[Latest] 6 Best Free Whiteboard Software for Windows


In the modern age of the internet, technology plays a vital role in all aspects of our life. The use of technology has become paramount. The approach of change and enlightenment is necessary for all parts. One of the promising changes that can be seen is in the change in education sectors and business sector. Thus, you must know about these cool Whiteboard Software that we have for you.

The drastic change in the education sector and way presentation in business presentations are presented is commendable to say the least. The way education is imparted in classrooms is now sophisticated.

One of the most radical changes in the classrooms is the introduction of whiteboard software. The whiteboard software opens a wide array of opportunities for students to learn in different ways.

It is quite evident that whiteboards in classes are as good as blackboards for education purpose unless there is software to make it attractive. Even for the business use and personal use, the whiteboard software programs are interesting prospects.

List of Best Whiteboard Software

So in this list, we take a look at six best free whiteboard software for windows that are very useful.

Open Sankore

The first whiteboard software on our list is the Open Sankore software. It is one of the most function laden software on this list. There is a feature that makes the Open Sankore one of the best whiteboard software on the market.


To start off the interactive whiteboard is smooth to work on. The application of text files, images and words are effortless. The in-cooperation of all the file type is simple. This feature alone can make any presentation lucid.

For even personal use, there is a variety of option to change the text and images. The editing is simple. Multiple file editing at the same time is possible in Open Sankore. The software supports the PDF, PNG, JPG, etc. file types for editing.


The next whiteboard software on our list is WhyteBoard. The software is user-friendly. It is simple to use and highly responsive. The software doesn’t boast any stellar features but has all the necessary features.


The editing on the board is smooth and effortless. All the essential file types like png, PDF, word, etc. are supported by the WhyteBoard. It should be noted that the software is free and small.

The ability to open even in the browser is an additional feature of the software. The standard drawing and sketching are as simple as it gets on this whiteboard software. There are no extra add-ons on this software that cause the cluttering of the system.

WhiteBoard Notepad

It is one the most simple whiteboard software on this list. The Whiteboard Notepad is the natural and fast solution to your mathematics problems. If there is any need to go for the barrage of mathematical equations, go for the WhiteBoard Notepad.

Whiteboard Notepad
Whiteboard Notepad

The applicability of the signs and numbers in the system are very fast and various file supports make this software a must on your PC. The use of the software is immense. The note-taking becomes simple for students.

The curating of maths assignments are now at your fingertips. This specialty makes it one of the must-have whiteboard software in the market.

Net Pen

There are various mundane softwares on the market; the Netpen is not one of them. It is unusual whiteboard software for the teacher and classrooms. The simultaneous editing of texts and images and live report of the network is possible.


The place at which this is employed is in the school or a board meeting. The general voting can be taken side by side with the vital presentation. It can also be applied in any form of consensus.


The next whiteboard software on our list is the Souzou. It is simple and effective whiteboard software. There are not many functions to make use of, except some. This whiteboard supports many types of files.


Similarly, this includes jpg, PDF, text, etc. Moreover, the significant advantage of the software is its capacity to make use of the whole desktop space to be in use as the whiteboard. The users can make use of the entire desktop to write texts or to draw. There are options to include both of them into the same whiteboard.

IRS Annotate

Also, the last one, to wrap up our list, we cover the irs annotate as the last whiteboard software on this list. Irs annotate is a useful software if you need to manipulate the data on the desktop whiteboard.


The software makes use of Adobe Air to work. The size of the software is small too. And, the most important thing about irs annotate is that it can be in use to form annotation in the desktop.

There are also options to draw and sketch on the desktop. Also, these functions are handy and may be in use by the casual users.


Not to mention, we come to the end of our list of best free whiteboard software for windows. Also, the software packages that present on this list are free and easy to use. All the software packages are user-friendly and simple in their layout.

All in All, the general purpose of all the software given above is same but each software package has the special feature. Also, we advise the users to go for the software that they feel comfortable with.

We also recommend that the use should guide the software selection. Furthermore, users will try some of the software given above.


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