How to Calculate Crypto Profits | Quick and Easy Ways

CryptoCurrency has almost become a part of many lives in this emerging modern world, and particularly it has captured the attention of young adults—moreover, people who indulge in business, traders, people, government, etc. Bitcoin buyers have the next place in the Bitcoin market in the modern mechanical world. This digital currency soon became an easily accessible currency, and who knows, maybe the future also will depend on this mode of earning money. But, how to calculate crypto profit?

crypto profit

Yes, the popularity of Bitcoin has his the human race to a greater extent, and it never attacks the value of the other existing currencies. This article primarily focuses on the new and emerging bitcoin traders who have made their first cut by purchasing their first Cryptocurrency. But the question that you may have right now is, how to calculate crypto profit? How do we know if our investment is in profit or loss?

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Ways to Calculate Crypto Profit

In this modern world, through the growth of technology and science, the idea of profit and loss is trending. Hence, it is necessary to keep track of the profit and loss of your Bitcoin when it comes to Cryptocurrency. So to achieve this, you must know how to calculate crypto profit. So follow the article to gain more on how to calculate crypto profit.

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How to Calculate the Crypto Profit of a Single Bitcoin? 

Crypto profit is something you gain from selling the coin out of the investment at a highly profitable price. The value of these coins may increase or decrease anytime. The value of these coins is not similar to Euro or Dollars.

ways to calculate crypto profit

It is rather acknowledged by the supply and the movement of large investors. And this way of earning profit has picked up its trend from past few years and right now it has an incredibly higher welcome in present days.

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Things to Remember While Calculating the Profit of CryptoCurrency

If you are very curious to know how to calculate the profit of the cryptocurrency from your investment. Use the following method to yield maximum benefits.  

The amount you have spent to purchase a coin like bitcoin, for instance, will not be the same the next day. It may either increase or decrease. It may be Rs.10 today, and it may increase by 100 points tomorrow.

In that case, you have gained something. So to calculate the profit that you have earned, you have to follow this simple trick. You have to subtract the total value when you have purchased from the total value at present. This formula gives you a fair idea of how to calculate the profit. 

crypto calculator

A similar straightforward calculation works with your most curious question, How to calculate crypto profit? For example: assume that you have bought a crypto coin such as the famous and trustworthy bitcoin-like. For instance, the initial price you have bought the coin is Rs.2000.

A year after, you are selling the same coin at Rs.20,000. Now, you will see the difference between what amount you have bought the coin and sold the coin. And in this case, definitely want you have encountered is profit.

So, how to calculate crypto profit? In this case, you have to use your mathematics. As mentioned in the above sample paragraph, you have to deduct the amount you spent to buy the bitcoin from the amount you gained by selling it.

In this instance, the amount you used to buy your bitcoin is Rs.2000. And now, the amount that you have sold your Bitcoin is Rs.20,000. And the profit of it is as follows: Profit = Rs.20,000 – Rs.2000 = Rs. 18,000.

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How to Calculate the Profit of Two or More Crypto Coins?

Calculating the profit of your crypto coins is sometimes seems to be very simple, and sometimes it will end up as a complicated process. It is crucial to keep track of the crypto coins you possess profit.

And it is well known that calculating the crypto profit of one coin like Bitcoin or something is not a stressful process. But what if we have to figure the profit for more crypto coins or Bitcoins? Again this question arises in your mind on how to calculate crypto profit.

Calculating the crypto profit of two or more coins is similar to calculating the yield of a single cryptocurrency. All you have to do is multiply the number of coins you have sold with the subtracted profit of the single crypto coin or Bitcoin.

To break it in simpler terms, if you want to calculate the gain of a single Bitcoin or Crypto coin from the day you brought and sold it, you have to follow the above paragraph. You have to deduce the amount you spent to purchase the bitcoin from the total amount you got from selling it. 

crypto calc

Calculation of Crypto Profit

But it is very different when calculating the profit of more bitcoins. To calculate the profit, you have to subtract the final amount from the initial amount to get the gain of one bitcoin or crypto coin.

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Now, to calculate the profit of more number of bitcoin or crypto coins, let us assume the number of cash with the variable N. So, to calculate the gain of the N number of bitcoin you have sold, you have to follow the format: Profit of N = N  x ( Sold – brought)

calculations of crypto currency

For a clear understanding of calculating the overall profit, let us assume each case with numbers. If the profit you have earned for a single Bitcoin or Crypto Coin is 18,000, and you have sold 20 Bitcoins or Crypto coins, you have to multiply the number of Bitcoins or crypto coins by the profit that you have gained for a single Bitcoin. The Profit will be 20 x ( 20,000-2000) which will be 20 x (18,000), and the result is 360,000. So, this will be the overall profit of the number of Bitcoins you have sold.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Solutions

What is CryptoCurrency?

Cryptocurrency is also called Crypto. It is a digital currency with a centralized authority. This currency is almost similar to the money we deal with every day. You can make transactions and can hold a share market. To get a clear idea of how cryptocurrency works, you should purchase a crypto coin first. Years later, when its value becomes trice your purchase rate, that will be an incredible profit. That is how a cryptocurrency in this modern world works.

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Thus, the article shows how crypto coins have a huge welcome in the digital world. Moreover, the method provided in the above article for calculating the profit of a single Bitcoin is appropriate and accurate. This article also gives you a clear idea of calculating the profit scale of the total number of coins you have sold.

If you want to learn more about the crypto world, there is this amazing Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES) for the same! Also, the formulas that are given and the derivation with the respective formulas will help you understand how to calculate a crypto profit in a better way. I hope the answers to the question are suitable and appropriate. I hope this article is the best guide for you in calculating Crypto profit.

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