When dealing with a PDF, you could occasionally discover that none of the text is selectable. It often happens when you scan the text and use it to create a PDF. This is where OCR comes in. You can use this technology to improve PDFs. Although many alternative programs are available, the finest of which is included lower down, the tool we’re recommending, Wondershare pdfelement for mac and PDFelement 9 for Windows, is easy to use, accessible and employs the best underlying technology available. This Wondershare Pdfelement 9 review will tell you all about it.

wondershare pdfelement 9You can manage PDFs on desktop, mobile, and the internet with Wondershare PDFelement 9. It provides a simple-to-use PDF editor, no matter where you are. This guide explains what is ocr pdf and how to OCR PDFs using PDFelement9, which has undergone significant UI, functional, and cloud updates.

What Is OCR?

Better defined as optical character recognition. It is a method of converting text images into computer-readable forms. This machine-readable format is necessary for web browsers and applications like PDFelement to be able to detect and select content inside of documents.

OCR-optimized documents are advantageous to blind and visually impaired users because OCR enables interaction with the text through screen readers and other assistive devices. Using papers optimized for OCR is recommended whether or not you are annotating using PDFelement 9 PDF solution.ocr

If you can rapidly choose a line of text, copy it, and paste it someplace else from your PDF, your PDF is OCR-optimized. Start annotating after appropriate formatting of the text.

If one of the below applies to your PDF, you will need OCR technology:

  • There isn’t any text for selection.
  • Although you may select the text, you might find getting the text you want difficult.
  • When you copy and paste the selected text somewhere else, it seems “garbled” or improperly formatted.
  • The PDF is hard to read, according to a user who uses screen reader software.

Your PDF is OCR-optimized if you can quickly select a piece of text, copy it, and paste it elsewhere. You may then begin annotating if the text is in the correct format.

Why Need OCR PDF?

You may create editable, searchable documents from PDFs and images using optical character recognition technology. 

Because PDFs reliably retain various aspects (such as texts, photographs, signatures, and so forth) without any variations on all systems, people frequently use them for document management. Hard copies are scanned since not many people utilize professional editors like the PDFelement service. If you want to have the option to alter scanned words and photos, you must utilize an optical character recognition service. This Wondershare pdfelement 9 review will give you step-by-step guidance on how to operate it. 

The following are typical reasons for OCR PDF utilization:

  • To modify scanned or image-based PDFs
  • For editing a picture in an office format
  • Data extraction from scanned PDFs and PDFs containing pictures
  • Create a text-based PDF file using photographs, screenshots, or text images.
  • Enable editing and searching for existing PDF files
  • Simple text copy & paste from PDFs

How Wondershare PDFelement 9 Support OCR PDF?

One of the most fantastic PDF editors on the market is Wondershare PDFelement 9. PDFelement has Abbyy’s Fast and Reliable OCR engine power. You may use it to generate, edit, and convert PDF files. Fortunately, the PDFelement has a state-of-the-art OCR system, which has many advantages.

Text recognition software

The PDFelement’s high-quality OCR accurately reads text, graphics, and numbers in your PDF while preserving the original layout.

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Last searches

You can search for specific documents only by utilizing phrases or even keywords because the OCR of the PDFelement turns image-based documents into editable PDFs.

Support for several languages

One of the software market’s most multilingual supported tools is OCR PDF, which supports over 20 languages. As a result, if you do not speak English, you do not need to worry because other main languages are as effectively represented.support for languages

The best method for transforming those picture files into an editable and searchable document continues to be PDFelement‘s OCR PDF feature. Although time-consuming, you will not find it difficult. It also has the batch feature. It permits the creation of editable and searchable PDFs from a number of scanned or image-based PDF files.

Steps To Use PDFelement OCR PDF

First of all, Install PDFelement 9 and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open a scanned file: Launch the software and add your file. Do so by clicking the “Open files” option on the Home page.wondershare pdfelement 9 step 1
  2. Perform: You will see a pop-up message. The option to do the OCR process must be chosen.wondershare pdfelement 9 step 2
  3. PDF file editing: After OCR, appropriately alter the PDF document. Click the Edit tab, and you’re good to go.pdfelement step 3

Why PDFelement 9 Over The Other Software?

The best OCR PDF tool available is PDFelement 9 for many reasons. It’s a free service for any PDF files or scanned images. Since you don’t require any specific OCR expertise to scan and modify your OCR file, PDFelement is incredibly easy to use. Please test it out!


Is it free to use Wondershare PDFelement 9?

It is available across different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You can begin with the free trial.

How to start the free trial for PDFelement?

You will have to launch the software and signup with your Wondershare email ID and password to get started.

How do I find my Wondershare ID?

Go to Wondershare ID, and create your account option. Then, enter your Email, Password and Name, and click 'Create Account' button.


What is OCR PDF, and the ideal method for editing scanned PDF files is covered in this article. Users who have reviewed alternative programs have found that their OCR capabilities crash when scanning huge documents, are challenging to use, or take a long time to process. In contrast to these solutions, scanning and modifying PDF files with PDFelement is a smooth experience.

As mentioned in this Wondershare PDFelement 9 review, it has an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, the tool’s flexibility with several terminal systems makes it incredibly simple for users to operate on any device. While monitoring their accounts on a PC or a mobile device, individuals do not feel under pressure. Users no longer experience tension when managing PDF documents, whether on a desktop or a mobile device.

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