Why Is My VPN So Slow? | Here’s Why & How to Fix It

There are no longer any questions like “what is the need for a VPN, or what are the benefits of VPNs?” The more the VPN provider services become popular, the more people use them. Still, new VPN users often wonder – why is my VPN so slow?vpn

Do other VPN users have this problem? And can it be fixed? We will try to answer these questions below in the article. Also read, How to Cancel Avast VPN Trial | Cancel Avast Secure-line?

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Does Using A VPN Affect Internet Speed?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) affects Internet speed indeed. On average, using a VPN reduces Internet speed by 10 to 20 percent. That should not be surprising because VPN works as an extra tunnel between the Internet and its user, which slows down the connection and raises the question – wait, why is my VPN so slow?

virtual private network


If the speed drop is greater than 20 percent, that will definitely cause some problems and inconveniences when using your devices for working, media streaming, or playing games.

However, you can see that using a VPN can even add speed to your internet connection. For example, VPN can improve your gaming speeds.

Keeping in mind that internet speed is extremely important for those who play games, this is a significant advantage. However, you can only see if a VPN will provide higher Internet speed by trying it out.

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The Main Reasons That Make The Internet Speed Drop

Although VPNs speed up Internet speeds, VPNs slow down significantly more often. Why does this happen?

Firstly, VPN speed depends on the distance from your location and the country to which you are connected to the server; for example, if you are in Italy and trying to connect to a server in the United States of America, it will take more time than connecting to Germany, etc.vpn user

That is why we recommend choosing VPN servers near the country you are in. In other words, the nearer a server is located, the faster internet speed you can get. Conversely, the farther away from the country you connect to from the server, the slower the speed.

Secondly, you may encounter situations where you will not be able to enjoy VPN speed even when connected to servers in nearby countries. This can happen because many people are using the same server. The more users connect to the same server, the more VPN speeds drop.

Thirdly, the connection speed problem may be caused by your VPN provider. As Advanced Encryption Standard comes in different strength levels, it is recommended to pay attention to which – the provider suggests 128-bit, 192-bit, or 256-bit encryption.

A higher level of strength provides better data encryption and internet speed.

You can only find out if the options provided by your VPN provider are sufficient for your needs. Therefore, before you choose the services of one or another VPN provider, do not miss the opportunity to try them and compare your experiences.

Is It Possible To Make VPN Faster And Get Rid Of The Slow VPN Problem?

Optimal internet speed may vary depending on the activities you use it for. Let’s say 25-30 Mbps is being considered a great speed for those who use the Internet for surfing the net, listening to music, or watching some videos. Meanwhile, such internet speed for game players might be too slow.

fast vpn

Those who face this internet speed drop come to the question – why is my VPN so slow – of course, they want to know whether there are any solutions to this problem. The great news is that – yes, there are ways to solve this and forget the question “why is my VPN so slow” forever.

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6 Ways To Get Back To The Faster Speed

Here are six main reasons and solutions to make your internet speed faster:

Internet Provider

Make sure your VPN is responsible for the speed drop. The slowdown on the Internet is sometimes thought to be due to the use of VPNs. However, even after changing the VPN provider, you notice that the situation does not change.

isp internet provider

This can happen because the reason for a slower Internet may not be a VPN but the Internet provider. Therefore, in the face of a slow internet problem, it is important to run a test that would show your internet speed. This can be the easiest answer and solution for your “Why is My VPN So Slow?” question.

Restart The Device

Restart your router and devices. Even though it might sound silly, it can also sometimes help to answer the question, why is my VPN so slow.


It also has to be noted that VPN connection speed using a modem or router is always slower than a connection from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. However, there are some exceptions as well. It is quite possible that people who use powerful routers will not face this problem.

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Different VPN Server Location

Try different server locations. As mentioned earlier, your VPN may be slow because you are connecting to a VPN server in a remote country. If you don’t need to connect to a server in a specific country, always try to connect to servers in nearby countries.

vpn locations

It will amaze you to see the change a seemingly simple experiment can bring. In the meantime, if it doesn’t yield a noticeable benefit, at least you’ll have a try.

Firewall (Possible Reason Of “Why is My VPN So Slow”)

Use another firewall or turn it off. That might be another solution to the problem of why your VPN is so slow. Try to temporarily disable security software in your device and take a look at whether it causes speed issues or not.firewall

Although VPNs allow you to browse the Internet securely without exposing your data to potential malware, giving up firewalls is something we don’t recommend. Try another company’s programs if your firewall is significantly slowing down your Internet speed. You may be able to find a solution to this problem.

Secure VPN Provider

Choose a reliable VPN provider and keep in mind that the one which offers free service might not always be the right choice. This is probably the most common reason for experiencing slower VPN speeds.

secure vpn

Before choosing VPN services, pay close attention to in-depth analysis and review of their user feedback online. Also, note that reviews may not always be accurate. Therefore, if all the comments you find only praise the VPN provider, it can also be a bad sign.

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Avoid Using Free VPNs To Get Rid Of The Slow VPN

It is important to mention that people who choose a free VPN provider should not complain, “why is my VPN so slow.” Free service providers never have perfect quality.

free vpn

A lower price means insufficient data security, slow VPN speeds, or some other issues. Is the security of your data and information worth risking? It is up to you to answer this question.

Have You Found The Answer To The Question, “Why Is My VPN So Slow”?

So, here are the three most common reasons why a VPN may become slower. And also 7 reasons to solve this problem. Hopefully, these tips have helped answer your question, “why is my VPN so slow.”

The key is to find out why VPNs are getting slower than usual. Knowing the reasons will offer possible solutions that will let you browse the Internet safely and access all the websites you want, no matter the restrictions.

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