Why Is My Phone So Slow? 10 Ways To Speed Up Your Phone

Our devices are a critical part of our daily lives, and we use our phones with utmost care and caution. However, our phone starts to work a little slow over time, and its slow speed keeps bothering you. You keep wondering, “why is my phone so slow?”. The slowing down of your device often makes you think of those days you had just bought it. And how it worked at a superfast speed. There are innumerable reasons that affect the speed and performance of your device. In this review, find out the top 10 reasons that contribute to the lagging of your device and its solutions. Read on to know the reasons and solutions to these issues. 

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Weak Strength of The Wi-Fi Signal 

Here is the first reason for your question “why is my phone so slow”. There must be times when you are browsing, streaming a video, or playing an online game, and your device keeps buffering. You might feel that your device is working slow. In reality, it might not be your device that is slow. The reason could be a weak Wi-Fi signal. Before assuming any other reasons for your phone slowing down, consider checking the speed of your Wi-Fi.

weak wi-fi
Weak Wi-Fi

You might want to change your place to somewhere closer to the router in this case. You can also prefer changing your network if you feel the one you have does not work up to the mark. 

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Not Rebooting Your Device For A Long While

If you are still wondering, “why is my phone running so slow” here is one reason. Before considering other possibilities, you might want to look at this point to find an answer to “why is my phone being slow.” Probably, you might not have rebooted your device in a long while now.

reboot your phone
Reboot Your Phone

Considering resetting your device can fix many issues and make your device work fast. 

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Not Updating Your Device

Here is a prevalent issue for why your phone might not be functioning at its optimum speed. You might not have considered updating your device because your device might have slowed down. Updating the operating system of your device generally fixes a lot of performance issues like background processes.

update your device
Update Your Device

Keep regularly checking for any updates and ensure that you update the operating system device whenever one is available. 


Keeping Apps in Your Device That You Don’t Use Anymore

Sometimes, we keep the apps that are of no use to us, thinking that we might need them sometime later or out of sheer laziness. These apps do not play any role in our daily lives and take up enormous space in our devices. You can consider removing or uninstalling these applications so that you don’t have to think anymore about “why is my phone so slow.”

excessive apps
Excessive Apps

Removing these applications will also create space for new apps, thus making your device work not slow down unnecessarily. 

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Not Updating the Apps in Your Device 

If you’re wondering, “why is my phone not fast enough” it could be because you might not have updated the applications from your device that you use regularly. As mentioned before, not updating your device’s operating system might affect its speed, so will the apps that have not been updated.

update apps
Update Apps

Not updating the applications results in performance issues due to bugs. When you update the apps on your device, these bugs are fixed, and the performance of your device is enhanced.


Storage Space Being Full

When your device gradually reaches its limit of storage space, your phone’s performance might slow down. It means that the more apps you install, the more pictures and videos you take, and as the cache gets collected in your device, it will take more space in your device. As a result of this, your phone might become slow. To fix this issue, all you have to do is maintain the storage space. You can consider backing up your images and videos. You can choose Google Drive, iCloud, Google Photos, and Apple Photos to do so.

full storage
Full Storage

After backing up on the drive, you can delete all these files from your device, thus making up space in your device. Hence, your phone will no more work slow. 

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Having Cache Collected in Your Device

Our devices save up the information or data that we go through so that that app or browser works faster the next time we open it. It is known as cache data. However, doing so that slows our device down.

clearing cache
Clearing Cache

It would be best to consider clearing up the cache regularly to make your device work faster. Clearing the cache also frees up a lot of space, thus fixing performance issues. 


Having a Degenerating or Corrupt Battery

As we use your device regularly, they eventually become old. As a result of this, various issues come to the surface. Your device might take up a lot of time to charge up, and it might not even stay charged for longer times. It is because resistance is built up in the battery, which slows down the flow of ions, thus affecting the battery’s capacity. Hence, your device uses up a lot of time and electricity to charge over time. It thus affects the speed of your device by influencing the capacity of other components by producing excessive heat.

corrupt battery
Corrupt Battery

Hence, if you still have the question, “why is my phone so slow” you might want to consider changing the battery of your device or shifting to a newer model of your device. 

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Having Damaged or Severed Components

Here is another general reason for your device slowing down. Over time, the battery of your device, its memory, and storage tends to degrade. It is a part of the reason as to “why is my phone acting slow.” The other part of the reason could be how much physical damage your device has gone through. If it has gone through several drops on the ground or been in moisture, it might affect the hardware components of your device.

damaged phone
Damaged Phone

Hence, you can have the parts repaired to speed up your device. Ensure you use your device carefully from now on. 


Having a Software Bloat

You might be wondering what software bloat or bloatware is. All the software applications that contribute to slowing down your device become a part of software bloat or bloatware. Also known as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs), bloatware refers to all the programs you have installed in your device but do not use. Such software applications take up the space and memory in your device and affect the battery life. These programs can also pose occasional security risks. All you have to do is get rid of these software applications to fix the issue of “why is my phone so slow.”

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In this review, we have provided you with all the reasons contributing to your device slowing down. You can now quit searching “why is my phone slow” and “how to speed up my phone.” We hope we have helped you fix the performance issues in your device and speed it up.

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