4 Best Free YouTube Name Generator Websites


Everyone has thought about making a YouTube channel once in their lifetime, haven’t we all? I know I have. And this is a genuine question that has bugged my ambitious friend who wanted a gaming channel, and he has bugged the crap out of me to suggest a good name to him. If you are one of those people, let me ease you a bit by providing you with a list of 5 best YouTube name generator websites.

These websites will help you pick at least one name for your dream YouTube channel so that you can get a strong foundation for the sake of your initial promotions. Besides, a clean YouTube channel name is easier to remember and spread through word of mouth. So let’s get straight to it.

Best YouTube Name Generator


Namegenerator is a fairly simple name generator site, which asks you to enter a prefix and a suffix for your channel names. It will then take those words of your choice and add some additional words in between in the suggestions, which show up as soon as you hit the Generate YouTube Names button.

You can generate random names even without a fixed prefix and suffix choices, by simply hitting the ‘Generate YouTube names’ button repeatedly, until you see a name that you like.

Most of the names that it came up with did not appeal to me, but there were some names which I thought were really very good, like BrokenTv or FlimsyChannel. They didn’t sound all too corny and made up at the last minute. So I can confidently recommend this website. It’s fast, it’s free, and most importantly, it is easy to use.

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As weird as it sounds, NameNami is a pretty legit online YouTube name generator. It takes an (optional) prefix and a suffix as well, though you can generate names without them. But I found that the names generated without either the prefix or the suffix of your choice are just crap. It straight out places random words from the dictionary for you without any of your prefix or suffix. I’ve even got suggestions as basic as “angry.”

But combine that with a suffix, and it makes a pretty good name. So I recommend you leave the prefix field blank, but add a suffix for your channel. Something like “TV” or “Gamer” will do. But compared to the other ones on this list, this one is a bit slower to give results. But the results are good enough to be considered, just take my advice and put in a suffix.


I know what you might be thinking, and yes, this is a password generator site. But it generates some catchy usernames as well, which is what we are currently after. This site has quite a lot of fields for you to fill up as per your convenience, like username styles, first name, and the last name. You can even throw in a digit like your birth year or a lucky number of yours.
There is a password field as well, but let’s not bother about that. Hit the Generate Now button and you are presented with a pretty elaborate name as per your chosen username style. It gives pretty unreadable names at times, but sometimes, you are presented with really catchy ones. So give it a shot and see what you get. It does take a while to generate the names though, depending on your internet connection.


This site is bold enough to name itself Bestusernamegenerator (apparently). This is a good option if you want a bunch of names displayed at once, instead of hitting the generate button a thousand times before getting the one that sounds good to you.
You can add a word that you prefer and select the length of the generated names. I think they are measured by the number of characters. You can choose between less than 10, less than 15, less than 18 or All lengths. You get a crapload of names upon clicking on the Generate button and beware, most of them are pretty weak quality strings.

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But some names among them are nicely put together. Since the options are so many, it might take a while to find the one you like. But it wouldn’t hurt to give this site an honest try. Hope our list of YouTube name generator is helpful for you.


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