What To Do With Old Router? 9 Useful Ways to Reuse Your Old Router!

You can find routers for wi-fi connection in almost every house. It allows us to use the internet service provided through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the comfort of our home. But, what to do with the old router?

older routers

It would be lying in a corner doing nothing. Or you could put it on to work. Yes, that’s right. You can make good use of it by picking any of the methods that you find fit better. You need to have a spare or an old router to do one of the setups. 

If you really need to know how to dispose of the old routers, know that you can reuse them in many useful ways. However, to properly dispose, either you can donate it or sell it to a store where electronic gadgets are accepted and recycled.

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What to Do With Old Router and Modems?

In this section, you will learn about what to do with old router. Let’s talk about these methods in detail for you to find which fits in better.

Guest Wi-Fi connection

You might be expecting guests or your friends to frequently visit you. And with that, they will need to connect their phone with the internet connection. Every time they must be connected to yours, and you need them to use them.

Guest Wi-Fi connection

This is possible with your older router. You can use the older router like a wi-fi guest through which they can connect. This way, your guest will have access to your wi-fi connection password-free. That means they will be able to connect to the wi-fi more conveniently and won’t have access to other devices on the same network.

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Cheap Internet Radio

Radio in a router? Yes, that is quite a setup but good for people for would like to listen to the radio and don’t want to buy a new one. There are some routers that can play radio. You will be able to listen to it through the internet.

You need to install OpenWrt or DD-WRT router firmware. The other tools you would require are software and a USB sound card for audio output. If you like doing DIYs and creative things, this could be one of them. This will clear your confusion on what to do with the old router.

Wireless Repeater

You might not be getting a full-coverage network across your house. Or you might not be able to extend it. Not to worry, as we bring to you the wireless repeater to do the job. This device is none other than the old one that you need to connect to the wireless signal. 

Wireless Repeater

After getting the access, it will be able to provide better coverage and reuse the older router. This will also answer your question about using an older router as an extender. You may face some delays while transmitting data. However, it will still be there around the areas where earlier you couldn’t access the network.

VPN Router

Still thinking about what to do with old router? You can create your own VPN by using the old router. You need to have a VPN account on a trusted VPN service provider through which you can set up the device for it. It should support the custom firmware to act as a VPN.

vpn router

You need not install the client apps on mobile or on PCs whenever you connect to your home VPN. It will protect all the devices that you will connect to the VPN. The routers with modem-only mode settings have the allocation to VPN.

Wireless Bridge

Check your new or current router to find ethernet ports. Some of you may find them, and some may not. If you really like the speed and connectivity of the ethernet, then a wireless bridge can do that for you quickly. A wireless bridge is nothing but connecting your wi-fi signal to the old router.

Wireless Bridge

When completing this connection between the routers, you can now use the LAN wire or ethernet cable to connect to the ethernet. It might seem similar to the repeater, but the difference is you are filling the gap of using ethernet by bridging it with the old router.

Network Switch

Similar to the wireless bridge, there is another possibility you might want to know about. If you find connecting to the ethernet works better for you and others at home. You might be running out of ports available for that. New routers have limited ports that could be less than four or five.

network switch

To accomplish the network switch, you need to connect the old to the new router. You should do this through an ethernet cable. Your older one should be DD-WRT compatible to work in the method. Now you can use the ports from the older one as well.

Web Server

Surprisingly, your old router can act as a web server host for you. So you can create a website to share with close ones only. If it supports the custom router firmware, then you can even start a blog. It will support LAMP that is Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, and with that, you can use WordPress.

Web Server

It is an inexpensive server that you can use to test themes, code, or plugins. If your old router is OpenWrt or DD-WRT router firmware compatible, you know what to do with old router.


Another method that you will love is that you can save data on your old router same as you do with the hard drive. Amazing, right? The routers with OpenWrt or DD-WRT firmware can help you save data that you can access from anywhere from your house.


It will be saved on a Network Attached Storage. So, if you were planning to buy NAS devices, you can make one at home and save your money. It should have a USB port to complete the task.

Separate Network for IOT Devices

If you are too aware of the Internet of Things, why not use it for your smart devices? New or current routers have the advantage of setting up a secondary network. However, if your current machine doesn’t allow that, you should use the old one.

Separate Network for IOT Devices

You simply need to connect the old one to the current one, as mentioned in the other methods. Now you can connect your IoT devices to the old router. 


Is my personal information still there in my old router?

No, your old router or any router doesn’t store your personal information. The network traffic or any other information related to you is not saved in your router. However, the information regarding your computer vitals is stored.

Should I reset my router before selling it?

Resetting your router before deciding to sell it, is a good idea. Though, there is no such information stored that you need to worry about. Still, if you feel to reset your router, you can do that by pressing the reset button or by punching into the pinhole with a pin.

Is resetting my router a good solution for internet connectivity?

When your internet slows down or has connectivity issues, you can always try to reset your router. It will then stabilize the connection, interrupt any malicious attack, and improve the speed. This might take a few minutes to set up your connection back as it should be.


You might not have thought of turning your router into a different, rather helpful device. These possibilities will let you know to expand your network to carry away some burden of the current one. These methods relate to your needs and can solve the issues you face with it.

After discussing things to do with the router, know that you don’t have to be an expert in following these methods. Ensure that your old router should be compatible with following along. 

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