The demand for electronics like computers and laptops is increasing day by day as we move towards a digital world. It has become a necessary part of our daily lives and helps us accomplish tedious tasks. There is no doubt in the fact that every computer requires an operating system to operate. We have a bunch of OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. However, you must update them regularly(sometimes you may get an error while doing that). The latest Windows system will be more reliable than the older version. Users have to purchase a license for accessing Windows on their system. But many users face some difficulty when they receive the error, “Your Windows License will Expire Soon!”

microsoft windows
Microsoft Windows

It could be annoying as it can pop any screen time and might be a humiliating scene. Therefore, it is important to know some effective steps to help you get rid of the message. Also, we will learn about what is the main reason behind the error related to the Windows license expiring. Make sure to stick to our blog till the end and learn all major and minor techniques.

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Why You get the “Windows License will Expire Soon” Error?

Before moving further, you should know the exact reason behind getting the Windows error. Microsoft has been developing successful operating systems for a long time and has millions of active customers. Moreover, regular updates in the firmware ensure that everything is running smoothly. The latest Windows 7/8/9/10 license is recommended to every user for the best results.

windows license will expire soon
Windows License will Expire Soon

However, some people ignore updating the firmware and receive the Windows license expiring message. It could be fatal for data security as malware can easily attack the old OS version. Therefore, Microsoft pushes this “Windows License will expire soon.” error message into various systems. It will help to improve the overall productivity of the computer and enhance the processing speed.

How to Remove Windows License Will Expire Soon Error?

As mentioned earlier, we have some reliable ways to mute or remove Windows license errors on your PC. Go through every method and try to figure out the most effective solution for the issue. Let’s start,

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Disable the Service Message

The first technique is to disable the service notifications so that you will not receive them in the future. It is like you are ignoring the Windows license will Expire soon error and proceeding with the regular usages. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

Search for Services in the Start menu or run the services.msc command in the terminal.


Step 2

Double-click on the Windows License Manager Services option to open the properties page.

windows license manager
Windows License Manager

Step 3

You have to disable the Startup type dialogue box to stop receiving any push notifications. Also, Stop the services accordingly.


Step 4

click on windows update
Click on Windows Update

Finally, you can press OK to save the settings. It is better to do the same steps for Windows Update option in the Service menu.

Windows Explorer Reboot

We have another way of resolving the Windows License will expire soon issue by rebooting Windows explorer,

Step 1

You have to open the Task Manager on your Windows system. Press shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc for the same.

Step 2

Go to the Processes tab that shows all the running processes on your PC.

Step 3

Right-click on the Windows Explorer process and click on restart.

restart explorer
Restart Explorer

Change Registry

The steps to remove Windows License will expire soon error by modifying Registry are,

Step 1

Open Registry Editor on your PC and click on the File menu.

Step 2

Export the complete range at a specific location and close the window.

registry editor
Registry Editor

Step 3

Open the Command Terminal (admin) and run the command.

paste the below command
Paste the below Command

reg add “HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Software Protection Platform” /v NoGenTicket /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

Modify Group Policy

As we move further, we come across yet another method to remove the Windows License will expire soon error that includes modifying the Group Policy of the system. Follow these steps accordingly,

Step 1

Get into the Local Group Policy Editor by typing in the command gpedit.msc on the terminal.

open run

Step 2

Next, click on Computer Configurations and then Administrative Templates. At last, go to Windows Components and Windows Update.

group policy editor
Group Policy Editor

Step 3

You will find the option that says No auto-restart…..updates installations. Enable the same and save your Settings.

tick enable
Tick Enable

Provide Product Key

At last, you can solve the problem of Windows License will expire soon by putting the Windows product key. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

Open the Command Prompt on your computer and run the command, wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

type in the command
Type in the Command

Step 2

The product key for your Windows OS will appear on the screen. Write it somewhere or just copy the entire key.

Step 3

Open the Settings Panel and select the Update and Security Menu.

go into update and security
Update and Security

Step 4

Go to Activation and click on Change Product Key.

change product key
Change Product Key

Step 5

Paste the entire key number in the space and press Next. Your Windows will now run smoothly without giving any license errors.

type in the product key
Type in the product key


This is all about how to get rid of the Windows license will expire soon notification on your computer. If you have any further issues, try seeking assistance from Customer Support at Microsoft.

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