The crashing problem has plagued Snapchat for a considerable time, with many users repeatedly reporting about the service falling completely. While some claim that Snapchat crashes on smartphones immediately after opening, others claim that the application freezes while in use and eventually shuts. In any case, it’s quite inconvenient and requires a quick fix. This article will answer the infamous question why does my Snapchat keep crashing, “why does my Snapchat keep crashing, and how to fix it?

To tackle this problem, we have numerous options. This post will discuss six solutions to the problem, like removing snapchat from recent applications, checking latest versions and many more. Make sure you serially with the steps to ensure minimum efforts and easy results.

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Top Fixes For Snapchat Keeps Crashing Issue

Let us see all the solutions for why does my Snapchat keep crashing issue.

Removing Snapchat From Recent Applications

Removing “Snapchat app keeps crashing” on Android might be as simple as dismissing the application from the recent options. After operating in the background for a considerable time, your smartphone may cause Snapchat to enter inactive mode. This forces it to crash whenever you attempt to open it.

In such a situation, we suggest that you remove Snapchat from your recent applications before relaunching it.

On Android, you can force Snapchat to shut down by:

  1. To access the recent applications panel, tap the overview key or slide up from the bottom of the display.
  2. Locate Snapchat in the recent applications list and slide up to dismiss it. You can also erase all recent applications by tapping the Clear option. locate snapchatOn iPhone, you can force Snapchat to shut down by:
  1. To access the recent apps screen, double-tap the Home button or pull upward and hold from the lower end of the screen. force close snapchat
  2. From there, choose Snapchat and swipe up to close it.

After that, just restart Snapchat to see if the issue has been resolved. Or else, continue attempting the options below to find the answer to “Why does my Snapchat keep crashing, and how to fix it?”

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Check For The Latest Version Of Snapchat

Every day, many changes happen in mobile applications, and when unpleasant ones occur, developers issue an update to fix them. Many users have complained about Snapchat updates crashing, and thus checking for the latest updates is crucial to resolve this issue. To avoid complications, make sure Snapchat is up to date on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

If you have recently upgraded your smartphone to the updated software, the Snapchat application on your device might not be capable of keeping up unless you upgrade it. So, if your Snapchat application continues crashing, go to the App Store or Play Store and upgrade it.

  1. Start your iPhone’s App Store or your Android device’s Play Store.  #
  2. Look for Snapchat and download the official app. update snapchat
  3. To download the most recent update, click the Update button.

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Clear Cache

Many users ask, “Why is my Snapchat crashing when I open it?” Well, Snapchat may cease operating, particularly on Android, if you have many cache data in storage or disrupted. Deleting the cache data is an easy way to fix this.

  1. On your device
  2. Open the Settings menu and navigate to the Applications & Notifications section. apps and settings
  3. To browse your applications, click the See all applications option.
  4. Find and enter Snapchat from the catalog.
  5. Choose Storage & Cache. snapchat
  6. Finally, use the Clean cache option to delete the cache data.

You may remove Snapchat cache data on your iPhone only within the application. Since you cannot access Snapchat right now, leave this and look for other methods mentioned.

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Restart The Device

Rebooting your phone is the foundation for resolving the majority of troubles you may encounter at any moment. And, with no effort required on your part, it resets both software and hardware elements, closes all running applications, and launches a new session on the smartphone. You can try this if your Snapchat closes immediately after launching.

Now that you have tried the first three methods, we suggest you reset your device by applying the steps provided.

  1. The restarting procedure is the same whether you use Android or ios. To access the power panel, just long-press the Power switch.
  2. On most Android smartphones, you must tap Restart or Shut Down. However, on iOS, you need to swipe to restart or shut down. restart
  3. Once the device is turned on, launch the Snapchat application and see whether the issue persists or not.

If the issue persists, try the following methods to find the answer to “why does my Snapchat keep crashing, and how to fix it?”

Check For The Software Update

If Snapchat continues to fail after updating your iPhone or Android phone, you may not be using the most up-to-date software. Many customers experienced recurring application failures after switching to the current software. However, the issue was resolved once a new software fix was released. Similarly, you can solve the issue by upgrading your smartphone to the newest release if you’ve not updated the system in a while.

On Android, go to Settings

  1. Navigate to System and then System Updates
  2. Go to Settings settings
  3. Click On Update

Before upgrading, ensure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi connection and have your charger plugged in.

Reinstall Snapchat

If none of the above methods could answer the issue “Snapchat keeps closing every time I open it,” you may simply have to go over to get things working again – remove and reinstall it; this is an efficient technique for resolving software bugs. Also, check out this article on how to delete Snapchat app on your iPhone.

It will delete application data and restore configurations but won’t delete your photo library or profile. To install Snapchat on your smartphone, follow these steps.

On the iPhone:

  1. Long-press the Snapchat logo on your main screen.
  2. To uninstall Snapchat from your phone, select Delete or the X key. delete snapchat
  3. Now, navigate to the App Store and download it.

On the Android platform:

  1. Launch the Play Store.
  2. Look for Snapchat and enter the application.
  3. To begin deleting Snapchat, hit the Uninstall option.
  4. Wait some minutes for it to be completely removed, then hit the Install option to restore Snapchat on your device.

This completes the answer to “why does my Snapchat keep crashing, and how to fix it?”

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Is it necessary to delete Snapchat's cache?

Clearing the Snapchat cache might make the program and your device perform faster. You may erase these useless files daily or anytime your phone's memory has to be expanded.

Is it possible to remove Snapchat memories?

Snapchat claims that even if you deactivate the Snapchat application, your Snapchat Memories are still saved. To view them, just reinstall the program and sign in with the same login credentials.

Is it true that deleting the cache deletes photos?

By emptying the cache, you will not erase any of the photos on your device. Cached data contains unnecessary files that are erased when the cache is cleared. Your photographs and other personal information are unaffected. Photos are saved in the /user data disk of the system storage of an Android smartphone.

Can others view deleted Snaps?

Unfortunately, discarding the message does not relieve people fully. Users will still be aware that something has been sent to them and later removed. However, they will have no idea of what it was.

What happens to removed Snapchat memories?

If you mistakenly erased your Snapchat memories, go to Photo album and press the trash icon to view what you deleted. You can quickly restore your favorite photos from deleted items.


Snapchat is a successful social media platform used by millions of people daily. However, this application is often targeted to the question, “why does my Snapchat keep crashing?” There might be several reasons behind the issue.

In this article, we went through six fixes for the issue, and we hope one of these methods resolves your issue.

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