Are you trying to determine “do rite aid sell money orders“? Get a money order at Rite Aid to save time and money. Your questions concerning Rite Aid’s money orders are here in this post. We’ll provide you with a list of other retailers who sell money orders if Rite Aid isn’t your thing.

Yes, Rite Aid sells money orders via Western Union. Money orders are available for purchase up to a $500 limit. However, you can only spend $2999 in one day on numerous money orders, each worth $500. There is no credit for money orders. For every money order worth $500, Rite Aid charges a fixed rate of $0.99. To know more about this, keep reading. 

There are several reasons why you would want to purchase a money order. You must transmit money safely to someone else because you must pay rent or an energy payment. Think of a store like Rite Aid which offers services like check cashing, cashback offers with a debit card, selling stamps in books, taking passport photographs, ATM, accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay, and accepting EBT and WIC cards. Let’s know more about “does rite aid sell money orders“. 

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What is Rite Aid?

A chain of American pharmacies, Rite Aid Company. Rite Aid is the biggest chain of pharmacies on the East Coast and third in the nation. According to overall revenue, it is in America’s top 100 Fortune 500 corporations.

The national leader in pharmacy chain stores is Rite Aid Company. They are well-represented on all US coasts and have over 2,500 shops across 19 states. More than 51,000 people are there at Rite Aid. The New York Stock Exchange trades the firm under the ticker code “RAD”. rite aidRite Aid asserts that it provides the goods and services necessary for you to lead a better, healthier life. Employees at Rite Aid, including board members and compassionate, knowledgeable pharmacists and employees, collaborate to provide clients with top-notch pharmaceutical services.

What is the cost of a Rite Aid money order?

According to Rite Aid customer care, you can purchase one money order up to $500 or several orders up to $2999. If you need to pay $1,000, Rite Aid, for instance, will assist you in buying two $500 money orders.rite aid costsOne can get Rite Aid for money orders for cash only. You cannot use credit or debit cards. Each money order has a $0.99 charge.

Are money orders available at Rite Aid?

Yes, Rite Aid carries money orders issued by Western Union. Customers can purchase a money order at any Rite Aid facility during regular business hours. To purchase one, visit the customer service counter. money ordersThere is a $500 order maximum and a $0.99 price for the Rite Aid money order. Only debit and credit cards are accepted for payment. Rite Aid only takes cash to purchase a money order to avoid fraud. With this, your doubt on “does rite aid sell money orders” must be clear“. 

Cashing Money Orders at Rite Aid?

Indeed, even if they were bought from a Rite Aid location, Rite Aid doesn’t accept money orders for cash. Nevertheless, money orders at rite aid can be cashed at any Western Union facility, bank, credit union, and 24-hour check-cashing shops and accepted at Rite Aid locations. cashing ordersAmong other supermarkets, Safeway, Publix, and Kroger seldom cash customers’ money orders.

What is the cost of a money order from Rite Aid?

Money orders from Rite Aid cost $0.90 each. A $500 cap applies to each, though. Buy money orders for 90 cents each, and a maximum of six can be bought daily.

If you need $2,000 to buy second-hand gadgets or furniture on websites like Craigslist, you’ll need to purchase four Rite Aid money orders for 90 cents each. cost of money orderCompared to other local locations that offer money orders, Rite Aid charges a higher price. For instance, money orders from places like Kroger and 711 are only 69 cents and 65 cents, respectively.

What’s the maximum value of a Rite Aid money order?

A single money order from Rite Aid can only cost $500, and multiple orders can only cost $2,999. 

The total number of money orders you may buy each day is six, and all can be for at most $500. $5.60 would be spent on fees for six orders. maximum valueYou will have to carry out many transactions if you must buy more than 6 money orders or if the order you have to acquire costs more than $500.

What is the Rite Aid Money Order Procedure?

Every Rite Aid counter will sell Western Union money orders within regular business hours.procedureYour address, the receiver’s name, and the account number are required to purchase a money order if you are paying a bill. Also necessary at the bottom is the buyer’s signature.

Rite Aid money order ordering procedures

Let’s see the Rite Aid money order ordering procedures.

Contact the customer service desk : Find the Rite Aid outlet that is nearby. Then inquire about purchasing a money order at the customer service counter.

Bring Payment : Purchasing a Rite Aid money order will necessitate paying in cash alone. Shops do not accept personal cheques, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, debit cards, and other payment methods.

Identification : Bring legitimate identification to purchase a money order from Rite Aid. To prove your identity, you might need to present a document with the same name as the money order, such as a passport, driver’s license, state identity card, or military identification card.rite moneyRite Aid Money Order Purchase Instructions : For money orders, Rite Aid employs Western Union. One can place money orders during regular business hours. The Rite Aid Western Union operating hours are consistent. Only cash is accepted at Rite Aid for money orders—order money orders at the cash register. 

Every Rite Aid register can print money orders. The cost of a money order is $0.99. Credit or debit cards cannot be used to make purchases at Rite Aids.

A single order may be bought for as little as $500 and several for as much as $2,999. If you need $2,000, you would need four 500-dollar money orders.

Monitoring a Rite Aid money order : Money orders do not connect to your bank account as personal checks do. Frequently, people pay cash for them. If you make a cash payment, you may need help locating a money order in the transaction records. Do not worry. It is to do a “rite aid track order”.

This was all about “do rite aid sell money orders”. By submitting a request, dialling 1-800-999-9660, or completing a Western Union online form, you may follow money order transactions at Rite Aid. Administrative costs of up to $15 will apply. 


Are Rite Aid money orders subject to any limits?

A single-money order may cost up to $500, while several orders may cost up to $2,999. For instance, three money orders would be required to pay $1,500. This is the rite aid money order fee limit.

What time does Rite Aid accept money orders?

The Rite Aid money order hours coincide with the regular shop opening times. Most Rite Aid locations are open from 7 am to 10 pm, Monday through Saturday, and from 8 am to 6 pm, Sunday.

How early in the day can I buy a money order at Rite Aid?

One can purchase money orders during store opening hours. Use our store finder to locate the Rite Aid that is closest to you.

Cashing Money Orders at Rite Aid?

Customers cannot cash orders at any Rite Aid location, even though Rite Aid allows for their purchase. Nevertheless, one can cash Rite Aid money orders at any Western Union store and numerous other shops and financial institutions.

Are you obtaining a replacement or refund for a Rite Aid money order?

No permission is given to refunds or money order exchanges at Rite Aid. Western Union is the only site where customers may return or exchange a money order.

Why are there hours for Rite Aid money orders?

Money orders from Rite Aid are accessible throughout regular business hours. Rite Aid locations are typically open Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 10 pm, and Sunday hours are 8 to 6 pm.


Rite Aid sells Western Union money orders at the customer service desk for up to $500 apiece. The money order and the 90-cent charge must be in cash and a valid form of identification. Also, know the simple steps to print pictures at rite aid. So this was all about Rite Aid sales and “does rite aid sell money orders“. We hope to provide you with what you are looking for. 

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