The Xbox One games take too long to start mistakes are the most aggravating of these because it interferes with gameplay, and it can be challenging to locate a fix. Even though most gamers are ardent Xbox fans, occasionally, the mistakes that this device displays can be more than just annoyance and frustration. Sometimes it could get sluggish, while other times, the controller might begin to blink.

Therefore, if you are also experiencing this problem, We have included all potential fixes in this article. Some of them are Ventilation, checking Xbox Live services status, Instant-on, energy saving, Configuring network settings, and more. Consider applying these fixes if your Xbox is taking forever to start for whatever reason to solve your enormous issue.

You can also learn through this simple guide how to power Xbox One without brick. There are many causes, and Xbox taking forever to start is also the problem. But first, let’s consider some potential answers.

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Check Xbox Live Services’ Status

If you get the Xbox One game taking too long to start issues when attempting to launch specific Xbox One apps, it is advised to verify the status of Xbox Live services. Because some programs and games depend on Xbox Live to function correctly, you can encounter this error if there are problems with Xbox Live services.

xbox status


By visiting the Xbox website and checking to see if this service is available, you can confirm the availability of Xbox Live services. You would run into the previously mentioned problem or other issues if it didn’t run. If you wish to learn about rng gaming, click here!

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Alternate between Instant On and Energy Saving

Many functionalities are disabled in an energy-saving mode to save more energy. On the other side, Instant On mode is merely the low-powered condition your Xbox enters. Xbox One games take too long to start, so by switching between these two modes, it may be possible to turn off any features impeding the game or app files’ proper operation and solve the issue. It carries little danger.

  1. By holding down the Menu button, choose Settings.
  2. Then Select Options and Power mode & startup.power and startup
  3. Alternate between the Instant-on modepower mode instat on

and the Energy-saving mode.

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Configure The Network Settings

Configuring a network is difficult, especially if you need help figuring out where to start. The steps are straightforward, and sometimes modifying the network settings fixes the issues.

  1. Select Settings > Network > Advanced Settings from the menu.advanced settings
  2. Choose Clear > Alternate MAC address.clear mac address
  3. The console should restart after you have finished erasing the MAC address.restart console

Try reloading the game to see if the problem has been fixed when the console has resumed.

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Put Games And Programs On The Internal Hard Disk.

Try this fix if you get the issue because you use an external hard drive to run your games. Install your programs and games from your external disk to fix this.

hard disk

Once the files have been installed, restart your console, and it should function.

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Deactivate The Instant-On Feature.

For the Xbox One, the Instant-On function serves as a sleep mode, and you may immediately launch Xbox One and continue playing your game. Although this function is quite helpful, it could also have some drawbacks. For instance, the Instant-On feature won’t entirely turn off your Xbox, which means that the Xbox is still in use and consuming power.

Additionally, customers have stated that whenever they try to launch the TV app, they keep seeing the error “Why is my Xbox taking so long to restart.

The simplest solution to this issue is to turn off Instant-On mode:

  1. Press the Menu button, then navigate to the Settings area.settings
  2. The Power and startup option.power mode
  3. Then choose Power Options to go from Instant-On to Energy-saving mode.instant on

The error notice ought to be removed after activating the Energy-saving mode. The Xbox One system is entirely turned off in the Energy-saving mode to conserve electricity, so keep that in mind.

Repairment of The mistake will be done, but if your games take too long to start, Xbox One will start up slowly. Once this fix resolves the issue, consider turning on the Instant-On mode.

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Video games also need to maintain their temperatures, like laptops and PCs. The excessive temperature will cause your Xbox One console to operate more slowly if it continues to overheat.


As a result, rendering visuals on the console will take longer. In addition to that, it will have trouble processing the data while installing games.

If your Xbox One games take too long to start, we advise you to clear the vents of dust and any other trapped debris to prevent the vents from becoming blocked. Keep the Xbox One system in a space that is well-ventilated as well.

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Delete The Problematic Xbox Game.

The broken game you wish to launch can be responsible for the problem. In this situation, uninstall it and then reinstall it. To take it away,

  1. Make sure there are no discs in the disc tray.
  2. Find My Games & Apps on the PC.console settings
  3. Go to the game’s menu after selecting it.hard drive games
  4. Delete the problematic Xbox game.delete game
  5. From that menu, select Manage Game.
  6. Select Uninstall from the options menu by clicking the game’s name.
  7. Reinstall it right away from the official website.

It will prevent any errors related to Xbox One apps from starting to occur.


Why do games open so slowly?

Running out of storage space is the most frequent cause of a gaming computer booting slowly. You may have downloaded too many files, causing your PC trouble keeping up. Virus attacks or having too many programs open at startup are other possibilities.

Why won't my Xbox games launch?

Your console will reboot after a complete power cycle. You can do this without losing your games or data. The Xbox button on the console front must be down to turn it off.

Why does it take an application so long to load?

The following are the leading causes of your mobile app's slowness: Your app needs to be updated and more helpful. The server's speed is slow, and optimizing encrypted connections is necessary.

Why do my games play so slowly?

If you recently purchased a new game or your current game needs to be fixed, update your video drivers. The drivers enable your video card to communicate with the rest of your system. New drivers frequently include bug patches, new services, and configuration updates.


Now that we have highlighted the easy and secure measures to solve the Xbox One games that take too long to start, there is no limit to your enthusiasm when playing the video game on an Xbox system.

But we sincerely hope that at least one of these fixes will let you use your great gaming system.

While there are many approaches to identifying the underlying source of the problem, the remedies listed above should provide a solid enough foundation for you to identify and fix Xbox One games that take too long to start.

Always keep a backup of your information and games on an external device or in the cloud to prevent losing everything.

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