Did you realize that playing games on your phone may earn you money? Some gaming apps pay real money through PayPal when you play- and win. The article discusses the best games that pay instantly to Paypal.

The games that pay instantly to Paypal include Blackout Bingo, Solitaire Cash, Bingo Cash, Solitaire Cube, Bingo Win Cash, Dominoes Gold, Pool Payday, Rewarded Play, Mistplay, Swagbucks, AppStation, InboxDollars. 21 Blitz.

Therefore, this list of game applications that pay instantly through PayPal is a better choice if you want to make money. Getting paid to play video games is a dream come true. Numerous games offer real money payouts and incentivize players through PayPal. Read below to learn about the best games that pay instantly to Paypal.

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10 Best Games That Pay Instantly To Paypal

Here are the best games that pay instantly to Paypal.


With Mistplay, you can pay to play several online PayPal games. The majority of Mistplay’s games let you win gift cards as prizes.

You can participate in these activities to win gift cards for purchases on Google Play, Amazon, or even a fictitious Visa debit card. Use of the apps and participation in the games is free.mistplay

You can also use their chat option if you need help using the app or getting money.

You can interact with other Mistplay members through the chat option. With the program, you may make your avatar and use PayPal to make money playing games.


It offers a digital scratch-off ticket through Lucktastic from instant paypal payout apps. After downloading, you can acquire free scratch-off tickets on the app worth $5,000 to $10,000.

You must redeem it and transfer the funds to the Dwolla account to get any cash award.lucktastic

Lucktastic lets you play numerous games and rack up many points even if you don’t win cash prizes. These points are also worth money.

When you have enough of these points, you may exchange them for free shopping discounts at popular online retailers and eateries like Amazon and Restaurants.com.


You can easily play free online game apps that pay instantly to PayPal on Gamehag and gather something called Soul Gems. These Soul Gems are valuable in money.

You can use this game to obtain retail coupons, Robux points, Steam Account, or a prepaid MasterCard.gamehag

You can complete many other chores on Gamehag to earn points to exchange for these rewards if you don’t want to play games for any reason.

Lucky Level

One of the games that pay through PayPal is Lucky Level. You can obtain free scratch cards from Lucky Level. Additionally, a spinning wheel allows you to make a lot of money. 

You can download Lucky Level for free and get scratch cards. Daily prizes of up to $1,000 are available. Also, you can spin the lucky wheel to win cash prizes or participate in their daily lottery to win cash prizes. Each day, three brand-new scratch cards will be mailed to you.luckylevel

Competing against other members on their leader board is another way to boost your profits.

Wizard of Oz Slots

The game software Wizard of Oz Slots is available as a game that pays out to PayPal. The plot of the Wizard of Oz novel and movie, in which the lead character Dorothy mysteriously travels from Kansas to the fantastical realm of Oz, serves as the basis for the game.wizard of oz slots

Playing the game on the app will make Dorothy’s journey back home more accessible. You can engage in the slot machine game on the app to win cash prizes while playing the game and earn hundreds of points daily.

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Game of Thrones Slot Casino

You may play slots on the Game of Thrones Slots Casino app and try to take home the Iron Throne. It would be best to conquer numerous obstacles and dangers to win this prize, as it is from one of the PayPal games that pay real money.got slot casino

Additionally, they have a machine game in a casino style where you can use the points you accumulate from watching Game of Thrones to win cash rewards every day.

These points can be exchanged for fast cash through PayPal funds or gift cards to popular online retailers.

My Konami Slots

A free online casino-style app called My Konami Slots is available. Instead, playing specific free games will let you earn free coins.

Additionally, these coins can be used to participate in the app’s casino-style games. Occasionally, you can win a raffle prize or up to $100 daily.my konami slots

However, there is an age restriction on this app. It means those at least 18 years old can only use the software. This is one of the games that instantly pay to Paypal.

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Willy Wonka Slots

Another casino-themed app is Willy Wonka Slots. You must design your garden with the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory cast members who feature in the app.willy wonka slots To choose the ideal seeds for your garden, spin the gambling machines. 

DoubleDown Casino Slots

DoubleDown Casino Slot is another casino-themed and accessible game that pays instantly to the PayPal app. In actuality, DoubleDown Casino Slots describes itself as the world’s most significant social game app.double down casino

They include over 100 casino-style machines, ranging from classic and historic models to the most recent modern ones in Las Vegas casinos.

You can play any casino game here and win enticing cash rewards, including poker, blackjack, roulette, and more. To play here, though, you must pay the price.

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Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker, a popular online poker game, is proud to be one of the best games that offer instant payments to PayPal. Here, you can participate in poker tournaments to earn cash and jackpots. On the apps, there are virtual tables.zynga poker

Consider your spending carefully, as this app has no free games. If you are a poker expert, you can compete against other players and win significant sums of money.


Which PayPal app offers real money?

One of the best apps for people wishing to get paid to their PayPal account with games that pay with real money is Swagbucks. You can deduce that you make money here by considering that it has paid more than $530 million to its clients.

Can I Make Money Playing Games Using PayPal?

Many apps will give you PayPal cash for playing games. Still, your hourly earnings will probably only be between $0.50 and $2 at most. The issue with playing video games for money is that most apps can only afford to pay you a little because they mostly rely on advertising and attracting new users to their games.

Which Games Pay Instantly Using PayPal?

The only game app that instantly pays to PayPal is Quick Thoughts. Redeeming cash through PayPal from other apps can take several days due to minimum redemption amounts of $1, $5, or $10.

How can you make money playing games using PayPal?

Most apps allow you to earn points while participating in games. Playing more games increases your point total. When you have accrued enough points, you can withdraw money via PayPal.


It is all about the best games that pay instantly to Paypal. You can earn a high payout to Paypal when playing these games. Remember that each of these games with quick PayPal payments has a minimum payout requirement before downloading them. So you can easily play these games.

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