Games! The best stress reliever. When you are home alone or waiting for a friend at a restaurant, stressed out of work, or have a boring day – games come out as a saviour in your busy lives. Whether you’re six years old or sixty years, games always stand as your companion. Few people exhibit a negative attitude towards games contemplating their adverse effects like addiction, increased aggression, and various health consequences. Thus, you must know about the best Word Game Apps out there.

But, science has proved these effects as false phenomena. Prolonged studies revealed that games enhance reaction times and hand-to-eye coordination. Gameplay strengthens the brain cell connections underlying memory and learning. Educative games and vocabulary games improve knowledge and social skills as well.

Free Word Game Apps are one such useful games that strengthen your vocabulary and simultaneously improve your communication skills as well as public speaking. These games enlighten your brain with unfamiliar words, thereby increasing your confidence when you go on stage. There are diverse apps accessible in the Google Play Store as well as App Store that offers fun in playing such games. The top 24 Word Game Apps are listed here to help you get off that stress stuck in your brain. You can also try free online avatar games, click here.

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Best Word Game Apps of All Time

Here are the best word game apps of all time. Check out the list and see which impresses you the most.


Alphabear is a word puzzle game where you need to find words from the grid of scrambled letters. When you use adjacent letters, a bear appears. The bear increases in size, when you use more adjacent letters.


You can own a bear and add it to your collection when you score high. These bears act as power-ups like increasing your time limit, points and increase/decrease the frequency of letters appearing in the grid.

Download for Android and iOS.


The SpellTower+ is an updated version of an iOS classic. The original version of this game first came out in 2011 and is still popular with word game lovers. The original iOS word game had a mode for every type of player. Spell Tower+ builds upon that versatility and offers even more game modes.

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The word game has a straightforward structure. The screen displays a grid full of random letters. The players have to spell new words using them. As you solve a problem, more tiles emerge from the bottom of the screen. The game ends once all the tiles go overboard.


There are over 11 game modes available. Daily Tower, Puzzle, Extreme Puzzle, Zen, Rush Search, Daily Search, Double Puzzle, Bubble Puzzle, and Blitz. The user favourite mode, however, is the ‘Tower’. It involves getting the highest possible score with only 140 letter tiles.

SpellTower+ is a must-try for every word game enthusiast. You can also enjoy the game even if you have a competitive streak in you.

Download for iOS.


Wordscapes is extraordinary compared to other word puzzle apps with a blend of crossword and word search. This game is simple from the outset, where players are given a couple of letters to frame words they could consider. There is no restriction when speculating the riddle except for the game gets testing as you progress. As your level gets higher, more letters are given. In any case, when you tackled the riddle, you will have a definite depiction of the word, so you’ll learn new words without fail. It’s incredible for some fast cerebrum extending during the day to improve your jargon. It’s certainly outstanding amongst other free word game applications to download.


Download for Android and iOS

Type Shift

Type shit is an anagram-type word game. This game combines crossword puzzles and wordplay. In the average anagram game, users search for new combinations from a single word. However, this can get monotonous and boring after a while.

In Type Shift, players are allowed to search within four to five words. It brings in multiple letter columns that players must shift around to spell out words in the center row. You have to use all the words in the puzzle at least once.

type shift

You can enjoy the fast-paced gameplay and challenging levels for free with the Type Shift app.

Download for Android and iOS.


A standard cryptogram is a word puzzle with encoded texts. A simple substitution of words is applied to solve the word game. However, this app has a little twist.

In this app, players are supposed to decipher the hidden messages. These messages are nothing but motivational quotes from prominent personalities from different fields. The encrypted sentences are quotes from various scientists, poets, philosophers etc.


The best part is that it works completely offline. Hence, you can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere without burning through your data pack.

Download for Android. A similar game is also available for iOS.

Black Bar

Black Bar Is a story-based experience. It tells a sci-fi story of a dystopian future where the player is tasked with identifying censored words indicated by a – you guessed it- a black bar. By successfully identifying these words, the player becomes an integral part of the unfolding of the entire story.

black bar app

It has a unique and straightforward mechanism and (AGAIN) you get to use your full keyboard. Without uncovering the word, you cannot get past the page or the story, creating a road and a mental block, but hey we’re all here for fun. And fun it shall be when the plot thickens slowly. The story not only emotionally engages players but also helps them improve their vocab and challenge themselves.

Unfortunately, the entire story ends in 46 pages, which probably is the ONLY downside of this game. Nevertheless, you’ll pick on the black bar instantly, and its challenges will keep you haunting for days.

Download for Android and iOS

Evil Apples

Evil Apples is the mobile phone reincarnation of the classic card game, Cards against humanity. You can play this game in a party setting with lots of players or even with a few of your friends online.

evil apples

You need a minimum of 4 people to play this game. One of the players acts as the judge and decides who wins a point. The first player to get 7 points wins the whole game!  Evil Apples offers over 4000 answer cards and 1000 question cards. Thus, you rarely run out of material.

Download for Android and iOS.

Four Letters

Four letters is one of the Word Game Apps where you have to frame only words with four letters. The faster you find, the higher your score gets. There are thousands of possible words.

four letters

You can view your words in the dictionary. The timer increases by one second after every successful word.

Download for Android and iOS

Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends is profoundly one of the best word game where you’ll go up against a bot with trouble expanding and the quick-moving Lightning Round mode, here you’ll be assembled into groups for lightning-quick rivalry on evolving sheets.

This app takes the straight-on, word-building rivalry of 2009’s Words With Friends and adds a performance challenge mode, a group-based lightning round mode, system improving lifts, and a refreshed social word reference that adds 50,000 words. The idea is like the majority of the word game applications where you get clues, and you will make extra words that will get you additional focuses.

words with friends 2

The most energizing element is presumably the performance challenge mode, which permits individuals to develop their Words With Friends abilities against AI rivals. It’s intended to get logically more troublesome, so it expects you to play better and think more intelligently as you proceed. It’s as yet a standout amongst other word game applications for straight fun and multi-player usefulness. Word Beach is a word puzzle game that will work the cerebrums of grown-ups and kids the same just as engage them. Gain proficiency with the spellings of new words, be helped to remember the spellings of non-standard words and see designs in the utilization of letters.

Download for Android and iOS


Letterpress is a spelling Word Game Apps that helps you master spellings. Players take turns to spell words and earn points. You can chat with other players in the game.


You can compete with friends or play with some random player. It is an addictive game with marvellous design and a good gaming experience.

Download for Android and iOS

Word Cookies

It is an easy and fun Word Game Apps that improve your vocabulary and puts your brain to good use. The game has 32 packages and over 580 levels with hidden words inside each level.

word cookies

All you have to do is find the hidden words by moving your fingers over the letters in any direction and find a word that matches the one behind the blanks. You may find words that don’t match the expected word. No worries! Special words have special rewards that are deposited into your treasure. The hint feature helps you find the word by revealing starting letters.

Download for Android and iOS

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega is a crossword puzzle where you have to decode the clues and find the word. The journey starts at alpha and ends at omega.

alpha omega

The complications increases while moving forward in levels. It makes your brain think to decipher the word and put it in its place.

Download for iOS

Word Connect

Word Connect is a fun Word Game Apps that helps your brain stay active all throughout the day. The game has 40+ packs with 800+ levels with hidden words inside each level.

word connect

The game gets tougher when you board into higher levels which gives you a challenging experience. Wondering how to play? You just have to move your fingers over letters framing possible words to fill up the blanks. Star words have special coins. You have a hint feature that helps you find a word that you are unable to frame. It is free of cost and addictive. Try the game by downloading it using the link below.

Download for Android and iOS

Vocab Victor

Vocab Victor is extraordinary compared to other word game applications for cell phones. You learn by playing a progression of fun word games. Victor offers an assortment of games to show various sorts of word information, tweaked to your learning level. The application draws on a data set of thousands of words, and a huge number of connections between words, to create new, new games each time you play. This is a jargon application that targets helping youngsters with a decent comprehension of the English language, the capacity to keep on improving.

vocab victor

This is a game-based application that follows the tale of Victor, who, living in a manor, has had the entirety of his words removed by a mythical serpent. It is dependent upon the client to travel through the game finishing the word practices in a piece to recover them and to assist Victor with recuperating his words. On the off chance that you need an assortment of riddles to browse, notwithstanding probably the best word game apps for iphone and Android, at that point, this is the application for you.

Download for Android and iOS

Battle Text

This is one of the Word Game Apps that is about a chat-based user-friendly design that allows you to compete with online users. The game’s quite simple- whoever spells the longest word wins. You have your phone’s entire keyboard to use.

battle text

But here’s a catch, you have to spell each word starting with the last letter of the previous word used by your opponent. Of course, you can make strategies by using words that end with the letters Q or X, so the opponent doesn’t overpower your butts the entire game has a time limit so either you think and play, or you play by luck. So, what are you waiting for let the chat battles begin.

Download for Android and iOS


Baikoh aka word Tetris belongs to the category of Word Game Apps where Tetris dynamics are mixed with Scrabble. It’s a rather hard game meant to push your thinking skills as well as reflexes. This game will use all the methods to grammatically paralyze you, which also means you are not allowed to make any mistakes.


However, worry not, you will get your weapons which are not words or letters but actual game weapons like bombs (THAT’S RIGHT!) If that’s not enough there is an online mode as well where you go and battle other players with your word Tetris skills. Its a game about love and war and everything is fair in love and war.

Download for Android and iOS

Words with Friends

Do you remember your boyhood days when you used to play ‘Word Building‘ with your friends, under the desk, while the class is going on? Now you no longer have to miss those days.

words with friends

Words with Friends helps you live those moments again. All you have to do is invite your friends and play together. It has geolocation -enabled in the app that benefits you to play and check your rank in the leaderboard among your friends in the neighbourhood. There is also something called words with friends word finder, you should check that out. It gives you a social gaming experience that permits in-game chat. You can have the app for free from the store.

If you’re a Scrabble fan, you’ve probably heard of this game. You can select players you want to word-battle with, Swipe right if interested, left if not (Yes, just like tinder. You got it). Once you accept, you start playing.

There’s an option to chat with the players as well, which broadens your borders and helps you make new friends. If you’re not sure about a word or if you want to check the word the opponent used, SAY NO MORE, we have a dictionary option available as well.

Furthermore, you also get an option of OFFLINE MODE where you can play with the computer or challenge yourself with new words and exercises. Switch on the notifications, and you get a new word to learn every day in this game. Improve your vocabulary in no time and challenge each other and your friends. So, shall we begin?

Download for Android

Word Streak

Word Streak is an addictive and fun Word Game Apps. Find the hidden words from the grid of random letters. You can move in any direction to frame a word. It has four exciting modes of gameplay.

word streak

Head-to-head mode enables you to play with your friends. Daily challenge mode gives you an exciting challenge to finish on that day. In tournaments, you can compete with seven other players to win prizes. Solo Play mode lets you play with a coach online/offline. Best of all, it has a timer feature that warns you to find the words before the timer runs out.

Download for Android and iOS


Ruzzle is the fastest Word Game Apps that speeds up your brain to recollect words that you already know. It’s been played across 145 countries and is ranked in the top 10 free online word games.


In this game, you can challenge your friends or random players to finish the game within 2 minutes. You just have to swipe over the randomly placed letters to frame up a word. This game can be played in 14 languages.

Download for Android and iOS

Alphabetty Saga

Alphabetty Saga is from those trendy new Word Game Apps from the makers of Candy Crush Saga. It has a unique game experience in solving up levels by overcoming the complications. Alpha, Betty, and Barney are the three animated characters who take you on the journey to exotic lands unveiling new challenges to give you an incredible experience.

alphabetty saga

You can connect letters in any direction to form words. Added to this, there are boosters that ease off your gameplay. There are over 100 levels in the journey to the land of adventures. You can play alone or with friends and follow leaderboards to spot your rank.

Download for iOS


Free Scrabble belongs to those type of Word Game Apps that enables you to play with friends or play solo against the computer. The exclusive ‘Teacher‘ feature upskills you by showing you the best word you could have made after every turn.This game is perfect for people who want to play old-school classics on a digital platform.

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This free word search game has a speed play mode that makes you think fast and sharpens the brain. It has HD quality graphics that increase the quality of your gaming experience.

Download for iOS


Wordament is a word puzzle game from Microsoft Corporation. You can play with thousands of players at a time.


It is a real-time word tournament where you can compete with players on the same board at the same time. There are so many rounds that increase the gaming experience.

Download for Android and iOS

Word Search

It is a word puzzle game where you have to find the hidden words in a grid of random letters.

word search

It has a good design by highlighting colours and visual animation when you find a word. You can customize the size of the letter to your comfort. It is free of cost, and you can play offline.

Download for Android and iOS

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Spellspire is a spelling and action role play Word Game Apps. You have to collect letters and frame words and use these words as spells with the wand to blast your friends and make your way to the top.


The blast becomes bigger with bigger words. You can collect gold dropped by monsters and use this gold to buy wands, hats and more.

Download for Android and iOS


Can Android and iPhone play text games?

Participating in an iMessage game on an Android device proves challenging, mainly due to the inherent limitation of iMessages, which exclusively function on Apple devices. iMessage’s end-to-end encryption makes it exclusive to Apple devices. This encryption mechanism effectively bars any unauthorized access to the transmitted data.

How can I connect my Android games to my iPhone?

On the Android device, open the ' Move to iOS app ' or, tap the QR code button on the required iOS device. This action will take you to the Google Play Store. Once there, tap the 'Continue' option and take a moment to peruse the presented terms and conditions. To proceed further, tap the 'Agree' button.

Is Wordscapes free on Iphone?

We are introducing the latest inclusion in the Wordscapes lineup: the all-new free game! Embark on a journey through various novel word puzzles while voyaging to picturesque and serene destinations. Wordscapes Search revolutionizes traditional word search puzzles by seamlessly melding the standout features of word find, word line, anagrams, and crossword puzzles, resulting in a contemporary and immersive gameplay encounter.

Is Wordscapes safe?

This game offers a thoroughly safe and family-friendly user experience on iOS and Android platforms. Notably, the game's design actively excludes inappropriate content and deliberately avoids facilitating interactions with others via chat within the application. This conscious focus on safety underscores the game's suitability for players of all ages.


This is our updated list of the top 24 Word Game Apps for Android and IOS devices in 2023. Tell us below in the comments which ones you prefer.

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