Recently, companies have increasingly resorted to outsourcing implementation in their structures, and a dedicated development team has become one of the popular models. The business success of any company project is inseparably connected with the team, especially when it comes to the IT sphere. According to the size of the project, its goals, and features, such as financial opportunities, the company selects the most comfortable model of cooperation with IT specialists.

Since a few years ago, the size of the IT outsourcing industry has seen a lot of growth. Numerous studies of global consulting companies evidence this. GrandViewResearch estimates the international IT services market will be about $716 billion in 2020, Statista calls the figure about $400 billion, and GlobeNewswise says just under $320 billion. In 2020, the global market saw anticipation to reach $557 billion. That is contributing towards 78% of the overall market. There are also estimates that the IT outsourcing market will be $527 billion in 2021. Other reports cite a figure of $968 billion. Based on this, the IT services sector is expected to be worth about $1,070 billion after three years, and the IT outsourcing market will be worth about $807 billion. 

It is essential to understand that the numbers largely depend on the methods and the people who conducted the research. Within this market, such a business model as a dedicated development team is becoming increasingly popular.

When Do You Need a Dedicated Developer Team?

Still unsure if a dedicated development team of product developers is a good fit for you? Let’s take a look at the main reasons and cases in which such specialists would be useful. There are advantages to hiring a dedicated development team compared to an in-house team:

  • If you compare, it is cheaper.
  • You are in charge of your funds
  • There is no need to equip workplaces;
  • You get the team you need faster than your HR department can assemble.

But still, this is not a universal business model because you need to pay attention to whether your company needs a dedicated team. You can consider these points: 

  • If you want to increase your in-house team for a particular project.
  • Do not have an internal team of programmers but need software development.
  • Is the team focused on a long-term project?
  • You want to manage the hired team as their own.

Which Country Inclines Towards Hiring A Team Like That?

Eastern Europe and Asia are apparently the top locations for hiring a dedicated development team in relation to the quality-price ratio. Read this if you want to know all about outsourcing in development. So let’s look at the most perspective countries.

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Ukraine is one of the most attractive destinations for many American and European startups because of its competitive prices, excellent work, and great talent. Even the Financial Times endorses that Ukraine is a future IT leader. ukraine dedicated development teamAmong the key points why Ukraine is the best place to hire a dedicated team are the following facts:

  • Ukraine hosts 1000+ annual events for IT professionals, startups, and investors.
  • It will never lack growth.
  • You may dedicated development team in Ukraine for a lot less money than in the United States since 80% of developers are fluent in English.
  • Ukraine is number 1 in Europe in terms of IT services exports.


Poland is one of the rapidly developing economies. This country is good for a business environment. It has a popularity for investments as well. Also, a huge plus is that Poland ranks 11th in the world and 9th in Europe in terms of English proficiency. Last but not least, Poland has been following EU standards and laws for years, so you don’t have to worry about privacy.poland dedicated development team

There are a lot of talented developers in these countries, and an example of this would be a Ukrainian-Polish company that operates according to the dedicated team model Brights, which has extensive experience working for customers from the USA and Europe.


Companies worldwide rely on a dedicated software development team from India for huge profits. Indian engineers have a lot of talent and are open and quick to act. And most importantly, Indian offshore website and application development companies are much easier on the budget than companies from Australia.india developers

With Indian specialized teams, you may simply skip the expense of training and other incentives. Moreover, get the ideal balance of pricing, flexibility, and quality. An example of a reliable Indian company is Graffersid, whose specialists have a variety of capabilities and vast experience.

What To Do Before Selecting The Dedicated Team?

You can consider the following factors in selection:

Market Research

First of all, you need to determine the country in which you are going to look for a dedicated development team. market researchThings to consider:

  • Pay that is dependent on hours
  • The difference in time zones;
  • English level;
  • Business development conditions;
  • Quality of work.

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Checking Software Vendor Information

You can search various online platforms that give surveys and ratings, especially for software development service companies. vendor informationThese websites judge the businesses by seeing the reviews left by actual clients. Here are the most popular ones:

Determine The Fit With Your Needs

Decide what kind of software development will benefit you for your project. Be open to suggestions from partners depending on your present conditions, as they may offer a unique perspective for your project. Moroever, you can gain considerable subject-matter experience.

Ask For A Test Project

You must know how your potential partners are dealing with the project. Also, understand the ability of the engineers and whether you feel at ease working with them after participating in a free trial project.

Check The Experience Of The Team

Before you make any decisions, it’s also a good idea to find out what the vendor’s experience is. It’s a good idea to also ask what projects the team has worked on before to get an idea of their experience and accomplishments. 


When should I hire a dedicated development team?

When the needs are unclear, it is a good idea to employ a dedicated development team. It may take a long time just to get to the discovery phase with all the many parties. A team helps with resources.

What is the best way to hire dedicated developers?

Identify the technology your project requires and then place a comprehensive search for those skills.

What kind of company could benefit from a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is the best option for projects with many vague requirements: aspiring startups and evolving tech businesses.


Partnership with an external developer is one of the best tools for optimizing a company’s business processes. When properly building a partnership, the dedicated team can become not just an “insurance” or “spare hand” for implementing current tasks but a strategic asset for productive business development.

Companies that practice outsourcing services have seen that cooperation with reliable external developers opens new business opportunities. As per Startupsoft, project management will be confident in the quality of the result and calmly switch from operational tasks to strategic issues aimed at business development. The IT services market today is quite mature, and there are also many reasons for outsourcing, so the customer has only to decide on the right dedicated development team. 

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