Why is My MMS Not Working on Android?

It can be irritating when you find out that your MMS is not working and you are stuck with the question “Why is my MMS not working on Android?”. I mean, the powerful device that does so much for you through the day should be able to do this, right? Yes, of course, it can, but some minor problem in the device is causing this trouble and can be solved. This blog will discuss what android users should do in such cases. Note that these methods or steps may vary for non-android users.

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But there are various reasons that this keeps happening. This blog will figure out those issues and fix them permanently for you. MMS is a convenient way to communicate with people who do not use any social media or are currently not available on it for some reason. 

What is MMS?

MMS is the abbreviation for multimedia messaging service. SMS just allows you to send simple text messages without any external internet pack. But MMS enables you to share multimedia files like audio, video, or just pictures from your gallery. MMS is a primary feature like SMS available on every device. 

mms not working on android
MMS Not Working on Android

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So now, let’s look at some reasons why your android MMS is not working. Let’s solve your problem and fix “Why is my MMS not working on android?”

Ways to Fix “Why is My MMS Not Working on Android” Issue

Here are 5 ways which you can try to fix MMS on your Android device.

Turn on your mobile data

As said earlier, you need a proper internet connection to send MMS, unlike SMS. So make sure you have mobile data. Also, make sure that it has a stable range or connection if it’s on. Even if you can see the range lines, it is advisable to do a quick internet speed test just to be sure.

internet speed
Internet Speed

You can’t receive picture messages if the speed is very low because this depends on the media size you are trying to send to the receiver. 

Clear Cache of messaging app

Clearing cache in the android device is the most common troubleshooting method done for most of the problems related to storage, lagging, or any minor problem related to that app. Your MMS not working may be fixed by doing a similar thing with the messaging app. Follow the below steps and clear cache of this app: 

i) Go to your device’s setting 

ii) Go to Apps

iii) From the list of all apps there find the messaging app 

iv) From the menu that appears, go to the storage section

v) Here, you should see an option called clear cache. Go for that option. 

clear cache
Clear Cache

Now restart the device once before checking the MMS status. 

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Update your android device if your MMS is not working.

MMS not working can be an issue because of updates in your device. This issue can be because the update may be related to messaging app or because your device is unable to keep with all applications. Check if your device is updated properly; if not, do it and reboot.

software update
Software Update

“Why is my MMS not working on android?” is a common question among Android users at times, so you don’t have to panic. 

Update the messaging application if your MMS is not working.

You must be thinking, why is my MMS not working on android? that too all of a sudden, it might be because there is a new update in the application itself. Head to Play Store and find the update for this app. If there is a new update that you might have missed out on, you will see an update option here. Click on that, and you are done. 

update app
Update App

Wait for a few minutes before checking the messaging app, or if seeing MMS messages not being sent issue is fixed. 

Reset your network setting. 

Despite all this, if you are wondering why is my MMS not working on android? You should try this method. You need to make a few changes to your device for this, and it is really simple. Sometimes these settings are done by default or set to them after a specific update, and you have to change it manually. 

To reset your network settings, you need to head to your device’s Settings and search for something similar to Network settings or go under option reset. Here click on reset network settings and confirm it by clicking on a pop-up that appears. 

reset network settings
Reset Network Settings

You can also report the problem to relevant customer service and raise a query saying my MMS is not working. But most probably, you won’t need to do that if you follow any of the above steps correctly by taking care of all other device settings. 

FAQ | “Why is my MMS not working on android?”

Why is my MMS not working on android? Common reason.

Poor Network that is why MMS stops working for a while on your device.

Do you need an internet connection for MMS?

Yes, even if you don't need it for SMS.

Are there any additional charges for sending MMS?

Yes. There are usually extra charges to send MMS from your device. You should check that with your network provider's plan and manage your texts accordingly for MMS.

What is the difference between SMS and MMS?

SMS helps you send simple text messages, and MMS includes multimedia files sent from the messaging app with the help of the internet.


Hope this article helped you fix the issue of why is my MMS not working on android? Permanently and does not annoy you further again. Simple troubleshooting methods also help when the problem is something entirely else too, so get your device repaired if it still keeps happening all the time after a while. These methods are simple and will surely fix your phone and function smoothly. 

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