Wireless printers are becoming very common as everyone can easily manage them at home and are very portable, easy to use, plus it saves you a lot of time but sometimes, you may face issues with your Windows 10 where your Windows 10 can’t find wireless printer. This may happen due to some change of settings on your device or some minor issues. In this blog, we will see a step-by-step guide of connecting a wireless printer to your device and fixing the problem of the wi-fi printer not working and when your windows 10 cannot find wireless printer.

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How do you link your printer?

You need to select and add the device manually first in order to connect them. Sometimes Windows 10 can’t find a wireless printer and you might face the issue of wireless printer not showing up windows 10 if it is not connected correctly. Here’s how you have to do it:

add device
Add Device
  • Press on the Windows key
  • Find Printers & Scanners here and select it.
  • Please see if your printer is switched on and also lined up with the correct wi-fi
  • Press on adding a new device and select your printer from the options that appear.
  • Select the Add Device button here that will appear on the corner.

What to do when Windows 10 Can’t Find Wireless Printer

In this way, your printer will get connected. Now, if you realize Windows 10 cannot find the wireless printer that you are looking for, you can follow some methods below when your computer not communicating with wireless printer.

Method 1: Update your Windows

One of the reasons for a printer connected to wi-fi but computer can’t find it can be because it is not updated. When your device is not up to date, or your Windows Update has an error it can show a bit of lag when you try to connect it with other devices or perform similar functions. To find new updates for your device with Windows 10, try the steps given:

windows update
Windows Update

i) Go to settings

ii) Click on the option that says Update & Security

iii) Select on Windows update on the menu bar that appears on the left 

iv) Now click on Updates check, and your PC device is updated.

Now try connecting your printer again and see if the computer not communicating with the wireless printer issue is fixed. If still, your Windows 10 can’t find a wireless printer, there might be an issue that is not related to your Windows update. Follow method 2 in that case. 

Method 2: Clear the Printer Spooler

The spooler is something that regulates your data flow in the printer. When your windows 10 not seeing wireless printer, you can use this method.

If your printer was working fine before and now suddenly Windows 10 cannot find a wireless printer you are using, you should try this method. The printer queue from where the data flows may not sometimes refresh itself, resulting in this trouble. Follow these steps to clear the Printer Spooler:

clean printer spooler
Clean Printer Spooler

i) Press the search button and write Services here. Open it.

ii) Here, you will find a huge list on one side of the screen. Look for the choice saying Printer Spooler here.

iii) Select it and now opt for restarting it from the options that appear.

This should do the work. Restart the PC and now try connecting the printer again.

Method 3: Troubleshoot when Windows 10 Can’t Find Wireless Printer

If Windows 10 can’t find a wireless printer, the traditional troubleshooting method can solve it too. This method does not guarantee the fix, but it has something to do with device connectivity; this may work. Try the sequence of steps given above to connect your laptop to your desired printer in the first place. Now, when your wireless printer is not showing up on Windows 10, you can see the option below: The printer I want isn’t on the list. Or scroll down and see printer troubleshoot option. This should troubleshoot the issue from here, or you can directly go to the troubleshoot option from the setting. 


Though this is not a reliable method that always works, it is definitely worth a try. 

Method 4: Detect the printer using an IP address when Windows 10 can’t find a wireless printer

Most printers now have their own IP address, which you can find in your printer properties. You can find this depending on the configuration of the printer that you own. You can fix the Windows 10 can’t find wireless printer issue by just knowing your printer IP address. This is the most effective method and should work if all other settings are correct. 

printer ip address
Printer IP Address

For this, you need to click on the printer I want that isn’t there in the list. There will appear a few relevant options to help you, but you need to select the option that asks you to enter the IP address of your printer. As soon as you enter this information, it will help Windows 10 not seeing wireless, printer find it. 

Along with this option, you will see some other ways here that you may try too if you can provide the information needed for it. 

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Wireless printers not showing up on Windows 10 is a very common issue, so you don’t need to panic. Not finding your wireless device to connect on your device can be annoying since there is no other way to connect it sometimes. But the above given are simple methods to fix it yourself and don’t take much time. They also help you understand your device better for the future. Just make sure you follow the steps correctly or even read your printer’s guide thoroughly when connecting for the first time, and then it’s all good for you to proceed.

Hope this blog helps you figure out a solution for your printer connected to wi-fi but the computer can’t find it. 

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