It’s always exciting and fun to play with Xbox One. But what if we can also gain critical thinking skills and logical skills along with having fun? What if time flies away without our knowledge, and we hardly realize it? Xbox One games are the ultimate fun givers.

Puzzle games can be simple. You can have some gameplay or fancy graphics to make a good game. Even more minor games can be calm and exciting. These puzzle games have unique challenges and satisfying solutions that make them a must-play for puzzle lovers.

Zest of gaming packed with intellect is what the Xbox One puzzle games do to us. You will never stop gaming, and it helps in sharpening your IQ levels. We will look at games of all the genres available in puzzle games. This 2023, let us try some best puzzle games like Xbox one. For what are we waiting? Let us dive in.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War can be considered a puzzle game that comes under the adventure genre. Among the puzzle games, Valiant Hearts is an excellent and most claimed game.

valiant hearts puzzle game

There is a storyline based upon war; we need to solve it carefully to move forward. There’s shooting, and dogs guide us throughout the game. Valiant Hearts is the best fit for Xbox One puzzle adventure games.

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The Swapper

Here we need to swap with the bodies to get through the levels and proceed further. This game is set up in space, and we get the opportunity to play the role of an astronaut. Just keep swapping the bodies as per the environment and the challenges.

the swapper

Swapper is a must-have best puzzle game on Xbox. It has quite a lot of resemblance to Portal. But it is unique in its way. 


Colors and shooting are great fun. ChromaGun gives us that fun. We have to shoot the bots with our guns, filled with colors.

chromagun xbox one

Hitting the right ones will open doors to the following levels. Initially, we can play with RGB, but we can have fun with new colors as we move ahead. 

Little Nightmares

Are you scared just by the name? You are right to be scared. Little Nightmares is designed for Xbox One puzzle games to create a thrill, a one of a kind in thriller genre. Grab the chance to play the character of a little girl stuck in a world of gothic demons.

little nightmares

We need to solve puzzles to escape the monsters within a fixed time frame, which adds tingle to the game.

The Talos Principle

Let us now explore the sci-fi genre puzzle games. We need to play this game as a robot and solve the puzzles from its perspective. Explore new domains, build and gain a lot of skills by playing The Talos Principle.

the talos principle

We have a lot of versions in this game with additional features to increase our excitement and fun. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are also compatible. 

Thimbleweed Park

It’s time to look into the horror genre. Thimbleweed Park fits here perfectly. Thimbleweed is full of ghosts and devils that roam in the town freely. As agents, we need to investigate the murder in this ghost town to find the guilty.

thimbleweed park

This town is full of dead people and many creepy things that could give us goosebumps. We need to use our problem-solving and critical skills to solve the case. The best part is, we can play this game for free. 


It will be a disgrace if we don’t talk about Portal when discussing Xbox One puzzle games. Portal is the most sought out puzzle game. It has also gained a lot of popularity around the world. Fundamental physics and common sense are the prerequisites of this game.

portal game

Each player is equipped with a portal device through which we need to make portals and escape enemies, bots. We have Portal 2 also, which got better than its earlier version. One can find this game on Steam, and it’s compatible with PC too. 


Tacoma is a sci-fi puzzle game that takes us into the future. It gives us control over time. AI specialist is the role assigned to us, and we need to travel into the future to know about the mishappenings of a spaceship.

tacoma puzzle game

Thermal scans, reversal of time, and instincts help us to resolve everything that happened. Though it didn’t receive massive popularity, it stands out for sure. 

The Witness

Let us talk about one more game in the list of Xbox One puzzle games. The Witness makes us witness a mysterious island filled with plenty of surprises.

the witness

To explore all the islands, we need to solve puzzles as they come, creating paths to move forward. Exciting maps come our way, which, when decoded, also give us clues on the direction to follow. 


Qube is a mind-boggling puzzle game that will use our analytical and critical thinking skills. A Player gets to experience moving cubes that are of different shapes, sizes, and colors.


We need to solve all these cubes to finish a level and move to the next one. Be mindful; it is no child’s play. The levels complicate, and we need to think hard to solve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there still Xbox One games?

Though Microsoft remains committed to sustaining support for Xbox One hardware and existing titles like Minecraft designed for the previous generation, a significant transition has occurred. No Microsoft studios are creating new games exclusively for Xbox One.

What is the best game console for puzzle games?

Rapidly gaining prominence as a hub for puzzle games, the Nintendo Switch boasts a selection of standout titles in this genre. Noteworthy in video game consoles worldwide.

How long can an Xbox One last?

Typically, an Xbox One remains operational for around 4 to 7 years. Nevertheless, Microsoft affirms that by practicing vigilant maintenance, users can extend the console's lifespan up to 10 years. Durability depends on usage, maintenance, and storage conditions.

Can you leave your Xbox on 24/7?

Allowing your Xbox to remain on for extended durations doesn't automatically result in the console malfunctioning. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and refrain from keeping it operational for excessively long periods. If you cannot supervise the console while it's running, you expose it to the potential risk of overheating, which can ultimately damage the system's components.


To sum up, try out some of the best Xbox One puzzle games mentioned above and sharpen your problem-solving abilities. It is all fun and exciting with no room for boredom. Puzzle games are also a twist to the regular scheme of games that we play. Hence, share with your friends and enjoy these puzzle games. Stating about puzzles, Sudoku is also a puzzle you get stuck in many times. Click here to learn how to solve them.

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