15 Best Currency Converter Apps for iPhone [2021]

Money speaks in various languages. Often while dealing with international money related business or while traveling, we need to translate or precisely, convert currencies. There are several APIs that promise to do the job of currency conversion. Here are the finest Currency Converter Apps. With these apps on your phone, there is no need for a pen and paper for conversions. Before reading about these apps make sure you read about Crypto Head.

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Top 15 Currency Converter Apps

These best currency apps and their features are described below:

My Currency Converter & Rates by J Ruston Apps B.V.

This Currency Converter like the one above works offline too with interactive charts that come handy while looking at the data. You can even save your favorites with just a tap.

my currency converter and rates
My Currency Converter and Rates

With more than 5 million downloads the app is a reliable source for converting your currency. And to make traveling more desirable and easy, Currency Convertors come in handy. Also, this app supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Visit: My Currency Converter & Rates

Currency Converter by OANDA Corporation

This app is trusted and used by Major companies and Corporation such as Tax Authorities and Auditing firms. This app is a big platform concerning Currency conversion, Historical rates, and of course lives rates.

currency converter by oanda
Currency Converter by OANDA

Though this app does come with an offline mode it still gives the best results. It’s indeed is one of the best apps to get the job done safely and securely.

Visit: Currency Converter by OANDA

Currency Converter by Simple Simple

The app is highly appreciated by its user and said to convert 160 currency in one go. The app is available only on the Apple store. You can get instant conversion by typing the amount.

currency converter
Currency Converter

It is that simple. Also, when you add a currency code the app updates automatically and downloads the revised exchange rate.

Visit: Currency Converter

Currency Converter Plus Free by Digitalchemy, LLC

Humans have an urge to explore and travel. Traveling to places beyond the boundaries of the homeland is everyone’s dream; Currency Converter Plus free would be a reliable choice. This Converter too comes with good user reviews. With a quick calculator like the one in the app, it’s no doubt that the app is loved by its users.

currency converter plus free
Currency Converter Plus Free

This app supports all world currency, Cryptocurrency: – Bitcoin, and precious metals like others on the list. It also supports offline and airplane mode. It also lets you custom create your field so that you get the desired data efficiently.

Visit: Currency Converter Plus Free

XE Currency

This is the topmost trending app in the list of currency converter apps. It is famous for the facilities and options provided to the user for easy conversions. The download size of this app is 43.5 MB. It has a rating of 4.5 stars and requires iOS version 9.0 or later.

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XE Currency
XE Currency

Available in different languages, this app also has a paid version called XE Currency Pro. The app ensures to keep its first place whenever the user puts in “Currency converter” in the search option of app store.

Visit: XE Currency

My Currency Converter & Rates

This is a free, multiple-use app that can perform conversions over 150 currencies. The five rated software has a download size of 64.1 MB. This app supports languages like English, French, and Spanish only. It requires iOS 8.0 or later.

My Currency Converter & Rates
My Currency Converter & Rates

The interesting feature in this app is that it supports conversions involving Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin. Thus, cryptocurrencies also have it’s inclusion. Overall, this is a great multipurpose app that does all the conversion jobs.

Visit: My Currency Converter & Rates

CalConvert: Currency Converter

Amongst all the currency converter apps, CalConvert supports the maximum number of languages. Its size is 121 MB and has compatibility with iOS 8.0 or later. The 4.5 stars rated app has a built-in advanced scientific calculator too.

CalConvert Currency Converter
CalConvert Currency Converter

It is available with various (paid) Skin Packs. Complex mathematical problems can be solved using this app. It is a very efficient tool for currency conversions with attractive UI.

Visit: CalConvert: Currency Converter

Currency Converter – xCurrency

This application has a small download size of just 36 MB. It has a very attractive logo that grabs the attention of the users. Besides being attractive in looks, this is a multipurpose app. It has a five-star rating.

Currency Converter - xCurrency
Currency Converter – xCurrency

This app is very basic and easy to use application. The compatibility of this app is iOS version 8.0 or later. People find it as a very basic and simple working utility app amongst all other currency converter apps.

Visit: Currency Converter – xCurrency

World Currency converter

Currency converter apps are supposed to have compatibility with supporting various currencies. With this app on your phone, you may rarely come up with issues like “Currency Unidentified” or “Currency Not Supported”. The app supports over 160 currencies and has a small download size of just 14.7 MB.

World Currency converter
World Currency converter

Though it supports only the English language, it has some interesting key features that make this app very useful. It allows you to save your favorite conversions and also compare different rates at the same time. The 4.5 rating app requires iOS version 8.0 or later. Not so user friendly but this is a really simple and convenient app for currency conversions.

Visit: World Currency converter

Currency Foreign Exchange Rate

It is one of the most basic currency converter apps. The download size for this app is just 60.3 MB. It supports popular languages. The 4.9 rated app has the compatibility of iOS versions 9.0 or later.

Currency Foreign Exchange Rate
Currency Foreign Exchange Rate

It does not have many facilities. The UI is also very cliché. I won’t recommend using this app because it lacks some of the key features of a currency converter app.

Visit: Currency Foreign Exchange Rate


Appealing from the name itself, this app has the smallest download size amongst most of the currency converter apps. You just have to download this 5.7 MB app and it will carry out all the conversions. One can even personalize the list of frequently used currencies or currencies that are liked by an individual.


The app is really attractive and the features add more light to its glow. For some reason, it is difficult to find on the app store. If you go to utility and then search for this app, you can surely spot it out. It is an ideal app for both, home and commercial use. For all the iPhones with less storage space, this app is the best from the rest.

Visit: Amount

Perfect Currency Converter

This app supports over 150 currencies and is quite user-friendly. It has a download size of 37.1 MB. The rating of 4+ tells that it has been loved by various users. The compatibility of this app is iOS 7.0 or later.

Perfect Currency Converter
Perfect Currency Converter

It can tell you about the trending facts related to currency. Not only this, with this app you can even locate a nearby bank. All these attractive features make this app popular in the market.

Visit: Perfect Currency Converter

Currency Converter and Exchange

This is a gorgeous app with a download size of 35.5 MB. It is a very generic app for currency conversion. It comprises all the features of a basic currency converter. What makes it stand parallel to others is the amazing UI.

Currency converter & Exchange
Currency converter & Exchange

Technically, it has the compatibility with iOS version 8.0 or later. The 4.5 rated app supports most of the popular languages. Considering the other currency conversion apps, this one is the last option on my list.

Visit: Currency Converter and Exchange


Amongst the first 500 applications launched on the app store, this one is a 24.4 MB all in one tool. It has a compatibility with iOS version 9.0 or later. The app got updated recently, and amazing features came up with this upgrade.


Though not the best still this 4+ rated app is good for the purpose. It supports various languages. In the coming future, this might become the most trending app because of its present evolution.

Visit: Currency

With all these currency converter apps, I wish you smooth transactions and exchange.

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Last but not least comes the Valuta+ currency converter. It is a straightforward, free as well as tremendously easy app to use. The interface is super easy to use and is incredibly user-friendly. It works offline as well that helps you even if you don’t have an internet connection.


It provides the user with a unique feature in which the user can incorporate dealer margin in conversion results. It supports over 160 currencies worldwide, which include cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as well. The exchange rate updates automatically every hour. It provides an easy way to delete just by swiping right.

Visit: Valuta+


Now, if you are ready with your bags to go for a trip, do not forget to install one of the best currency converter apps which will help you throughout your journey. These apps are must for a frequent travelers. My suggestion to you would be to go with an app that allows you to convert rates offline as well because who knows if you will get the internet all the time or not. Be prepared for any situation well in advance.

Not only that, but there is also a possibility that you might get interested in various currencies and may look to do some trading as well. These apps will come handy in that case as well. None the less shopping is the one thing where you could effectively use one of the five best currency converter apps for iPhone.

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