The article is about Youtube’s Challenges To Do With Friends At Home. Suppose you enjoy watching YouTube and have been doing so for some time. In that case, you may have noticed that several YouTubers are simultaneously beginning to produce videos known as “YouTube Challenges.”

The Most Popular YouTube Video Challenges are- 
  1. The Challenge of the Ghost Pepper
  2. The Challenge of the Smoothie
  3. The Bean Boozled Test
  4. The Challenge of Cinnamon
  5. The Chubby Bunny Challenge
  6. Challenge: “Eat It or Wear It”
  7. Watermelon that explodes
  8. Ice Cream Taste Test

youtube challenges to do with friends at home

Let Strangers Buy Your Outfit, No Internet Challenge, 5-Minute DIY Challenge, Do a Tough Challenge in a Videogame, Dollar Store DIY Challenge, and 100 Layers Challenge is a few YouTube challenges. People are becoming more inventive with their material thanks to these challenges. Additionally, it draws more visitors and subscribers to the YouTube channel and is fun to watch.

Taking up challenges with friends, your significant other, or even yourself is popular among YouTubers and vloggers. These humorous Youtube Challenges are available to try, record, and submit to your channel!

12 Best Challenges for YouTube for 2023

Youtube Challenges To Do With Friends At Home can be shot using Wave. Video, and here’s how to convert youtube videos to wav. The 12 most fun challenges are all listed below:-

The Challenge of the Ghost Pepper

The ghost pepper, one of the hottest peppers/chilis worldwide, has been hailed as the next big thing in spicy cooking.

ghost pepper challenge

This challenge may be for you if you can withstand the pain. If not, start small and build up before tackling this monster pepper.

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The Challenge of the Smoothie

One of the YouTube Challenges To Do is this. You have a choice in how the smoothie challenge turns out for you. Either you get a tasty treat, or you might have to grab a bucket.

You need a particular quantity of ingredients, half of which should be delectable and the other half somewhat repulsive. The next step is to list each element on paper and combine them in a bowl or hat.

smoothie challenge

The players then choose the ingredients to put into a blender for their smoothie.

You only need to consume the smoothie to complete the Challenge. That is, until you combine marmite and tomato sauce, which isn’t all that horrible.

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The Bean Boozled Test

Almost everyone will like the Bean Boozled challenge on YouTube, but Harry Potter enthusiasts will likely enjoy it even more. This task involves consuming several jelly beans inspired by flavors from the Harry Potter novels and films, as you may have guessed.

bean boozled challenge

The only thing you need to complete these Youtube Challenges is the Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Box, where you will find ten delicious and ten identical beans with bizarre flavors.

The Challenge of Cinnamon

You’ve probably heard of the traditional cinnamon challenge as the Youtube Challenge. It entails consuming a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in less than 60 seconds without drinking any liquids.

cinnamon challenge

Most frequently, it results in a large cinnamon cloud and participants looking for something to drink. Due to the possibility of choking, exercise caution when performing the cinnamon challenge.

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The Chubby Bunny Challenge

The Chubby Bunny challenge is another YouTube cult favorite.

Take turns putting marshmallows in your mouth to complete this Challenge. Take turns putting marshmallows into your mouth and attempting to speak “Chubby Bunny” to complete this straightforward task. If you can say it, continue until you run out of marshmallows to put in your mouth.

chubby bunny challenge

The person who has the most marshmallows wins. Remember the choking threat here, as you were with the cinnamon task earlier.

Challenge: “Eat It or Wear It”

The “eat it or wear it” Challenge leads to serious muck. In this Challenge, several meals are placed in opaque bags, making it impossible to see what is inside, and each bag is given a number.

eat it or war it challenge

Then everyone takes turns selecting bags (or going numerically). Whatever is in your suitcase must be eaten and worn if you don’t want to eat it.

The participant who “wears” the little one wins.

Here’s what to do if Youtube shows Black Screen in Google Chrome.

Watermelon that explodes

You should perform the watermelon explosion Youtube Challenge.

A standard watermelon is the first step, followed by numerous elastic bands.

watermelon challenge

The last person to put an elastic band on will be in for a major surprise when it explodes after you continue to put elastic bands on.

Ice Cream Taste Test

You must collect and blind-test various flavors to complete the ice cream challenge.

You succeed if you correctly guess the flavors.

ice cream taste test

Increase the difficulty by asking someone else to purchase the various varieties or make your interesting-flavor ice cream.

Baby Food Challenge

Another quick and straightforward Youtube Challenge you might undertake is the baby food challenge.

baby food challenge

To buy baby food at this point, you can either go back to the store or order a mixed box to be delivered (like this one on Amazon).

The McDonald’s Roulette Test

Your next visit to McDonald’s can be made more exciting by playing McDonald’s roulette.

Go to the drive-through and place the same order as the vehicle in front of you.

mcdonald's roulette test

Who knows what you’ll receive—you might only receive a McFlurry or a dinner fit for a large family—but that’s all part of the excitement.

10.000 Calories Challenge

Given that the daily average calorie intake for men and women is between 2,000 and 2,500, this is no small accomplishment. Consuming 4 or 5 times as much food won’t be easy.

10000 calorie challenge

You may add flavor by concentrating on a particular dish or color or setting a time limit.

Whatever you decide to do, practice moderation and avoid taking up these tasks frequently because doing so might harm your health. Here’s how to

The Challenge of the Hungry Hippos

In the hungry hippo Youtube Challenge, you must consume as much candy (such as jelly beans, smarties, skittles, etc.) in a given amount of time.

hungry hungry hippos challenge

The person with the most candy in their cup at the end wins. As you proceed, you put the candy you can collect with your mouth into a cup.


Why should your channel participate in YouTube Challenges?

After reading this, we hope that you will be motivated! Additionally, Youtube challenges with friends at home draw more visitors and subscribers to the YouTube channel and are fun to watch. Additionally, you can amuse yourself and have a good time while recording friend challenges on YouTube and thinking of starting your channel. Here's how to get the perfect name for your Youtube Channel.

How should you approach the 100th YouTube Challenge?

Why not create your Challenge for the 100th YouTube Challenge? Remember that each Challenge's 'rules' are more like guidelines. You can alter the numbers, amounts, and obstacles.

What is the funniest YouTube Challenge?

Challenge 'Not My Hands' You need one friend seated or standing behind you. The companion must act as their own. You can try these YouTube and video challenges and publish them to your channel.

What YouTube Challenges are currently trending?

The 'Ghost Pepper' Test One of the most popular Youtube challenges to do with friends at home. This Challenge requires you to consume a whole ghost pepper, a Bhut jolokia and record your response. If you're going to do this, watch a few YouTube videos first to ensure you're interested in doing it.


Youtube Challenges To Do With Friends At Home is frequently simple and fun.

As you can see, there is a ton to accomplish and many ways to offer exciting material to your audience, with over 170 YouTube challenges. We hope this article has been helpful if you need assistance coming up with YouTube Challenge Ideas or want additional ideas for your challenges.

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