Fix The Issue- Why Is One AirPod Louder Than The Other?     

IPhone users can use Airpod, but now it can also be used by Android users. Airpod is a device that gives you access to better music and relishes your moment. They are intentionally designed for iPhone users. You might be enjoying soothing music on earphones, and suddenly you realize that one airpod is louder than the other. So you are dealing with a query; Fix: why is one airpod louder than the other? In this article, you will learn about fixing the journey of AirPods; grab the methods of this article and solve all the issues of why one airpod is louder than the other.  

one airpod louder than the other Solutions to the imbalance of audio in the Airpod are; cleaning of earwax from the Airpod, restarting the iPhone, resetting the Airpod, and the method of calibration. We will consider all these solutions in detail.

By reading this article, you can fix the issues related to AirPods and achieve that balanced sound in the Airpods. We will glimpse all troubleshooting issues related to why one airpod is louder than the other. Know How Can We Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio TV? With some Quick Steps.

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Understand Why Is One Airpod Louder Than The Other?

Why is one airpod louder than the other? In this scenario, there are some issues with your Airpods. These are due to extra earwax accumulated on the surface of Airpods, a disbalance in audio settings, or software and hardware issues. I don’t think your Airpods have broken; this issue happens due to the following reasons;

Earwax Resists The Proper Sound

If your AirPods have become filthy due to earwax, then follow these steps to clean the Airpods and fix why one airpod is louder than the other; 


  • Try to clean the surface of Airpods gently and with the help of a towel, don’t use tissue or fabric. 
  • Even a toothbrush can help you in this process, or use a towel to clean the surface. 
  • Make sure that cloth is linen free, and while doing this process, carefully clean the grill of Airpods, as something wrong will lead to more damage to Airpod.

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Balancing The Sound

If you want to check the audio balance from the settings, then follow this stairway to maintain the audio balance; 

1. Firstly, move to the settings option, hunt for Accessibility mode settings, and go to the Audio/visual option.


2. In this turn-on, the Audio button; does this to get the audio balance.

This easily solves your issue of one airpod being louder than the other.

The Tactic Of Restarting The iPhone

If you are still facing the same issue of one airpod being louder than the other, then You can also try to restart your phone or make an effort to reset the Airpods. 

In the case of the iPhone, you can follow these steps to restart; 

1. Hold the power button on your iPhone while you wait for the power off slider to display on your screen.

power off

2. Straightforwardly, swipe the turn-off slider towards the right, then after 30 seconds, tap the power-off button and wait until Apple Logo appears.

3. After following these steps, your phone will restart.

If your power-off button is not working, then you can restart your iPhone by this method;

1. Move to the settings option on iPhone, then search for the shutdown button. 

shut down


2. After clicking the shutdown button, plug your iPhone into the charger. Your iPhone will spontaneously turn on.

Read this article if you face an iPhone charging issue.

Reboot The Airpod 

Resetting your Airpod is also one of the methods to fix the issue of Airpods. Follow these steps to reset the Airpods; 

1. Tap the AirPods Charging Case’s Setup buttonand hold this until a flash amber color doesn’t appear. Release the button till the flash amber color changes to white color.

reset airpod

2. After doing this, your Airpods have reset, and don’t forget to link your Airpod with your iPhone. 

If you are still unable to solve the problem of the left airpod being quieter than the right or the right airpod being louder than the left, try resetting all the settings of the iPhone. Walk on these paces to achieve the balanced sound of each Airpod; 

1. Proceed with the settings app, then move to the general settings option. In general, settings click on to reset all settings option.

reset all

2. After clicking the reset all settings option, it will ask for your iPhone’s passcode; fearlessly enter it. Select the option to reset all settings once more.


3. After proceeding with these steps, your phone will restart. 

This method is safe, don’t get worried, your all essentials will not vanish. 

If any file has been deleted from your mac, you can recover it by following this article.

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Method Of Calibration

This is the best method that assures acquiring the proper sound on Airpods and solves the issue of why one airpod is louder than the other. There are some effortless steps to do the calibration; 

1. Firstly, connect the Airpods with your iPhone as always; now, you have to keep the volume off, do this with the help of the volume button.


2. Now proceed further by disconnecting your Airpod with your iPhone by straightforwardly turning off Bluetooth. Play the music on the iPhone speaker despite Airpods being disconnected and kept in your ears.

3. Now, one more time, lower the voice of the iPhone speaker. 

4. Again, turn on the Bluetooth and connect the Airpod with iPhone. 

bluetooth on

If the same issue occurs again, try to contact Apple service and ask them to help you solve the problem of one Airpod being louder than the other. They will guide you to achieve an effective solution. 

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Which steps should I follow to groom the Airpod?

There are effortless steps to clean the dirt from the Airpod; carefully implement these steps; Take a linen-free cloth; it should not be wet, and gently rub the surface. Don't use any liquid. You can also prefer to clean with a toothbrush.

Can I take the help of anyone to clean my Airpod?

You can take it to your nearby Apple store. They will clean your Airpods for free.

Is my Airpod waterproof?

Your Airpod is not waterproof. They will easily get wet if you use them while taking a shower, swimming, or in any wet place.

Why is one airpod quieter than the other?

One airpod is quieter than the other; it could result from dirt on your Airpod mesh or a problem with the volume settings. You will receive the desired outcome if you follow the directions in the article.

Can I charge my Airpods during the night?

Yes, you can charge Airpod at night, as the charging will spontaneously stop once the battery is charged.

How to raise the volume of Airpods?

You can increase the volume by the volume button or take the help of Siri.

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Summarising the article, we have seen the ways of fixing the problem of one airpod being louder than the other. We have listed solutions, including a calibration method, cleaning the Airpod, resetting the Airpod, and restarting your device. Follow these steps in sequence and be careful while cleaning the Airpod.

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