YouTube Videos Won’t Play? Here’s How to Fix It


One of the most widely used platforms for streaming and uploading videos is YouTube. YouTube Videos are viewed, uploaded, downloaded on the Cloud and used by companies and individuals to earn money, showcase their portfolio and interact with the world in an entirely open space.

However, every software just like YouTube possess some back end issues, some front end issues and most of them are very common. One such problem faced by users worldwide is the phenomena where YouTube Videos Won’t Play for some unknown reason or defect in the website, router, computer or network connection.

You will probably face this issue at least once in your lifetime if you are a frequent user of the Internet and its many services. Likely, the solution to this problem lies in many domains.

You can try out each one, to know and figure out the right issue that might be causing your YouTube to function weirdly. Here we list 15 such solution hacks which might solve your problem so you can start watching your favorite videos right away.

10 Ways to Fix YouTube Videos Won’t Play

Sign off on the google account and play videos anonymously

Sometimes, the issue might be related to your Google Account, which might be stopping you from playing certain videos. That could be checked by logging out of your accounts on every device and trying to play the videos. If the videos seem to play smoothly, then look into your account settings for any problem.

Connect to a different Internet network other than yours.

Your Internet service provider viz. Cellular Connection or WiFi Router runs through a DNS server which latches your connection through a specific tunnel and blocks some other network paths.

To ensure your internet connection doesn’t pose any problems, try connecting to some other network nearby perhaps a hotspot or another cellular Internet. Despite this changes, if the YouTube Videos won’t play then follow the steps ahead.

Reset your Router

Your Router connects you to the Internet via preset settings. At the time, it might get blocked at some pathways and disable some websites from opening. Reset your Router and reconnect it to the device to load YouTube. It should solve your problem.

Still failing to play videos? Update your Router Firmware

There might be some issue related to your Router Firmware if resetting the router doesn’t work. YouTube Videos Won’t Play unless the Internet connection accepts your website. There are various ways to update your router firmware. Kindly refer to your particular router instructions.

Clear Cookies, data and Reset your Browser

  • Go to the Settings Option in your respective browser and look for Cookies and Cache Storage options.
  • Clear the data and cookies stored in the browser. Also, clear the history and reset your browser settings.
  • It would turn your browser into the default state and will surely solve the issue.

Turn off or disable your browser extensions and plugins

Sometimes the many extensions or plugins we install in the browser, turn out to be bundled with spam software or bugs which operate in the background of your system.

These small bits of code which go undetected in the background are responsible for why YouTube videos won’t play in your browser.
These extensions and plugins, also affect your overall browsing experience by introducing multiple ads on your web pages and changing your home page to a certain sponsored search engine.

It’s best to delete/remove all the extensions and plugins before you reset your browser. It will clear off many hurdles in the system. Try running YouTube once again. Hopefully, it will resolve the issue.

Update YouTube App

YouTube releases regular updates for some browser interfaces and devices whereby it makes changes to the playback quality and settings for certain devices and browsers.

Updating YouTube app will ensure you are running latest installed updates. After updating, YouTube app should be working fine if there were any issues in the source code for the app.

Use TFC (Temp File Cleaner)

You can make use of some Cleanup software to remove unwanted files and software which might be interfering with your browser functioning or web page experience.

One such software is the TFC, i.e., Temp File Cleaner which clears off temp files from your system. You can also delete temp files using Run command and search for temp files in your system. It releases some unwanted files and releases memory for applications.

Update Sound Driver

Your audio programs installed on the system interfere with the YouTube interface. Stop or remove any audio software or external audio devices connected to your system.

Then update your sound drivers to ensure your software part is functioning well. It will solve any minor issues from the software side of your system which might be the reason behind the YouTube videos won’t play scenario.

Forget WiFi Network and Reconnect

Many users have experienced this problem where the YouTube videos won’t play. Sometimes the complicated solutions work wonders, but often the problem lingers in the little bugs hidden behind the bigger problems.

A small refresh in your network might just solve your problem for the videos. Go to your WiFi network settings window and forget the network you use for Internet Connectivity. Reboot your system and reconnect to the network once again. It would establish a connection with your web browser once again and hopefully resolve your issue.


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