Top 10 Best Writing Tools for Budding Writers | 2020

Writing Tools is a type of software that helps people to write content. These  tools are popular in schools. Teachers allow students to operate such tools that engage them in the computer. These writing tools which are supported by computers provide rich possibilities to enhance writing communication.

Computer-based writing tools affects the writing skills in many ways. They provide content-specific help throughout the write-up. Writing software or Writing tools provide an outline of the way the content is to be written. They provide simplified revisions of the content as they contain tools like spell checking, grammar checking, dictionaries, text editing, and many more! There are multiple websites like which can get you detailed essays on any topics along with all these mentioned things!

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Top 10 Writing Tools

Here are some of the top tools that you can use for improving your writing now!

 Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word or MS Word or simply Word is a word processor which was developed by Microsoft. MS Word is an excellent tool for beginners to test their writing skills. Word includes features like a built-in spell checker, a thesaurus, editing texts by finding and replacing them, and also has a dictionary. Microsoft word is used widely in comparison to other writing tools.

Microsoft word
Microsoft word Writing Tool

Word has the ability to create templates allowing the writer to define a file with titles, subtitles, paragraphs, etc. The option of pasting a JPG file or clipart is also available in Word. Writers can even give borders to the pages, and format the size and style of the words by using WordArt. 

 Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processor  by Google within its Google Drive services. It is used widely in comparison to other writing tools. It is a free web-base software office suite similar to that of MS Word. This application allows users to create and edit files online, and they can collaborate with other users during this process as well. Google Docs is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats.

Google Docs
Google Docs Writing Tool

Some features like machine learning, such as “Explore” and “action items”, which offers search results based on online content from a document and allows the user to assign tasks to other users respectively, have been added after the recent updates. 


Pages is also a word processor that was by Apple Inc. This is a part of the iWork productivity suite of Apple and runs only on macOS and iOS operating systems.

Pages Writing Tool

Apple do the marketing of pages and is an easy to use application which allows its users to create documents on their devices very easily and quickly.Many designed templates like different themes for CVs. Resumes, posters, outlines, etc. are in-built in this application.


Evernote  a software that was developed by Evernote Corporation, California. This is an application software that is design  to take notes, organize tasks and task lists and also to archive. This application allows users to create notes, which can be formatted texts, photos, web pages, voice memos, and even handwritten notes.

Evernote Writing Tool

Evernote also has the feature to attach files to the notes and can be sorted into notebooks. We can edit, format , search and even exports, notes on this software. Evernote is free to utilize with monthly usage boundaries, and also has paid plans for extended usage. 


Grammarly is the best application for beginners and is the most useful one amongst the lot. It is an online grammar checking application, but it also has features like spell check and plagiarism detector which allows the user to create authentic and unique content.

Grammarly Writing Tool

The proofreading resources of Grammarly check against 250 plus grammar rules, thus making it a must-use application for beginners.


It is a desktop publishing application that is in Qt and comes under GNU General Public License as free software. Scribus is design with features such as layout, typesetting, preparation of files for image setting equipment having professional qualities and many such other functionalities.


It can also generate animated and interactive PDF presentations such as brochures, writing newspapers, newsletters, posters, and even books.


LibreOffice is another free and open-source office suite and one of the writing tools, which is a project of the Document Foundation. It was founded in 2010 from, which was an open-source version of the previous StarOffice.

Libre Office
Libre Office Writing Tool

The LibreOffice suite consists of programs which are use for word processing, to create and edit spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams, and drawings; it works with databases, and also has in-built mathematical operations and formulae. This LibreOffice is available in 115 languages, which allows beginners to have a better and more natural approach to kick start their writing skills.  


Canva is a simple writing tool website that enables the user to create graphic designs and was  in 2012.  It uses a drag-and-drop format and also provides the users to access photographs, vector images, different fonts, and graphics.

Canva Writing Tool

This application is very user-friendly and  both amateurs and also professionals, can create graphic designs. The tools of this website are suitable for the web as well as for print media design and graphics.


FastPencil is a self-publishing start-up application founded in 2008 by Michael Ashley in America . This application offers a web-based publishing engine that allows its users to create books in print and EPUB formats. Fast Pencil is also one of the writing tools gives you a great writing experience.

Fast pencil
Fast pencil Writing Tool

The users can also publish and distribute their contents online. This is very easy-to-use publishing and writing tool which can be accessed by beginners.

 Open Office

OpenOffice is an application that includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation application, a mathematical formula editor, a drawing application, and even a database management application.

Open Office Writing tool
Open Office Writing tool

So the users of OpenOffice can perform various operations such as writing, calculations, drawing, etc. all in one application. The default file format was the OpenDocument Format (ODF), which originated with the; it can also read other file formats with particular attention to those from MS Office.


These top 10 Writing Tools are effortless to find online and  give easy access to beginners who want to improve their writing skills or simply kick start their careers in the content writing world. For those who wish to improve their mailing skills, here are some best Gmail tools to get started.


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