Cryptocurrency is now more popular on a global scale than it has ever been. Everyone is investing in it, from high school kids to billionaires. However, as a newcomer to the crypto world, it can be challenging to keep track of everything simultaneously. So get the best crypto alert apps here.

Our list’s top crypto price alert app is Cryptocurrency Alerting. It allows you to customize alerts according to your preferences and offers more notification methods than other apps and websites.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market’s volatility implies that values can rise and fall in minutes, if not seconds. These large price swings can result in massive losses, making it critical for investors to monitor price variations in the cryptocurrency market. This is where relying on crypto alert apps, and website becomes vital. This tutorial will inform you about the five top crypto alert apps. Also, check out this guide on calculating Crypto profits!

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Top Five Best Crypto Alert Apps

There are several best crypto trading platform apps for investing in cryptocurrencies. Below are the five best crypto alert apps to get instant alerts.


Coinbase is a crypto exchange and storage platform that operates online. The company aims to build a financial system where consumers may exchange digital currency for local currency and vice versa. One of the main reasons Coinbase ranks so high is that it is insured. All your money on the platform is protected if the website is hacked. That’s a feature you won’t find very often.coinbase

When you purchase a cryptocurrency on Coinbase, the platform gives you price alerts for that Cryptocurrency. You may configure this under the Coinbase app’s Settings menu. You can receive alerts via push notifications or in-app notifications. The app will tell you if there is a significant price difference in a short period. Remember that Coinbase will only send you price alerts for items on your watchlist. 

As previously stated, Coinbase displays price alerts for currencies on your watchlist. If users are interested in a specific asset, you may add it to your Coinbase watchlist by clicking the star icon on its website. The dashboard will then provide important information about this currency. Add the money you want to receive price notifications to your watchlist. The service is free because it is accessible through the Coinbase app, which you already use for trading. Undoubtedly, coinbase is one of the best cryptocurrency price alert apps.

Visit: Coinbase

Cryptocurrency Alerting

Cryptocurrency Alerting is one of the most dependable apps for receiving crypto price notifications because it allows you to tailor the alerts you receive. You can receive warnings via email, phone calls, telegram messages, and other means. The program analyses over 25,000 cryptocurrencies and displays real-time configurable crypto alerts for these assets. Furthermore, the software provides real-time price tracking for 44 exchanges, including Bitfinex, Kraken, BitMex, Bittrex, and Binance.

To set an alert, you must first define the parameters:

  1. You select the mechanism for receiving the notice.
  2. Inform the app that you want to get notified whenever the value of your chosen Cryptocurrency exceeds a specified threshold. You can also choose to receive price drop alerts.
  3. Choose the exchange and configure your attention.cryptocurrency alerting

While configuring notifications, the app displays the currency price of the asset in question.

Cryptocurrency Alerting notifies you when a new coin is listed on an exchange, in addition to crypto price alerts. For example, you could wish to know when a specific altcoin will be available on Coinbase Pro. Set an alert for it in Cryptocurrency Alerting, and the app will notify you when that asset is listed on the exchange. When you create these alerts, the app displays the most recent currency available on any business. You may even set a Wallet Watch Alert for any wallet address. When the wallet address you supplied when establishing the alert increases or drops in value, the platform will send you an email or other notification of your choice. This makes Cryptocurrency Alerting one of the crypto alert apps.

Visit: Cryptocurrency Alerting

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FTX Blockfolio is an iOS and Android software that allows you to purchase, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies. What distinguishes it from comparable apps is that users can earn up to 8% on all fiat and crypto deposits. Furthermore, the program allows you to establish notifications for the coin of your choice.blockfolio

The app is simple to use, has a clean appearance, and allows you to fund your wallet easily. It supports over 20 cryptocurrencies for which you can establish price notifications. According to the app’s description, you may begin trading Cryptocurrency in less than three minutes. 

Blockfolio is more straightforward than other crypto price alert tools on our list. You can create price alerts for certain assets. For example, you can select to receive alerts if the price of a specific cryptocurrency rises or falls by a given amount or percentage. You can receive in-app or push notifications, depending on your preferences. Owing to all these features, Blockfolio is regarded as one of the best crypto price alert apps.

Visit: Blockfolio

Coin Stats

Coin Stats is a one-stop shop for controlling your decentralized financial holdings. Among 400 others, the site supports famous cryptocurrency platforms such as Coinbase and Binance. Everything is seen on a single dashboard. Set up price notifications for the Cryptocurrency of your choice, and crucial developments will appear on your dashboard. Getting started with Coin Stats is also relatively simple because registering takes a few minutes. coin stats

Coin Stats allows you to search around 8000 coin prices from over 400 exchanges. You can utilize your local currency and sync your wallets and favorite crypto exchanges to the Coin Stats portfolio regardless of location. You won’t have to enter your transactions into the app this way manually.

Users may use advanced filtering in Coin Stats to locate the next best coin to buy. Similarly, you can utilize the app’s sorting features to set Bitcoin notifications for assets of your choice. The program also provides access to Twitter, Reddit, and other domains related to specific cryptocurrencies. It allows you to receive additional information and alerts about your asset, making it one of the most reliable crypto alert apps.

Visit: Coin Stats

Investing is a global financial platform operating for a long time. It provides analytical information, statistical data, financial market reviews, and quotes for various financial instruments based on area. With over 300,000 economic agents covered, it’s no surprise that Investing includes crypto price notifications.investing has provided price notifications to investors in all financial market sectors for years. The website or app will notify you whenever a price change or economic event occurs. You can create personalized price alerts for the Cryptocurrency you want to follow and monitor.

In addition, has authorized authors and professionals who produce analytical pieces for various financial products. You can receive alert notifications from via smartphone or desktop. You may also manage your alerts through the Alert Center in the app.



What is the best cryptocurrency app?

If you're seeking a supplier with super-low fees, we discovered that Bitstamp has the finest crypto app for 2022. The program also provides access to trading tools, allowing you to buy and sell digital currencies efficiently and actively.

Which is the most significant cryptocurrency wallet app?

Coinbase acts as a crypto alert app too. eToro,, and Coinbase are top crypto wallet apps. Each app has different markets and pricing, so read our reviews to determine which is best for you.

How can I get started with crypto trading?

You can begin by selecting an exchange and following some cryptocurrency transactions. Numerous apps can introduce you to the world of bitcoin trading.

How do I convert bitcoin into cash?

You can sell cryptocurrencies on a specialized exchange and withdraw the proceeds into your bank account. However, use a professional cryptocurrency conversion program to prepare for the real money you are entitled to.


Overall, crypto price alerts are helpful for traders because they provide information on price movements for specific cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency alerts also benefit newbies who wish to learn more about the market.

After a month of trading, forecasting based on recent price variations will be easier if you have several successful deals in your portfolio and have already done a similar study for a few exchanges. If you want to make data-driven judgments in the crypto market, it’s best to utilize a crypto price alert app to keep track of price movements.

Also, the RSI Divergence indicator is one of the most well-liked and well-known trading indicators available. You can trade seamlessly if you use RSI Divergence like a pro in forex. Many use it to evaluate markets and look for valuable entry points and exits.

We hope this article helped you find the best crypto alert app. 

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