Wondershare Free Video Converter | The Ultimate Converter of 2022?

Videos add life to images with audio and amazing visual effects! You might see one online that tingles your excitement or piques your curiosity. What do you do if it is not in the format you desire? You look for online converters which are so filled with ads and spam that you give up trying to convert them. Well, no more! The Messiah to your problems is the Wondershare Free Video Converter!

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What is Wondershare Free Video Converter?

Your handy-dandy video converter that converts videos to your desired formats in a matter of seconds. It is a robust tool that will first need you to upload the video you want to format/convert. Once that is done, it asks you for the format you want to convert your video to and does it so rapidly. It is one of the best in the video conversion game! Video conversion happens into the most frequently used ones like MP3, MP4, etc.

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Installation and Hands-on

Before downloading the Free Video Converter, see if your system satisfies these requirements:

System Requirements

Once you receive a green signal here, read through this article.

The download is simple to do. Follow these steps for a concise method, whereas if you find any errors, you can check out the detailed explanation of installation on their website:

  • Visit their website, and on the top, you can see these tab options visible.
  • Select ‘Download.’ Your installation will begin shortly.
  • After the download is complete, install the file after agreeing to the Privacy Policy and the TnCs.
  • The installation will happen, so wait until it is complete.

This window must appear once the installation is finished:

Wondershare Installation

  • Click on Start Now and read the user guide, which will automatically open in your browser.
  • Once you are done, open the software from the desktop shortcut.
  • You have successfully completed the installation and are now ready to use the software!

Features of Wondershare Free Video Converter

This Free Video Converter’s primary function is to convert video files to a number of formats quickly. Well-known for its speed, its features also include:

Features of Wondershare Video Converter

Support of 1000 formats

Although High-Speed Conversion is a Premium Feature, the Free Wondershare Video Converter supports over a thousand formats so that the user can convert it into more than one, and hence, helpful in sharing.

High Speed Conversion

Download Videos Quickly

Enter or paste the URL of the video you wanted to download and the wonder-engines will do their bit of serving you with high-quality media of the same, and at your behest of format!

Download Videos Quickly

Burn videos irrespective of size

Add Large/Small Video Files and burn them to a DVD-readable format. It supports DVD/IFO/ISO file loading and the file you want to burn into them. Once they are uploaded, you can burn them all!

Burn videos irrespective of size

Processing a batch of videos at once

Multiple videos can be edited and converted at once with the fast and flexible Wondershare Free Video Converter! Its multitasking ability makes you complete your projects within deadlines, even when you start a day earlier.

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Screen Recording

If you don’t want to buy any latest premium video recorders online or free ones that are abundant with ads that may even pop up on your screen while recording, you need to use Wondershare Video Converter for this additional feature of Screen Recording, which has the same qualities and options to work with and more!

Screen Recording in Wondershare Video Converter

GIF Making

Want to make your conversations more interesting with funny/witty repartee? You now have the right software to do so! Instantly create GIFs of your choice and share them with a USB cable the moment they are ready!

Ease of Use

Robust and does not demand any skills to perform several features. For a more natural understanding, visit their website for FAQs and a Guide to using the Wondershare Free Video Converter, or see the same in the Settings feature at the top right of the window.

Transfer Media Instantly

You can instantly move large video files or any other files in a relatively lesser time using the Transfer feature. You will have to connect your device with a USB cable to your system to access this mode.

Transfer Media Instantly

Edit Preferences

You can edit the defaults of your converter or reset them back to the defaults. To avoid curtailing performance during task subordination of multiple video edits at a time, you can change the maximum number of videos you can work with accordingly.

Edit Preferences

One-Click Download for YouTube Playlist Subtitles are enabled when you only want to copy and paste the URL, and the defaults take over and process and yield your final video with subtitles.

You can resume the video you were working on by default, or for privacy concerns, you can uncheck that option.

Media & Support Tools

In addition to all the above features, Wondershare Free Video Converter can manipulate your media’s metadata, cast and play your videos to your home’s television, and even give you the functionality to experience Virtual Reality on your VR devices!

Media & Support Tools

Moreover, you can perform Screen recordings and make hilarious or entertaining GIFs and share them with your circles too!

Features of Wondershare Premium Version (Ultimate)

After going through the numerous features seen on the free version, you might think that it is sufficient for one-time use. But, for editing, processing, and converting high-quality videos, you must check out what the Ultimate version has to offer. By using the All-in-one Video Converter Ultimate by Wondershare, you do not get one or two, but a list of many cool features that you might not find in the free version!

Conversion Features

While Converting Files, you can always convert MP4 to MP3 to over a thousand formats without a watermark! You can see the additional benefits you receive using the Ultimate (Premium) Version.

Conversion Features

Download Files

Once the rendering is complete or if you paste the right URL, you can download 4K HD quality videos from a variety of websites in addition to YouTube in the Ultimate Version!

Download Files

Faster download speeds, more comfortable to download with one click, and downloading playlists directly from YouTube with Wondershare Free Video Converter should easily convince you to use this Ultimate tool which is one of the easiest to use and quite fast in execution as well.

Burn Videos

The Burn and Edit features are again done with and without watermarks in the Free and Paid Versions respectively.

Burn Videos Features

Plan and Pricing

The cost is different for Windows and Mac users.

For Windows, it is as shown below:

Pricing for Mac

For Mac, the pricing is as seen below:

Pricing for Mac

With around 500 reviews averaging above 4.5 stars out of 5, this is the go-to software for converting all your files, including batch files, or burn videos, video editing, screen recording, or any other task under the moon with videos!


This Wondershare Free Video Converter software will leave you awestruck, bamboozled, baffled, and all the fancy words you can imagine for being amazed! With all the features available, it makes a faithful companion for video processing and conversion.

You can work with the trial or free version, but if you want to get the most of this Wondershare’s wondrous creation, you will have to try the Premium Version which has reasonable pricing for the astounding benefits you are provided with.

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