You have been posting videos to TikTok recently, but your most recent uploads have yet to get any likes. You wonder, “why does my TikTok say 0 likes” Technical problems are also likely to occur in addition to authors gaming the algorithm to obtain extra TikTok likes without considering their quantity and regularity. And even more crucially, why are there no likes on TikTok?


It could come up with many rationales. Make sure everything is clear because your internet connection might not be reliable, and there might be some connectivity issues. Another explanation would be that a video could accidentally become popular online and show up on the “For You” tab.

Continue reading to learn the causes and fixes for the “why does my TikTok say 0 likes” issue and the fix for the 0 views fault if you are also experiencing it.

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Why So Many Views But No Likes On TikTok

Sometimes, the videos you post to TikTok accidentally land on the “For You” tab. The result is that users discover your movies, watch them, and most likely do not leave a thumbs up.

likes on tiktok

Thus, this is common. Consider it in this manner. Videos that become popular will typically show on the “For You” tab so that more people can watch them. They will be displayed to more people if they enjoy some videos on this extremely special page. However, your video ended up on the “For You” tab despite not being intended to do so. Your videos receive lots of views but few or no likes.

The TikTok algorithm undoubtedly has an error, and occasionally issues like “why does my TikTok say 0 likes” can occur. There is nothing to be concerned about since this is normal and occurs to many users.

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Why Not Receive Any Likes On TikTok

You aren’t receiving likes on TikTok for a reason. Those who watch videos are unlikely to like them if you incorporate hashtags that have nothing to do with your TikTok video content when you create and share it. Most likely, you are abusing hashtags.

likes issue tiktok

You most likely record videos at random about anything. Viewers will like your films more and may even follow you if you focus on one niche.

Last but not least, you need to create and upload videos consistently. It may be unimportant. However, it is untrue. Make sure to create high-quality videos that consumers will adore and like because your content may require attention. You will gain devoted fans and more individuals who will hit a like if you share a video at least one or two times every week.

Why TikTok Displays Videos That Has 0 Likes

It could come up for a few different casualties. Check to make sure there are no connectivity issues or unstable internet connections. Another explanation is that a video could accidentally become famous online and show up on the “For You” tab. TikTok will thus display a video to you with no exceptional substance and very few likes.

tiktok 0 likes

Why bizarre things like these frequently occur to numerous users is still being determined. It could be because of a bug or issue with the TikTok algorithm, or they intend it to happen, and there is nothing wrong with the software. But TikTok wasn’t always this way, so we will have to wait and see whether they fix the glitch or something.

Additionally, it is possible that certain bots do this and that those behind them are aware. The cache memory may also be to blame. Therefore, you might want to think about emptying the cache on your TikTok, which hopefully solves your “why does my TikTok say 0 likes” issue.

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Where to Go When Likes And Comments On TikTok Do Not Appear

The TT app frequently experiences issues with comments and likes being buried or missing altogether. It is primarily due to a bad internet connection. It is rarely a result of the phone storage issue or an in-app fault. Check the following before beginning troubleshooting:

comments problem in tiktok

  • Your internet access is steady.
  • You do not use a VPN.
  • There is plenty of space on your phone between 300 MB and 1 GB.
  • A version of your software. You ought to have the most recent update.

Open the TikTok application and head to your profile’s “Me” area if you have fulfilled all the mentioned conditions. Click the three-dot menu in the top right corner, proceed to “CACHE & CELLULAR DATA,” and decide on “Free up space.” See if it has mended your complication by selecting “Clear cache.”

Escalate the matter in your settings if it does not work. Tap “Report a problem” under the “Support” section, then choose “Follow/like/comment.” Then select “Comment” andUnable to load comments.” You can resolve it by turning to the app. Write a short statement about the bug you’re experiencing and tap No with an unhappy emoticon in front of it if they didn’t fix it.

The support staff may need a few days to analyze your report and react.

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Have No Views On Your TikToks?

Here let’s Fix it together:

To begin with, confirm that your profile is public. Otherwise, your videos would only be visible to your followers, and you won’t be able to see who viewed you.

no views in tiktok

Additionally, promote your movie on other social networks like Twitter to improve your chances of being discovered and explored. Remember to post great stuff if you want to increase your TT views. Videos that are shallow or undesirable will probably get no views.


Why won't TikTok let me like videos?

You have liked a lot of videos on TikTok recently, which is why this is happening on your account. TikTok functions quite similarly to Instagram. It has several algorithms that can detect any activity that is not human-like or natural. Therefore, the app will be competent to recognize any abnormal activity.

Why is TikTok only showing low-liked videos?

TikTok recommends new videos based on your viewing history and personal preferences. It might contain some brand-new user-posted videos that have received negative feedback. You can immediately move on from the video and decide to follow users who upload videos of excellent quality if you wish to lessen the visibility of similar videos.

How long will TikTok keep preventing you from liking it?

You could notice this message if you have been giving a like on social media stuff too quickly. In these situations, we reserve the right to temporarily deactivate a user's profile for 24 hours to safeguard against spam.

What does TikTok's spam-like mean?

The term spam liking describes the behavior of TikTok users who frequently hit the like symbol without first scrolling through their liked content


TikTok likes not displaying is a frequent problem that about 0.5% of new artists have. It suggests that little to no likes appear on a creator’s subsequent uploads or that views across both new and old postings abruptly vanish.

By addressing solutions and causes for the “why does my TikTok say 0 likes” issue, we hope that we were able to assist you in solving the “why is my TikTok showing 0 likes” glitch.

Additionally, we have described a few fixes if your TikTok is displaying 0 views.

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