How to Fix Your Location Is Currently in Use | Windows 10

There are certain small tricks and trinkets we still don’t understand about windows 10, especially with the updates coming out now and then. One of them is something most of us face regularly. It’s the “Your location is currently in use” notif.

You can deal with the same if aware of one or two tricks. Because contrary to our beliefs, these aren’t so complicated.

So, if you too are as confused as I was before I did research, I got your back.

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What do you mean by ‘Your Location is Currently in Use’

In the most generic terms, it informs you that certain apps in your system have got access to your location. Just a small notification by Windows so that you don’t feel like it is hiding something from you.

It is a location-based service, as it deals with the same, right? The location-based services are a critical part of any device. The credit, for the one here, goes to Microsoft.

Sometimes at the right bottom of your screen, you’ll spot a circle. It is the indication that your location is currently in use.

If you hover your cursor over the circle, you’ll see the message in the tooltip. The services which track it, let the apps know where your location is.

Some applications may ask permission for that while you are installing them. The reason behind it is, that they need those apps for functioning correctly.

Those who take it as a breach of their privacy can turn it off in the settings. Along with that, you can customize some settings similar in nature.

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Let us see how you can do all of the above.

Fix the Error- Your Location is Currently in Use

Whether you want your it to be accessible or not, is your choice. It is possible to adjust it. However, you want. Sounds splendid to me.

Yes, you heard that right. You can get rid of the “your location is currently in use” message. That you can achieve by adjusting the settings here and there, let us see how.

Get to the Location Option

  1. So, see the small windows button sign in the left corner of your screen? Yes, press that. A popup section will appear with some options and your computer’s apps. There, spot a small gear icon. Hover your cursor over it. It will show the tooltip “settings.”
  2. Click the icon. A blue background will appear, and then the settings page. It has settings like phone settings, app settings, gaming, etc. From the lot, choose privacy settings.
  3. You can achieve the same by clicking on the Windows button on your keyboard.
  4. You can even type the name of the setting in the search area. It will get you the same result when dealing with the “your location is currently in use” problem. When you open the settings, there will be a menu of options.
  5. From the menu, scroll down and select “location” by tapping on it. Now, settings associated with location will appear.
  6. You can play with two different choices.

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Turning of Each User’s Location

If you do not want the devices to access your location. Also, if you want to do it for every user, then slide the slider to the “off” side. When you have enabled the location, the slider will be blue. By toggling it off, you can take care of the “your location is currently in use” message.

The option, along with the slider, rambles about what happens if you turn the slider off. It tells you that if you leave it on, the apps like weather apps will use your location.

Disabling the Device

If you don’t want the trouble of doing it for each user, there is one more way. How?

You can toggle the location off for the whole device, at once—no need for taking the long route. See the change button with the very first setting. That button will do the trick for you.

The setting tells you windows won’t supply your location to the windows apps store and other services.

If you wish to go on, click on the change button. There will be a slider similar to the other one. You can turn it on if it isn’t already.

Device Settings

How to Deny/Allow Location Access to Apps

While we’re at it, you can decide which apps you want to allow to access the location and which not. It is another facility at your disposal. Just scroll down a Lil more to access the same. There are some apps with sliders in front of them. You can slide it on/off for apps whose location you want to turn on/off. Clear enough, I hope?

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But there is a catch. If you don’t want the “your location is currently in use” message. If you want the setting to work, you have to turn “on” both of the above settings.

Other Fascinating Options

Along with other settings, some additional ones can come in handy.

Erase Your History

For example, you may want to erase your location history. To be sure, you know? You can spot the option just above the one where you deal with individual apps.

Click on clear history to get rid of all the location logs.

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Then we have the Geo-fencing option. It prevents the apps from crossing the geographical boundary and hence the name. For the apps that use the feature, feel free to adjust it as well.

Hide It to Avoid Location Pop-up

What is the bonus? You can also hide the “your location is currently in use” message. Hop to the personalization section, then the option to choose which icons appear on the taskbar. You can spot the opportunity by selecting the taskbar tab.

Just turn the slider for location notifications off. Straightforward, right?. No more of the “your location is currently in use” notification.


That was all about how to deal with the “Your location is currently in use” message. You can adjust the settings your way, or you can choose not to see it at all. Either way, if you know these tricks, it can be a blessing in disguise. So read the article and stay up-to-date.

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