Top 5 Must Have Windows 10 Apps in 2018 {Updated}


Windows 10 is certainly the fanciest operating system released by Microsoft with countless cool apps to play with. The new Windows Store is offering so much value that every user is experiencing the best time ever. Indeed, Windows 10 a lot of inbuilt features and apps but you can still improve your computer experience by installing new awesome apps. Thus, you must know about the finest Windows 10 Apps out there.

There are many free and premium apps in Windows 10 that will surely make you lot more productive than ever. On the other hand, there are essential and necessary tools and apps that you must have on your Windows 10 computer that would be used on a regular basis.

There are apps to improvise your documents by sharing and annotating them, apps to back up your computer and mobile data, apps to organize and give a new style to your desktop screen, apps to modify pictures and other multimedia files and obviously apps to socialize with your friends and families.

5 Best Windows 10 Apps to Get

LibreOffice (For Documents & Paper Work

You must be thinking that you must purchase the latest version of Microsoft Office but truth to be told, there are many cool free alternatives to Microsoft Office with far more superior features. LibreOffice is exactly what you are looking for in that case.


Certainly, you will be working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other database related jobs, and you cannot complete them without LibreOffice. Once you get used to with LibreOffice, we can assure you will never use any office suite app ever. It is a very powerful tool with tons of customizing features, and on top of all, it is completely free to use.

Paint.NET (For Image Editing)

In this time of era, there’s no wonder people are clicking hundreds of pictures daily, and nobody wants to share them with social media without modifying and retouching them. Indeed, you may think of Photoshop as the only option, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Instead of blowing up hundreds of dollars, we will recommend using Paint.NET app which is completely free and offers way more features than Photoshop.


Honestly speaking, Paint.NET is way more powerful and useful than the default Microsoft paint, and at the same time, it doesn’t consume a lot of space on your computer. There too many in-built tools and features installed within this tool to play with your images. You can easily blur out the pars of the pictures, change the tuning and skin of the photos, apply amazing filters, add fancy texts and stickers and lot of more. Additionally, you can download loads of plugins to expand the experience of Paint.NET.

VLC (Media Player)

Certainly, with the new YouTube app, most people are watching videos from their browsers or the YouTube app. But still, it is obvious that you must have a lot of media files in your system to watch them offline. That’s why; you must have a solid media player so that it can play all kind of multimedia files without buffering.


In the computer world, nothing can beat VLC Media Player. It’s like the rockstar of multimedia industry. This one of the Windows 10 Apps is capable of running almost any kind of format. So, giving you the best experience ever. On the other hand, it is also able to play any format of music and audio sounds offering many cool ways to tweak them as well.

TunesBro WinGeeker (Windows Password Recovery)

It is highly recommended by Microsoft and other computer experts that one must protect their computers with a high strength password. Hacks and intruding are very common these days, and a simple lock screen password can help you to avoid all the troubles.
Indeed, there is a downside of protecting your computer, and that’s if you forget the password of your computer.

TunesBro WinGeeker
TunesBro WinGeeker

That’s why keeping in mind the security and privacy of your computer; we recommend you to must have a password reset disk to bypass the Windows logon screen. TunesBro WinGeeker is exactly the tool you are looking for in this scenario. This one of the Windows 10 Apps an amazing Windows password recovery program that assists you to make a password reset disk and remove the password lock screen whenever you forget the passcode/password on your computer.

It is compatible with all Windows versions like Windows 10, Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista and so on. Moreover, it allows you to create new administrator accounts with a single click. And you get to keep a password reset disk of your own using USB flash drive or CD/DVD. It has amazing support staff to assist you as well. And the program absolutely costs minimum amount considering what it’s offering.

CCleaner (PC Cleaning App)

After using your Windows 10 computer to its full extent. You will discover yourself in a position where you will find your computer is cluttered with junk and temp files. In short, these useless data will take up so much space on your computer that you will eventually run out of disk memory. And to diminish that issue, we have the latest CCleaner.


It is an astonishing and helpful app that helps you to keep your system clean and tip-top. Erasing junk files will definitely speed up your PC a lot and keep your computer organized always. Moreover, this app gives you the option to disable startup apps. And show you which files are taking up all the space on your PC. You can even keep a log of every single data with this program.

And that was all. These were our favorite five Windows 10 Apps apps that every Windows 10 users must have in 2018. These are almost free apps that are easily available on the internet. If you have more apps and programs in your mind that is absolutely essential. Then do let us know in the comments below so that we can list them down.


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