes the exam. Any suspicious activity is noticed and further passed on to the institute. Some softwares block the student from browsing other websites or changing tabs as long as they are writing the examination. 

Remote proctor face recognition AI
Remote proctor face recognition AI

The behavior of the test taker is taken into account and analyzed by an AI algorithm, which is then upskilled to assist in remote proctoring. The AI then searches for flags and brings any suspicion to notice.

Advantages of Remote Proctoring

Having remote proctoring software removes the need for a physical center to conduct the examination. The institute is free from setting up and arranging the classrooms to conduct the exams. Using a remote proctor removes the need for a physical invigilator. Thus, the institute shall not have to worry about the availability of invigilators for the scheduled dates. 

If there is a large number of students writing the exam at once, it makes matters difficult for the invigilator. In such cases, many invigilators are appointed. However, this raises the question about the availability of these invigilators. Online proctoring removes all these worries. It also ensures higher security and maintains the integrity of the exam system. 

For the one writing the examination, proctoring decreases the traveling obstacles. The student can prepare for their exam by staying at home without worrying about this. Proctoring in this manner thus helps the student to write the exam effortlessly while staying indoors comfortably. 

Remote proctor
Remote proctor

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ProctorEdu – One-Stop Shop for Remote Proctoring 

The software requires access to almost all of the data present on the student’s device while writing the online exam. It might make the students writing the exam worry whether such software is safe or not. 

Let us now tell you about one good proctoring software. ProctorEdu is a remote proctoring software to monitor, record, and evaluate students’ behavior while conducting the exam. Apart from all the advantages mentioned earlier, you can take the exams online and in automated mode using ProctorEdu. Also, it is a cost-effective option to conduct exams. 

Proctor edu
Proctor edu

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Now, you must be clear about what is remote proctoring, how it works, and the boon that it is! With digitization taking over the world, remote proctoring will play a more significant role in conducting online tests and examinations. With proctoring software like ProctorEdu, you can take online tests at ease without having to worry that your students might cheat and perform unethically.

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