Why Does My Brightness Keep Going Down?

Using your phone or laptops at night is one of the most common habits that you can relate to. There is no doubt that screen brightness determines the level of resolution of your mobile. Also, you want sufficient phone brightness on a sunny day to see content more precisely. On the contrary, a dimmer setting is preferable while working at night that relaxes your eyes. For this reason, every device has multiple levels of brightness that you can change accordingly. However, some of you might be facing the issue where phone brightness keeps on changing automatically. It could be a challenging situation as you don’t have any control over this bug.

Moreover, many users don’t know the exact reason behind this issue. Well, we are here to explain everything about the same in this complete guide. We recommend you go through each section so that you don’t miss any important detail.

Why Does the Brightness of My iPhone Change by Itself?

If you are someone looking for an answer to, “Why does my brightness keep going down” we are here to help you. The simple reason is that you have turned on the Auto-Brightness feature on your iPhone or Android device. As the name suggests, it adjusts the brightness automatically according to the surrounding.

brightness on
Brightness On

The sensors capture the light conditions around you and provide the most optimal screen brightness for the device. Thus, you might experience low brightness in dark rooms. It will protect your eyes from excess light radiations. It even helps in saving battery in situations when users are in a dimmer environment.

Although, when you are out on a sunny day, the phone will emit maximum light to help you view the screen. Thus, the user need not adjust the settings every time they move from one place to another. In some cases, this feature is not useful, and you might want to turn it off.

How to Stop iPhone from Dimming?

As we discussed earlier, many devices like iPhone have added this feature from iOS 11 and higher. Some users like this auto-brightness option, while some of you don’t want it. Therefore, you can manually remove this feature and get rid of it. You can easily stop the brightness from falling or rising on your iPhone. The steps for the same are quite simple, 

Step 1

Open the Settings app of your mobile


Step 2

Scroll down to the Accessibility option from the list and select it.

select accessibility
Select Accessibility

Step 3

Look for the Display & Text Size option in Accessibility and tap on it.

select display option
Select Display Option

Step 4

Finally, you will find the Auto-Brightness feature, which you can turn off accordingly. Just click on the green slider, and you are good to go.

turn off auto brightness
Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Night Shift Mode

We have another cool feature on iPhone known as Night Shift that automatically corrects the screen’s color. It usually works at night, i.e., the time between sunrise and sunset. Therefore, you need to adjust its timer or permanently disable it to stop the iPhone from dimming. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

Select the Settings icon and navigate to the Display and Brightness section.

display and brightness
Display and Brightness

Step 2

You will get the Night Shift timer with the clock that tells the time it will remain active. You can change the time according to your preference by clicking on it.

night shift timer
Night Shift Timer

Step 4

Users can also disable the Night Shift feature from the phone by turning off the slider button. Moreover, adjust the temperature configuration using the settings.

adjust night shift temperature
Adjust Night Shift Temperature

Additional Ways to Prevent Dimming on iPhone

We have multiple reasons that might be responsible for changing the brightness of the iPhone. However, there are various other troubleshooters that you need to perform for the best output. Apart from normal settings, some additional reasons are responsible for this glitch in your phone. They are,

· You need to update the device to the latest iOS version to avoid potential bugs and issues.

· Restart your phone as the brightness might fall due to overheating.

· Check the condition of the screen or look for any internal hardware defects in the iPhone. Consider getting it checked by a technician and improve the overall condition of the device.

· If you have third-party apps such as Battery Saver, uninstall them or change the configurations. Sometimes it decreases brightness or reduces screen resolution to conserve power.

How to Adjust Brightness on iPhone 11?

The process to keep your phone from automatically dimming is quite easy, and manufacturers keep the process quick and accessible. In the case of iPhones, we have the brightness option in the Settings menu under the Display option. If you have an older device (IOS 10 or before), swipe up from the bottom of your screen. It will open a menu with various icons and a brightness slider. Thus, you can change the level of brightness by holding the slider and adjusting accordingly.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you get an answer to “Why does my brightness keep going down” despite trying various things. In case you still have some issues, try contacting Apple Customer support for assistance. Most probably, your device has some failure or default components that lead to this problem. The best alternative is to get it repaired or exchanged for a new model as per the requirement. Also, keep in mind the battery percentage while adjusting display settings on your phone.

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